Payday 3 - Open Any Vault With This Tool (bruteforce Tool By B Lior)


Today I'm going to be showing you a tool that allows you to open pretty much any vault door, regardless of whether you know the code or not. This tool was published in the steam guide section by the author B. Learn, so all credits go to him. This too could be quite useful for some people, and I'm going to be showing you here how to use it, but first off, of course, we'll want to use a vault here to show how this works, and one of course and one of the best examples that I can come up with is the No Rest for the Wicked Vault.

Alright, so as we can see here, we've got four different smudged numbers. The four numbers that were pressed were 1, 3, 5, and 6. So how can we figure out what the vault code is now? The first option, of course, is that if we weren't using this tool, it would require us to go back upstairs. Mask, up, we have to grab an executive and bring him all the way over here, risking getting caught on top of having to mask up, bring them over here, we'll have to toss them on this monitor, then after we do that, we'll have to grab the executive, hide them somewhere, tie him up, all the way back upstairs again, and we've got to figure out the vault code in front of all of those workers that are sitting right upstairs.

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go ahead and show you if we didn't have this Brute Force tool that I'm going to show you now we would have to come back up here after taking an executive and we would have to search for the code in one of these computers and of course as we will be masked up this is of really high risk as any of these civilians can see us and call for security as well as of course possibly getting caught on the way of making it up here so anyways let's go back to the Vault and talk about how this tool worked let's go ahead and use this tool so here's the thing we get the numbers and we're gonna pull up the tool which is essentially just a Google spreadsheet Essentially, you want to type the number of press buttons in the blue box; in this case, it's one, three, five, and six, so it's four numbers; it was already that, and on the pink boxes, you want to type in the numbers that were actually pressed, which conveniently enough is almost accurate, but in this case, it's one, three, five, and six rather than one, three, four, and six, so it's one, three, five, and six, so these are all of the possible codes that could work for opening up this vault.

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Of course, this might take a little while. But what we can do is go number by number until we manage to type in the right number. And there we go we got the right number it took us a whole 18 attempts, so as I was typing in those codes I measured the time in between each code you have to wait for exactly 10 seconds to type in the next code so if I were to have to write all of these down to get it right on the last one that would take us 240, seconds which is about 4 minutes of typing codes this can still save you a lot of time even if it takes you a whole four minutes because going upstairs you grab the executive to bring him down safely toss them on the monitor have to go back upstairs again possibly have to take, control of the room with all of the civilians to then get the code to then come down that can take you more than those four minutes so this can save you a lot of time and of course if the code only has two pressed numbers then you're looking at only 14 different variations, and that's only 140.

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Seconds so of course it all kind of depends how many numbers are smudged but at its worst is actually with three numbers which could be 36 different variations which is 360 seconds and that's six minutes so worst case scenario by brute forcing The vault codes say it'll take you six minutes to do this, but the good news is we can do this completely and safely, right?

I got to this point completely safe; I haven't even masked up yet, and I can finish this mission completely safe without having to worry about too much since I haven't had to take down any civilians or tie anybody up. I don't know about you guys, but many of the times that I was caught in no rest for the wicked was by tying up civilians.

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This timer is here so that we can type in the next code. It's going to be up to you to decide whether this is going to be a tool that's going to be worth it for your personal preferences. Personally. I would rather just go around the map and play it and figure out the vocal the hard way, but this could be a very easy way to complete maps with minimal risk, so if that's the approach you're willing to take, then this tool could be very useful for you.

Feel free to download it, and feel free to thank the creator for making this tool. This is quite a useful tool for some maps more than others, but what you can't deny is that this is indeed one of the safer ways to go about beating these maps. It would just, in some cases, take longer, but in some cases, it wouldn't for No Rest For The Wicked It seems like this is quite a bit of a time saver, so I guess it's just really going to come down to the map and, of course, the amount of smudges that you get in there, so I am going to keep going here until I crack this open, and I'll tell you how long it took me, and there we go, so that took me 11 minutes to crack open personally, and I don't think that's worth it for this map, but for No Rest for the Wicked.


I still believe it is worth it for the 30 eyes we're also looking at. Okay, anyway, for 30 hours, we're also looking at a 20-second rest in between each code you type, so it does take quite a while to be able to complete it. I mean, for this one, it took me a little less; it took me about three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, times 20 seconds—that's, 180 seconds—that took me about three minutes to complete.

So in some cases, it may be worth it. In some cases, it may not be worth it, but nonetheless. I think this is a beneficial tool to have in hand in case you want to play these heists as safely as possible, but I do not see any other scenario that can be as good as no rest for the wicked as no rest for the wicked Opening up that vault is incredibly dangerous to do, so if you can just tuck in there in the corner and slowly type in the codes, you will eventually open it.

But that's about it for today's article. I hope you guys enjoyed it, and I'll catch you on the next

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