Payday 3 Platinum Made Me Heist 3756 Banks

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PD3 is finally here, and it's worth it. This game is a worthy successor to Payday 2. It brings even more action and even more complicated stealth mechanics. This game has definitely evolved; however, the platinum trophy went in the complete opposite direction of Payday 2 because this game has buggy trophies.

One of my absolute favorite things about this game is that it places a huge emphasis on stealth while also going loud. We all know that payday loves It's DLC, so some people might feel like the game's incomplete, but for 35 pounds. I'd say it's pretty complete, so with that being said. It's no secret that this game had an extremely Rocky start, and that was the case during early access.

The game didn't work for two out of the three days, so all we could do is what you've seen in the background. I played the tutorial for like three hours and then waited around for like three more, and then they finally tweeted out. Hey, we're really sorry the game doesn't work on PS5; only Xbox and PC are just fine.

It was honestly pretty appalling. Fast forward to the next day, and no one cared who I was until I put on the mask. That was a horrible impression, but nonetheless, it was the first trophy on the board. As soon as the high started, I went loud. I'm sorry to my friends, but it had to be done here.

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I'm just getting a taste for the shooting mechanics in this game, and let me tell you, the guns are such a huge improvement over Payday. It can get, like, literally night and day, seriously now. We both just fell through the roof, and with that, we have our first ever heist completion. However, you'll notice I don't get a trophy, and that's because the trophies in this game aren't actually related to completing the heist; it's more the miscellaneous that's you got to do and then pick up a super easy trophy for customizing my mask.

I ain't got a trophy, an arts and crafts customized mask. We then jump back into the first heist once again. However, the goal for our team here is to open all these safety deposit boxes and loot them, and then complete the heist for another trophy, and you have to avoid them getting shot. I'll then get introduced to an old friend from Payday 2.

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You help, and then, for some reason, the trophy unlocks during the mission even though it says to complete it. There we go, with the edge-written Rush Buffs active at the same time. For this next trophy, you need to complete this mission without letting any die packs explode. This is also the last trophy related to this mission, so you will all be glad to know you and won't see this again.

The escape sequence was pretty hectic, as you can see. Nice color, which surprised me. Next up is a stealth-related trophy, and I'm going to show some parts of the stealth that you've got to do, but mainly my friend here, Mickey Salt, did most of the work. I won't lie for nearly-old stealth trophies, to be honest.

Okay, yeah, I've opened it in green. okay, it's done. There we go, completing 30 minutes—actually, 20 minutes, 120 seconds—so two seconds left. Nice, nice the next trophies to stonefall law enforcers by destroying Zappa's battery pack on harder The thing is, when I got this trophy, I had to stop recording probably about two or three seconds beforehand.


This trophy is really situational, so honestly, there wouldn't be much to show for this anyway if I did have proper footage, so what I'll do is I'll just show the trophy on screen just to show that I did actually unlock it. There we go. For this next trophy, it was my time to shine. It's a fully loud heist, and you don't need any stealth in order to get one of the trophies on this mission.

You've got to beat it without letting a single civilian flee or be traded to the police on hard or above. This trophy is pretty frustrating, and it does take us quite a lot of tries. I think about two hours worth, and here's an example of that sniper aiming I was talking about. Why is it so hard to aim at the [__] snipers in this game?

It just goes on like jelly. What's going on? I'm shooting, and it's not doing anything, not like the actual enemies I'm shooting, and I get no hit markers. As you can see here, I was shooting enemies, and nothing was happening. It was at this point in the day when the server started to get really unstable, and eventually later on they broke.

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Leave me alone. I can like it all over the place. I'll save you. I'll send you the footage. no, I'm still fighting. There's nobody in my game except me. Come on there, we go crowd control. Let's go for this next heist. My friend Mickey Soap here did all the work while the rest of us just sat there and helped in the escape sequence.

Hey there, let's go. So the way that payday 3 works is when you've started up. The heist that Heist will stay the same unless you exit or complete the heist, so what that means is that with stealth heist, you can actually go loud, get all the information you need, run around, and then once you feel like you're content with what you have, you can then restart and do the heist and stealth.

hard platinum trophies

Something to mention here is that in the previous room, to distract the guard that's initially at the start in front of the doors, you need to interact with the radio. What you should do is interact with the radio, quickly open the door, and then go into the corner. If you don't do this, there's a chance that the guard can glitch out and just never show up, and then you're screwed and you've got to do it all over again.

You go wait, I got it. What the [__], well, this next trophy, we're back on the 99 boxes heist, and we need to secure all the bags in the mission on hard or above, just like the previous bank heist. I highly recommend doing an information run or two just so you can get your bearings and see where the extra containers are on this map.

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Here, you can see me using what's called an overkill weapon. These are a new addition to the game, and basically, once you get enough kills, you can use the d-pad to call in a special weapon, in my case, a grenade launcher. For this next trophy, once we were all leveled up a little bit, we had our attachments, we had some decent weapons, and we went for the next trophy and the final trophy on the Mission Road Rage called traffic control, where we need to beat the whole mission without having the truck stop once on the hardest difficulty, which is overkill.

Once you've leveled up the strategy for this, it's pretty simple. Obviously, you're going to be using a heavier set of armor. Use a weapon that you're comfortable with, and try to get everybody to call in a favor, whether that's a medic bag, ammo bag, or armor bag. Basically, anything that can help You also need to make sure that all the ladders or ramps are all placed down before the truck reaches them and be ready to open the gates when needed.

Hello, today is the Payday 3 platinum trophy, this game just recently released and it was an absolute blast to play despite all of the issues surrounding the early access and full release period. This game does have quite a lot of buggy trophies so bare that in mind. Overall though with friends as expected with friends the experience is much better than just playing this game solo. My PSNP account.
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