Payday 3 Pro Tips


heisers For today's article, we're going to take a look at some pro tips for payday 3. We have a lot of tips to go over, so I do want to jump straight into it, but before we get into it. The first tip I want to go over is in regards to armor. If you look at everybody's name in the bottom left, you'll see a number next to it, and that number represents the number of downs that player can receive once you've exceeded your total number of downs.


The next time you go down, you'll then have to spectate for a certain amount of time, and that number is determined by which armor you wear. So first, we're going to start off with the light armor, and we're going to get a total of three downs with that. You also get a total of three downs with the medium armor; with the standard armor, you get a total of four downs; you also get the most mobility as well as the least amount of protection; and with the heavy armor, you're only allowed two downs, and obviously, with that one, you get the least mobility with the most amount of protection so armor not only affects your mobility and the amount of damage you can receive but it also affects the amount of downs you'll receive, destroying weapons will destroy all the attachments you purchase for that weapon even the attachments that cost sea stacks so keep that in mind if you plan on destroying your weapons Mele laying civilians is faster than shouting at them, at least when it comes to just one or two civilians.

For example, on road rage, you would be better off smacking the civilians around instead of shouting at them because it's a lot faster, but in those instances where you have a group of civilians, you'll want to go ahead and shout at them. Speaking of road rage, the truck will go faster if everyone is in the circle, but it goes slower when only one person is in the circle.

And it doesn't move at all if nobody's in the circle, but with every person added, it goes a little bit faster, so if you want to speed up that escort part on the road rage heist, then try to get everybody in your lobby to get in the circle. The next tip I want to go over is in regards to shooting antennas.


And when she says that, that means there's an FBI van nearby that has a satellite dish on top of it that you'll have to destroy, so I'm going to go ahead and show what this FBI van looks like. In this example, we were doing the dirty ice heist, and I believe it's always going to spawn in the same area on this heist, which is near where the Escape van initially spawns, so if you ever hear Shade talking about the FBI van with the antenna, then you're going to want to run to this location and destroy the antenna that's on top of the FBI van.

I believe this FBI van is supposed to be like Captain America. The only ones that I know of are dirty ice, rock the cradle, and road rage, but yeah, if you ever hear Shade talking about the FBI van, that's the van you want to look out for, and that's how you destroy the antenna that's on top of it.

Now we all know that you can replace the oxygen. Before the thermal drill breaks on Golden Shark, or at least I'm pretty sure most people knew that, but did you know that you can also fix the regular drill before brakes? I believe it can trigger anywhere with 15 to 45 seconds left on the drill, so you want to stay near it, and when you see that option appear, just hold down your interact button, and you should be able to repair it before it breaks.


There's no limit to the number of escorts you can trigger, as long as guards aren't currently searching. You can make any guard escort you off the premises repeatedly, over and over, and the reason I pointed out this tip is because I know a lot of times, especially on No Rest for the Wicked, it can be kind of hard to take the executive hostage down to the vault without being seen by guards, so in order to make that pathway a little bit easier, you can have one of the players in your lobby get noticed by a guard and have them escort them off the premises, and that should clear up the path for you and your hostage to make it to the vault.

The cover-up perk stops infinite radio calls. Whenever you do a heist on the overkill, there's always a lead guard that gets infinite radio calls whenever you kill him, and eventually that's going to make the heist go loud, but there's a way you can prevent him from getting infinite radio calls, and the way you do it is by using the coverup skill.


For whatever reason, when you take down a lead guard using the coverup skill, he'll no longer receive any more radio calls. I am not sure if this is intended or not, but this worked as of when I recorded this article, and it definitely seems useful when it comes to doing Heist on Overkill. You can use knives as lures; all you have to do is throw them where you want the guard to go, and that guard will leave his current area to go investigate that noise.


A couple things I should point out are that you want to make sure you don't have the retriever skill equipped. If you plan on using knives. Because if you do the knife is going to stick into the surface instead of breaking apart and if the guards see that knife then they'll all start searching so if you don't want them to start searching then make sure you don't have that retriever skill equipped but if use the scill that increases the amount of knives you can carry, as well as the scill that increases the amount of knives you get from ammo bags then as you can imagine you can get a lot of lures from your throwing knives, speaking of knives, you can also use them to distract the security guard that's watching the cameras and in order to make this work I did have to have the retriever perk equipped, it didn't work when I didn't have it equipped, and they also can't be searching.

I believe I tried it when they were already searching around and it wouldn't work then, so you have to have the retriever skill equipped and the guards can't already be searching, but if you make it to the security room, all you have to do is just throw your throwing knife at the desk next to the guard; it'll distract him for just a quick second.

You should see like a red walkie-talkie appear above his head, but then he'll go right back to looking at the computer, and if you're able to get this interaction. Once you step outside of the security room, you'll notice all of the cameras are no longer working, and I know some of y'all are probably asking.


Why throw the knife at the desk? Why not just kill the security guard? Well, if you don't have any spare radio calls, then that's going to trigger a search, so this is one way to avoid it. Without having to use a radio call, you can just throw the knife at the desk to distract him for a split second, and that'll turn off all the cameras without having to kill that security guard.

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