Payday 3. No Rest For The Wicked. Solo Stealth. Overkill. No Mask. All Loot

all loot

Not gonna stop the record and I'll just add it cut out the first pair s lots of guards patrolling the building keep your eyes open so I got the perk so I can install that big also basically the rush thing there's so many things tied into Rush one to the South Park honestly exactly like this together.

Okay, a good incident is not here. Honestly, I'm just going to put a motion sensor on the stairs. There he is, so if anyone's walking near it, I can see that's the infinite guy. I think I need to blue-off this guy, this guard. At the door, you need to move fast before the money is ruined, so she says to move fast, but that's only when you open that door, so just take your time and lock the goals.

You can get free money bags, and you can get two 20-bag spawns over this. Now you can sprint. And yeah, the audio detection for guards is based on the type of trespass you're in, so yeah, if you're in a fully illegal area, they'll hear your footsteps, but if you're not, they're like whatever, dude.


I like to take a walk out the front door, though if you don't put the mask on, no one cares; it's great. I've never this is the first time I've done it by walking out the front like that, so usually when I did beat this, like the day before the game was out for standard edition people, and I bet there's like a day and a half ago, two days ago, the method I was doing was inspired by what's the name on YouTube where they went this way, like through that door there, but yeah.

I won't sprint in this area actually because I just remembered Yeah, guards do hear your Sprint sound in here, that's fully. But, um, when you're just walking around without your mask on or you're going out, you can close all them, which is kind of cool. You can do it in the jewelry store as well.

It's useful in the jewelry store because you probably want to do it on this map for crowit control. I guess, which means if you wanted to take control of the lobby, you would have completely blown it. You know, although the problem is that there's so many [__] pages, you'd have to plan a normal difficulty.


You're like, four or five. If you're playing on this, you're only allowed to honor two. Has a safe deposit box in this bank. There you go. I hope you enjoyed it. You can see the difficulty with skulls. There are four difficulties in the game. Yeah, 11 minutes, one second. That's pretty cool.

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