Payday 3 On Steam Deck - Does It Work

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Well, when you go to the Steam page here, it does show that the compatibility is unknown. This article is sponsored by Tom Talk and their innovative and fashionable care cases for Steam Deck and Rogue Ally. The original steam deck dock is bulky; it doesn't fit anything other than the deck and is horrible to carry around.

Tom Talk sent me these two cases. This one is a slim carrying case; it's actually thinner than the default Steam one. It looks better, is hard-shelled, and custom fits the steam deck for full protection. There's even a little pouch here that'll fit a charging cable. My favorite one, though, is this travel bag.

It's tailor-made for the steam deck, and they also have one for the Rogue Ally steam deck, which fits right in here. This w-shaped structure protects the joysticks and all the buttons, and there's even a strap to hold it all in place. There's more than enough space here to carry your dog, the charger, your phone, and a bunch of other accessories.

The W-shaped cushion is actually removable if you want to use the bag for other things. This bag is easy and fashionable when you're carrying it around. I do love the look of the bag. I'm going to test it out here with the default Steam options. The game starts off without any issues with the settings.

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The resolution here is 800 p, and aliasing is on performance. I'll leave the upscaling to Native, and all the graphic settings here I'm going to set to medium with those settings. The game runs at a solid 60 fps. But that's during the tutorial map. There are some drops when I actually start shooting, but no one's playing the tutorial map, so how does it perform during the actual heist during the actual missions?

Well, I actually had a bit of trouble getting into a heist. I kept getting this matchmaking error. I did finally get in, and during this menu, the frame rate is 30 fps now. This is the second heist that you have on the bridge here, and the steam deck seems to jump between mid-40s and mid-50s. Most of the time, I might be able to get a solid 60 FPS by turning down some of the settings further, but you know what?

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This isn't too bad; the game does look good on the small screen and is playable without many performance issues. At one point, I did get this huge slowdown. I mean, there could be some hiccups here and there as well. It's a player versus evil game, though, so if you're kind of just starting out and not at the highest difficulty, things aren't that intense.

Now, one thing I absolutely hate about this theme deck is the left joystick for first-person shooters. To run, you have to press it down, and this is one of the hardest joysticks. To press down and hold, maybe go to the controls and set print to a single click, so you don't have to hold down that stick other than that.

Payday 3 is playable on the Steam deck. Now keep in mind that this is also on Game Pass Ultimate, so if you do have Windows on your Steam deck, then you can actually just play that copy instead of buying it on Steam. As I said, it's playable, but should you play it? I mean, that's another story.

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Keep in mind that it's always an online game, which a lot of people have been complaining about. I guess the one good thing about always being online is logging. is that there are cross saves and cross progression. I can carry over all my progression between Playstation, Xbox, and PC, and the game's been getting mixed reviews.

There's been a lot of negative reviews as well. I mean, there's still some bugs they gotta fix with this one, so hopefully it does get polished soon, especially for those people that enjoy these types of first-person shooter, player versus evil games. I mean, there aren't too many of those out there, and this is just one of them for the rest of the article.

I have some more gameplay of Payday 3 on the Steam deck, so check that

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