Payday 3 Promises Big Change, But Is It Too Late


Payday 3 has been out for over 4 months, and the game is unfortunately all but dead. Sparse updates, overpriced DLC, and a lack of communication from the developers have left most players wondering just what the heck is happening. Now, in the middle of February 2024, the developers released Operation Medical Bag, a new post of promises where they discussed their plans for important changes that are going to be added to the game.

Is this plan going to save the game, or is it already too late because, let's be real, here While these are all positive proposals in here, there are also things that the players have been asking for since the game was released over 4 months ago, so today I'm going to take you through the important bits from this post, and at the end I'll offer some other viewpoints that I think should be considered.

So here's a fancy graphic that they've made showing off all the important bits of the new post. If you're not bothered to look at all the details, then it's actually more than enough just to look at this since the details are pretty sparse. One thing to note is that there is no time frame for most of these additions.


The main one we have a vague timeline for is this one right here, the initial focus improvements. This is where the developers have said that this is a list of goals that they would like to have finished by the summer. 20124 now let's take a look at the rest of the post. Here is a little introduction to what the developers wanted to focus on: optimization and reliability, teamwork and co-op replayability and progression, fantasy, and heisting.

These are all very vague terms, but they do go a little bit more in depth as you go down. First up on the operation medic bag are solo mode and offline mode. It's finally being addressed in an official statement. So the important point to note is that it will be coming out in two phases. Phase one will still require an online connection, so I assume that this means that they'll release an actual solo mode function, but you just don't have to matchmake into an invite-only game, and then just not by anyone.


Phase two will be where there's the actual offline mode without requiring an internet connection. Of course, this is great news, but from the way everything is worded, it seems like this is far off into the future, and it won't be likely that we'll be seeing it anytime soon. It's still great news for people like me who do solo stealth and don't want to deal with network lag anymore.

Stability matchmaking and server browser, Says that there's going to be social and co-op features added right here. But not what they are, so if you actually check out the bottom, it does say that some of the stuff they have in mind is, let's see, right. Here, the play again feature and the merge players into the party postmatch feature are just the social features.

Of course, there's more here, but we're just isolating. Additionally, there's also going to be a quickplay function, and later in the year, there's also going to be a crime-style server. Browser, and now personally. I don't really care much about the crime style itself; for me, it was the functionality of it.


You know, I can select based on location and ping, and I can choose stealth or loud modifiers. I can set my AI on or off stuff like that. These are the important things about the server browser not having crime itself, and I hope the developers realized this is an important part of its challenge-based progression.

It's done, guys; it's gone good-bye; thank the Lord; challenges will be removed; just gone straight up; gone from the game; they're switching to infamy and progression; they're going back to heist payout values; bags will have an effect on exp once again; and they're just going to make the challenges give cosmetics, rewards, and praise.

I do wonder what this means for people like me who, as you know, have had a lot of those challenges that aren't just yours. Play Dirty Ice 120 times. No, you know, we did the other ones, but as of right now. I myself am still locked out of some of the achievements because I have the challenge for it done and it never aired on Steam, so we'll see how this goes.


Hopefully, they do a good job revamping the UI for a more intuitive UI and a better heisting theme. Secondly, there are no details other than a simplified friends menu, so who knows what this means? Overall, the menus for this game have been pretty bad; they were clearly intended for use with a controller, but even then, they're not very good, so I hope that there are big changes in here, but the lack of detail that they go into leaves me a little bit skeptical.

New content, so I think most people aren't going to like what I'm going to say here, but this is what it says they're going to do the last three planned DLC for 2024, and as for free stuff, there's a free Heist and a free LMG primary as long as you know skill lines, cosmetic rewards, and rewards, my bad.

So yeah, that doesn't sound that great to me. The original four-plan DLC was supposed to last one full year, so if Payday 3 came out in September 2023. I think it's safe to assume that the last DLC of the planned road map should come out in September 2024, at the latest, so that means that up until about then, the only free stuff that they can promise is one heist and one gun.

That's not really good. Heist, Safe House nightmare was a free Heist, go bank free, Heist, let see what else is there.


So far, Payday 3 only has two old heists from Payday 2: syntax and air, and this is only looking at the heist. You know there's a lot of other things here from Payday 2 within that first year, so this part of the operation with the medic bag doesn't instill a whole lot of confidence, and I'm afraid.

It feels like the developers are still mostly focused on that paid DLC like they have been, but I don't know. We'll have to see, I guess, DLC pricing; it's just one sentence, and they know that we're not happy with the pricing, and it'll be looked at for future DLC. Again, not something that instills a whole lot of confidence because it leaves a lot of questions.

What about people like me who have already paid for the game and the DLCs? Do we get something in return? I'd also argue that you know it's more than just the pricing that's bad about the monetization; it's the predatory aspects as well. But I have another article that I'd like to cover this in, so I'll refrain for now.


The in-game store still wants to release microtransactions. Well, they're pushing it back to 2025. But this almost feels like a threat, saying we haven't forgotten; we just know you guys aren't happy right now, so we'll wait till later to do it. Unreal Engine 5 again. There's not much here; they're just saying that they're putting it on the back burner while there are other problems to fix.

Operation Medic Bag is the plan in action for Payday 3 to add quality of life and fixes to the game that the players have been asking for.
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