Payday 3 No Rest For The Wicked Stealth Guide Solo All Bags: Payday 3 First Heist Stealth Guide

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In this article, I'm going to show you how to do the first mission, No Rest for the Wicked, and Stealth. The first thing I would recommend doing is: I'm assuming that you don't have any perks or anything special unlocked at this point, so I'm going to recommend going to your secondary weapon under loadout, choosing your pistol, and then pressing customize and going to the barrel extension.

Once you have that done, you're ready to go. The first thing that you're going to have to do is turn off the power to the gate that's going to be back in the tellers area. You can open either of the doors on either side; just wait for the cameras to not be watching you. After this, just crawl in, walk in, and get to a spot where you can't be seen, then pull this.

That's step one done. Next, you're going to run over this way and go to the staff-only area. Open this door, and you can come in here. I would say first that you want to come to this I.T. area, and there's a lure that you can activate. Honestly, at this point, you can mask up old G, and mask up this guard is going to get in your way for the rest of the match pretty much, so taking them out now can be really helpful to anyone who notices you take them as a shield.

bank stealth guide

Find a nice corner to put them in, and make sure to answer the radio, by the way. The same corner is really good for bodies too. Just move the bodies over there. The guy has a red key card that's going to help. He can take out these cameras if you're not on very hard or higher difficulty. Any cameras that you see, just make sure that security guards don't notice.

If security guards see a down camera, they'll call the police. I'm going to take the civilian as well; just getting as many people out of the way will help this mission, especially on the first floor, because this is where you're going to be moving the money later. Once you have that done, you need to find the stairwell.

Depending on your seed, the power room can be on the second floor, basically right behind this wall around the corner, or it can be all the way on the third floor, and on the other side this wall on the other side. Take them out, and you can put their bodies in the stairwell. Under the stairs Yeah, so could you tell me again when it's okay to sell me along because last week we're not a bug case of the shits?

bank stealth solo

It was apparently inappropriate. If you keep anyone in the stairwell, it's probably a good idea to close the door. Keep in mind that people can see through glass if they walk through here; let's actually move him over here instead. If it has a blue key card, that means that it is the security room, not the power room, so you'll see access, and that's going to be your power room.

It'll also say danger—an electrical hazard. Once you're in here, hack this computer and click enter on that. Check this cable controller, and it's going to tell you the color of cable that you need to disconnect, so this will be the switch that you flip. I got blue, so I need to flip blue, and we're going to head back downstairs.


And there's one on each side of this wall. Take out this camera, open it, and whichever switch that terminal upstairs told Geoflip to flip, grab one of the executives to get us into the vault. Now we have to open the vault. This is part of the reason that I took out the security guard down here earlier because we need to go into this manager's office and get an executive so this guy has access to the Be careful of security walking outside the windows here.

Take him to the eye scanner and push him into the scanner, and he'll use it. Now that we need a code from his computer, I'm going to take him again. I'm actually going to tie him up and tell him to follow me to make this faster and have less risk of moving. This can be good. Going in the other direction too, we're going to take him over here and put him where our bodies are.

Now let's open this up. There are usually a couple of people in here; there's only one for me right now. If there are two, then just grab them both quickly and shove them to the ground. That way, they won't have time to call the police or anything, and they'll stay intimidated. After you pick this lock to where the money is and open the door, you have to quickly disarm the die packs.

first heist stealth

If you don't have friends with you, then it is impossible to disarm all of them. Just do them as fast as you can. If you can't get the die-pack money, you can still take it. It's worth money, but it's just not worth as much. We can walk past where the room was. Close these front doors so they don't give you trouble, and you have access to the back alley here.

Keep in mind that there is a security guard that roams here, so taking them out can help with this. Once you have three non-dipact money bags, you can complete the mission and escape. You can also go through all of these lock boxes in the vault, and these will have extra money bags in them, so if you're trying to get paid dirt, then make sure that you open all of them and get the extra money bags.

I think that there are two extra money bags that are going to spawn in these; on top of what already spawns in here, the die-pack money bags do count, by the way, for Pay Dirt. There are 10 total money bags, and once you have this, you'll have Pay Dirt. I wouldn't really worry about the small money and stuff like that—the loose change—because that doesn't do that much for

This video is a payday 3 no rest for the wicked paydirt stealth guide. This will show you how to get all loot bags in no rest for the wicked while staying in stealth the whole time. Other Payday 3 videos.
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