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They try to process and try to record a article; it's only been five hours, and I've had too much caffeine. So let's get into it. Can you help me out with the gun for a minute, and I'm like. Okay, so I've got myself a nice cappuccino. 3 which is quite the obvious and for the article we're gonna be looking at is The Game worth playing on console and is The Game worth buying as well on Game Pass or the actual physical copy which I've got because what you see right now with my face mask and the gloves was from the collector's, edition which will be on the screen right now so currently right now this is my character because I'm only level five at the moment because I did play a couple of games last night which I tried to record but, it just didn't work out because I don't really feel motivated to record at the moment but the loadout is pretty basic for the time being so for the article we're gonna be playing the missions of No Rest For The Wicked road rage and we'll continue it later once I get the other missions done so right now we're gonna play No Rest For The Wicked let's get into it.

We're, waiting meaning what, on Earth, is going on? Okay, I can. I can't talk. The lobby top I'm going to be doing is invite only because I do not want to play with random players at the moment because most of my fans are not playing this game at the moment because they're still downloading it or playing up a game.

So yeah, I'm all alone. How stupid it is when you want to have an invite-only lobby and you're still going to look for a match! Why do we need to look for a match if I want to play by myself? That took forever, what? The heck, right there's me, but what I know of what people have been talking about lately is that the game has seemed to be having a lot of server problems.

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I do know you can go quiet, but yeah, about that. Get out of here all, right? Let's do it. It actually feels really good, man. We've played a couple games last night, but it just feels good, so if you guys are looking into playing the game, just be aware that it is really hard to find matches if you want to play with people and the servers that you see in the top right.

Yeah, it's pretty bad, but do you find it annoying that there are so many games that come out now about a horse with cosplay and you have to play online the weapons of people who just want to play by themselves? No, you can't do that; it's like, really. I mean, I did play Crime Boss Walkway City before this came out, and it feels pretty good.

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Also, I wanted to let you know that this was like one of the first times I played Payday. I was acting. What was my last flight? It was back on the face after 60 days. This music goes hard all right there. We go ignite the bloody you firm. I picked it up this morning a couple like about two hours ago, and the collector's edition is so nice, like the mask is actually really good quality, and it's actually quite hard to get the collectors now because it was on the pre-order once it's sold out it's sold out oops put them in there The collector's edition was so worth it.

We loaded the gun. Boy, what about all the reviews? Are you paying the payday fee right now? Are you guys having server problems? Well, a lot of people are saying it online. Like that kind of thing, there's so many different hobbies that you can do, and my favorite hobby is I just like collecting like Collector's Editions and all of that.

no, God, I'm like, hell, why do I think it was a good idea to jump off the building? What was I thinking? Yeah, at least I can use my trigger finger now. Overkill is the weapon that the grenade launched. Yeah, let me call in that Bloody Overkill come on everywhere. My, that's a joke. No, not the money.

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Yeah, sorry, Pollen looks like a photo of the bag in, but hey, that's not going to happen. Isn't it optional security or loot? Should I go? Yeah, stop it. Do it i'd say no. Tomorrow, I need more money. Sometimes I only have payday. All I think about it is the Batman movie, with, like, the Joker, from that intro of the movie, like May, which is so good.

Yeah, better hurry. Come on, come on, team. Take care of a good neighbor. Yeah, man, that was such a bloody, anticlimactic guy. You're just staying in there. Yeah, I'll take that any day except killing two civilians, but yeah, about that, honestly, that was pretty good when you played by yourself.

I mean, even though I had to do a lot of things, hey, that actually was really fun. At least I can buy a new pommy weapon. Now, how many weapons are there? I'm going to need a shotgun and my bag, or a medic bag or armor. We need medicine. There's so many things in this game that I'm going to be here forever, skills, okay?

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What's here Try to tell me that I just keep playing the game over and over again. I'm going to unlock so many things in the game. Hell yeah, that was the first mission. Okay, so the next mission is road rage, invite, only by normal because I'm a noob. I was looking on Twitter lately, and I do agree with this one comment about payday free by Pro Reborn.

He wrote down launching payday fate, a game that could easily have offline play, and forcing it to online play just to have the servers functional most of launch day and day two is karma. Please stop forcing online connectivity or games that can easily be played offline, and I agree with that stand, like why so many games have to have to force online late.

I know we're living in 2023, but at the same time, it's like, How much a penny ass is it? Ambush: pick up an EMP. Down turn the ass play; it's just me; it's all good. If any, then call the police, so that sounds about right. Okay, restart work. If you think I'll have the hands Okay, now we wait.

Come on, come on, team. Come on, Team, come on just like that; the more you do it, the more you learn. Right there, come on. Okay, doing much, I got a shotgun, but yeah, it actually feels really smooth on the console. It's quite surprising, to be honest, because it doesn't really feel off to the author; it just feels normal.

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Graphics-wise, it looks really nice. It's not always about the graphics, yeah. Graphics don't mean anything for a ton of time, like when I was playing Star Field and people got pissed off at me because I was complaining about the 30 FPS. It's been a cupboard with, what do you mean, definitely not going to jail for life because of that.

I will ramp Come on, come on, help me, help me, thank you, like how the civilians on the floor like what the hell's going on. Then, hell, this is the shotgun pistol that does more damage. my, that was so satisfying. Don't mind me; just keep me in the corner. Grab the loot. Yeah, thanks join us for, like, I don't know, like a thousand bucks.

Payday 3 On Console is something else, but don't worry there'll be more Videos Coming soon! But Hey! i Hope you ENJOY.
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