Payday 3 No Rest For The Wicked Solo Stealth (normal) Stealth Beginner's Guide


Welcome back to another article. To be honest, until now, I really liked it, especially if you're someone who likes to do heists in GTA. You will like this as well. We're doing the first mission, no rest for the Wicket, in normal mode completely, stealth solo, but I have to say I will equip my mask, so I didn't find a way to do it without equipping their mask.

I think the only way to do this is just by replaying the mission after you know the vault codes, but that's not really that useful. The goal is to open this door over here. Behind that, you have the vault on the safe. For this, you will first have to find the circuit breaker of the lock, which you can find in this door over here or in this room over here.

Just make sure that no one sees you while you're locked in. Also, make sure that no one sees you while you're switching off the circuit breakers. Next, the thing we have to do is go to the power room. You will be told where it is, so it's either on the second floor, or I have also seen some footage where it can be on the roof.

In my experience, it was always on the second floor, though before you go there, there is a guard patrolling on the first floor. He has a key card; it can be the blue key card or the red one, but just in case, make sure that you take it before you go upstairs because if it's the red one, you will need it immediately.

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Just wait for him to pass, make sure that none of the employees see it, and then you can pretty much just grab it; it's not that difficult. On the second floor, first of all, look in the hallway to see if there are any cameras, because every time you play, the cameras will have a different position.

The guard that's patrolling here is also just one guard; if you play it on normal modes, he has the other key card, so if you picked up the red one downstairs, this one will have the blue one, or the other way around. This one you can use to get into the camera room or the security room, which I will also use later on.

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The first thing you want to do is find the power room, if it's on the second floor. There are two options. It's either this room over here, which in my case over here is the camera or the security room because it has a blue key card box next to it so you will have to use the blue key cards and then the second option is this room over here which has a red box next to it so this means that this is the power room it could be the other way around as well hack the computer so that you can disable the security system and, then very important after it's done on, this small screen on the right there will be a cable connection so, in this case it's the circle you will need this if you want to open the magnetic doors that lead you to the vault.

Before you go, what I did over here was go to the security room as well, and from this moment on, go mask. For this, you also need the blue key cards. If you don't have them yet, make sure to get them. Like I said, it's either with the cards downstairs or with the guard on this floor. When you're going for the door, make sure that the guard is not around, so maybe just wait for him to pass.

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The guard always makes an entire tour around the second floor, so it's very easy to avoid them. Look out for the cameras and make sure that it doesn't say observed when you're opening the door, so the employees can't see someone in this door inside. There will be a guard that basically watches the camera footage after this moment after you're taken down.

You can basically ignore the cameras, so there's no one watching them. You can move freely and make sure to answer the radio. You can also choose not to do this, but I recommend doing it this way. The next step will be to take out the guard on the first floor. It is very important that you first take out the guards because if he sees you with your mask on, he will immediately trigger the alarm, and you will go out of stealth mode if the employees see you; for example, over here, she sees me.

I still have a lot of time before I tire up, so that's no issue, so just take out the guards first and again answer the radio. You have three or four times that you can do this, but it will definitely be enough, so after that, you can tie up all the employees on this floor. It will really help you move freely, and it will make it really easy to take out all the money outside if there is no one in the hallway.

no rest for the wicked stealth solo

You can go ahead and open the magnetic door so the magnetic door to the vault, so over here you have to use the cable connection that you saw in the power room, which was a circle. Make sure that you really remember this, or else it will also trigger the alarm. It's pretty easy. You just take them hostage, or you take them as a human shield.

You put them on the ground, and then you can just tie them up. The guy in this room over here is an executive. Like I said, if you're just taking out everyone and tying up everyone, you can move freely, and it will be very easy now. One small tip is to close this door over here and definitely close this one.


This will make sure that no one sees you from inside. A person will be over here sitting. You don't really have to take them out. You can also just close the doors that go to this room, but it's better to be safe than sorry now because the van was on the right side of the bank for me. I kind of planned my escape route as well, so I already lock picked this gate so it will be easier for me, and then it's also important that you take out the guards that's patrolling over here, so for this one over here.

I just waited for him to pass, and then I took him out now. It could also be that your fan is on the left side of the bank, so if you're standing in front of the bank on the left side, on the parking lot, then you will have to clear the way the other way around. Of course, there's also a guard over there, and there are also some civilians, I think, which might make it a bit more difficult.

I have seen that when you start taking out the money, basically all of these civilians disappear, so that should be fine as well, but make sure to take down the guards and also again answer the radio over here. I think I took a little bit too long to answer the radio because I also dragged them inside then.

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One of the other guards got alerted; he wanted to come inside, but the doors were closed, so we couldn't, so just to be safe, I opened the door so we could come inside. I swear she saw something, so I don't know what happens if you don't do this. Maybe the alarm gets alerted, maybe not, but this was the best way, so try to avoid, of course, going out of stealth.

hey guys, here is a solo stealth guide for no rest for the wicked in payday 3.
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