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It just came out today in Early Access; it'll be out in a couple of days for regular access. I am part of the Deep Silver Creator Collective, so they provided us with a Gold Edition key for Payday 3. So big shout outs to them in today's article though we're not really gonna do gameplay I'm sure you're gonna see plenty of gameplay for this if you're interested but for today I thought we would do kind of an overview article and just show off what, all the different things you can collect in this game all the different challenges kind of go through the menu system I guess because I know people like to see that I like to see it so that way you can see what sort of weapons are in the game what kind of Cosmetics are in the game and things like that so let's get started right into it so we have our different options here we have vendors we have loadouts we have challenges and then we have we have more which is basically all the boring stuff so, this is the game where you're gonna play like it's sort of like a PVE game. Um again, we're not going to go too much; I'm not going to go in too much into the gameplay, and we're not even going to show gameplay in this article; we'll do those in a different article, but you're going to be doing heist where you're going to be working with your teammates your friends or you can do it solo and you're going to be running through all these different heists and just trying to complete missions and objectives while you're in them and so with that you're gonna have a few of your Heist members.



So, let's start with the appearances. So, you're going to have a couple different characters to choose from; you're going to have; let's see if we can; I don't know if we can turn our mass off. I wish we could turn our mass off; I don't know if we can. Just so we could kind of see what the characters look like better, but either way, we have our different characters: we have Wolf, we have Joy, and we have Dallas Chains.

Pearl and Hoxton, and then you can select four different loadouts. And then you can select your mass. Right now you start off with four you start off with four default masks, so we have the dark Sterling School of Liberty venomous verdict vertigress; that one looks pretty cool; and then we have our core phobia.

Interesting Mask; and then we'll go into the shop in a little bit, and then you have your suits. You really only start off with one extra suit, I guess, and you have to purchase the other ones, so this is your default suit. I guess this is your default, and then you have one extra suit. I'm not sure if this was part of the pre-order bonus or not.

This one might be. I'm not sure. And then we have gloves; we have our defaults; we have our golden slate; and then we have our cotton strips. So you can see, once we get to the vendor, this is where we're going to see all the different things you can buy and all the different cosmetics. We'll go over that in a little bit.

You're going to have, so once you select that, once you select what your character wants to look like, you can go into your loadout. We're going to have a primary weapon and a secondary weapon deployed, so you're going to have quite a few things to manage. Here, you're going to have deployables, you're going to have your Overkill weapon, you're going to have armor lining a throwable, a tool, and then you're going to have a skill point, so this is your skill tree.

Skill points/classes

Skill points/classes

You have kind of, this is kind of, I guess how you're going to define, how you're going to play, and there's a lot a lot to look at here.

We'll go i'm not going to read all the descriptions, but I'll kind of vaguely click through them, so if you want to pause and read what they are, you can see what they are, but for the first one, we're going to start off with a medic. Then we have. I mean, this one's going to be self-explanatory; we're going to have our tank, so you're going to get extra armor bags; you're going to restore extra armor by interacting with a bag once per heist; you can free yourself from a cloaker or zapper; and then we have our Sharpshooter, which is.

I mean, probably going to be your sniper-type class. So this is going to mean that whenever you have both, you're going to be immune to staggers. So for this one, it seems like you're going to want to have edge and grit all the time, and you're basically going to become super powerful whenever you kill one enemy within five meters.


You gain CR if you have grit, okay? So this one's kind of calm; whenever you kill two enemies within four seconds that are within five meters of you, you gain grit, and then whenever you kill one enemy and you have grit, you gain edge, so killing going on kind of a killing spree. I guess, is what you want to do with the enforcer, and then we're going to have our manipulator.

This is probably going to be your charismatic kind of character, I guess. Yeah, negotiating, so it seems like you have all these different. I guess, character traits, like you can be a negotiator, you can be a good talker, you can be scary or you can you can have Stockholm syndrome, or you can be a master trader.


Okay, then we have our engineer. Yeah, this one increases the armor penetration of the Sentry turrets you deploy. This actually might be a class I would play too. I like the idea of being in a turret class. I wonder how many of these you'll get. I wonder how many of these you'll be able to unlock, so then we have our Gunslinger.

Some of them have more than others. I guess there's got to be a way you're probably going to be able to multi-class, to be fair. I've never really played much of the payday game, so I'm not sure if there's talent if, like, this sort of talent tree is new. I'm assuming you're going to be able to multi-pick, though.

Then we have our grifter as long as you are masked off interesting, so this character wants you to not wear a mask. We have a hacker. The hacker is pretty self-explanatory. It's going to be hacking into things. It seems like most of it's the camera. You can do their guards radios. How many more do we have?

Okay, just three more. Then we have a tactic: whenever you stun or stagger an enemy, you gain an {36} you're going to have flash-bearing capability to stun enemies, so this one's really kind of more about your flashbangs. It really seems like it's about a flashy character. Your stun effects last longer.

payday 3

You have your strategist. You can mark additional opponents, do damage against marked opponents, and take less damage from marked opponents. This is all about marking your opponents and then close-quarter combat. Obviously, this is going to be your melee takedown. With more takedowns, you're going to get bonuses for doing takedowns, so there you go.

That's kind of like your skill tree, your classes, or whatever you want to call it. I'm probably going to roll. I'm probably going to roll medic.

Overview of Payday 3! PAYDAY 3 is the explosive sequel to one of the most popular co-op shooters of the past decade. Step out of retirement back into the life of crime in the shoes of the Payday Gang, the envy of their peers and the nightmare of law-enforcement wherever they go. 0001 - Intro.
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