Payday 3 (prototype) Placeholder Locke Voice Lines


Wolf's gone down; somebody help Wolf. Wolf is down; Haxton's gone down; somebody help Hawton. Hawton is down. Hawton is down. Dallas has gone down. Dallas is down. Dallas is down. Chains have gone down. Someone help Chaines. Chains are down. Chains are down. Wolf was taken into custody. Wolf is in custody.

They've taken Wolf into custody. Wolf is in custody. Hawton was taken into custody. Damn, Hawton is in custody. They've taken Hawton into custody. Hawton is in custody. Damn, Dallas is in custody. They've taken Dallas into custody. Dallas is in custody; chains were taken into custody; Chains is in custody; they've taken chains into custody; chains are in custody; Wolf is out of custody; Wolf is back with us.

Wolf is back from custody. Wolf is back. Hawton is out of custody. Hawton is back with us. Hawton is back from custody. Hawton is back. Dallas is out of custody. Dallas is back with us. Dallas is back in custody. Dallas is back. Chaines is out of custody. Chaines is back with us. Chaines is back from custody.

Chaines is back. Let's try not to shoot the citizens. Agreed Be careful with the civies. You don't want to shoot them. If you can avoid it, don't shoot the civies. Save your ammunition for the cops. Be careful with the civies; they're not your target. I'm sure you didn't mean to kill that civilian.

Yeah, remember killing civilians costs money; don't kill the civilians. Think of the cleaning costs. Remember, dead civies make poor hostages. Get your gloves on lock and unload. No rest; brace yourselves; they're coming for you. Get ready take a short rest. You've earned it, but stay on guard.

They're still around, so there's no time for napping. But keep your masks on. This isn't over yet. Now take a short breather. But stay alert. Just don't let down your guard; they'll be back. I'm sure they'll be back, so stay sharp. Now take a moment to regroup, but stay sharp. There's no rest for the wicked.

Now don't get too comfy. They're sure to be back. That's what I call an ironclad defense. You stopped them in their tracks, and you showed who the boss was. A Perfect Defense Your nice work reminds me of the old days when you held the fort and wiped them out. That will teach them; you showed them how it's done.

Good work it looks like they'll hit you in about 30 seconds. Police assault incoming; 30 seconds till they hit you; get ready. It looks like an assault is coming in about 30 seconds. They're coming in 30 seconds. Get ready; more cops will be here in 30 seconds. Remember, the van won't load those spikes.

Don't forget that spike barrier. Remember to get those spikes out of the way; those spares will bust the tires of the van if you don't get rid of them. That spark barrier has to go. If you're going to get out of here with the van, you're going nowhere with that spark barrier in the way. See if you can do something about it.

Now go to the vault and open the code-check key. Cod check that should get you inside the vault you got it, that should open the vault weapons ready if it's swarming with police out there, police all over the place. Get your hard hats on; they've surrounded the building. Get ready for smoother silk.

It's Nas working with the best. I knew you'd pull this off. Well done you hardly broke a sweat.

That's 10; that's 10 bags; nine bags; and counting; that's nine; that's n bags. Eight bags, and counting, that's eight; that's eight bags; seven bags, and counting, that's seven. That's seven bags, six bags, and counting. That's six That's six bags. That's five that's five bags, four bags, and counting; that's four.

two bags, and counting That's two. That's two bags. One bag, and counting That's one; there's one bag. There is nothing more to steal here. Let's call it a day. That's all of it. It's time to get out of here. You clean them out.

It's time to go home. That's all the bags. Time to go now. Take the money and run, or go get some more. But there's no harm in grabbing some more if you want. Okay, we've got enough, but why not get some more? If you feel greedy, that's enough loot, but if you want to grab some more, Go ahead, all right.

The safe is drilled open. The drill is done. The safe is open. That's it the drill did the job. You have shields on the scene. They are deploying. Shield units: there are shields in the way shields are being deployed. Watch it; they have a bulldozer. They're deploying a bulldozer. There's a bulldozzer on the way.

Watch it there are snipers coming your way; you got snipers coming your way. We have snipers incoming. They're deploying snipers. Come on time to get out of here. Come on time to go. What are you waiting around here for? Let's go we got what we came for. Get out of here. Look at all that money, okay?

Time to go. That's a good dishonest day's work; time to go. Get the money for the van. Come on, keep emptying the vault. Get that loot out of the van; the driver is waiting in the garage. Let's move that money out of here. The driver is waiting for you in the garage with the van. Get that cash and load it up.

Get that money out to the van. The driver is waiting in the garage. There is no cash unless you get that code and the key card. Go on, get the code and the key card. Remember, you need a code and a key card. The vault won't open unless you have a key card and a code. It looks like you'll need a key card and a code to break into the vault.

You'll need a key card and a code to get inside the vault. The vault is waiting for you. Go on, find the vault. Remember, you've got to find the vault elevator's locked door and try to get the door open with that control panel. They locked the elevator. If you can override it through that control panel, they will lock down the elevator.

See if that control panel is working. The elevator's locked; they've got us pinned. Unless you can get the door open using that control panel, they lock the elevator. It looks like you've been found out. Try to use that control panel to try and override the lock. Damn, they're locked down in the elevator.

It seems like they're onto us. Maybe we can use the fire control panel to get out. Okay, last step of the plan: get to the vault, grab the money, and then sail on out of here. Get ready this is going well. Now get to the vault, steal the money, and then get the hell out of there. All right, remember the plan: now find the vault, get the money, and get out a piece of cake

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