Payday 3 No Rest For The Wicked Overkill Sealth Solo Guide

no rest for the wicked

Welcome back to another article. If you're doing this for the first time in stealth and solo, maybe I really recommend that you watch my normal guide for this first. So, like always, the first thing that we have to do is open the magnetic doors to the vault. And for this first, we have to find a switch box for the lock.

Now, the switch box on this side is usually always behind this door. I've read some comments that the switch can also be on the second floor. This is true, but I think this is mostly for the switch box on the other side. So there are two switches, and you can choose which one you turn off. There's one over here in the lobby, and then there is also one inside.

But for the one in the lobby, I'm not sure if it can be on the second floor. It could be, but then you will have to go to the second floor, so we're going to head inside by lockpicking the double doors, and then the first thing that we're looking for is a phone because we need a QR code to get on the second floor.

no rest for the wicked overkill

Now this is the first location where it can be. The second location is in the room in the back; if you want, you can also use the door on the other side of the bank to access that room, and then two other possible locations are two offices that you kind of have on the first floor, so one is actually a large meeting room, the door is open to that one, and then you also have a small office on the right over here, and for this one you have to pick the lock, so there are four possible locations that I know, but all of them are in this area on the first floor, and the guard is carrying a key card, so make sure to grab it.

It's either the red one or the blue one. If you don't know yet, the red one is for the power room, and the blue one will be for the security room, so we use the QR code to access the second floor. The guard that's walking around over here will have the other key card, so in my case, that will be the red one, and the red one, like I said, we use for the power room.

On the second floor, most of the time you can find the power room and also the security room. Sometimes the power room can also be on the roof, but if that's the case, then the game actually tells you that it's on the roof, and they tell you right after you turn off the switch that we did in the beginning.

no rest for the wicked overkill solo stealth

So in the power room, hack the PC. After the hack is done, go on this screen over here, and this screen will tell you which switch you have to turn off to unlock the magnetic doors, so it was the green circle in my case. Now the power room is over here, and I'm equipping my case. Sometimes that room that I just exited can also be the security room, and the room that I'm going to right now could be the power room, so the power room and the security room switch places sometimes, so you have to check both, of course, but you can recognize the power room by the red key card thing next to the door, so in the security room over here you can find the guy watching the camera footage, and over here I'm equipping my mask so I can take him out, and all the cameras will be disabled after this point.

no rest for the wicked solo

By the way, for Overkill, you can only answer the radio twice, so if you don't want to take out this card, and if you want to take out another guard, that's also possible, but then you will have to deal with the cameras, and remember, the cameras in Overkill are indestructible. Go back downstairs when you're on the stairs, and always be careful for the head of security, so this is kind of the super guard.

Just be careful. I use my second radio answer over here for the guard on the first floor. I think it's pretty good if you take him out because when you're taking out the loot, it can be very annoying, so turn off the right switch (the green one in my case), the door will open, and then the next thing that we need is the executive so that we can get the code to the vault.

Most of the time, I find the executive on the second floor of Overkill. In normal mode, I also found him sometimes on the first floor of the office that is closed. But that office is empty every time I try an Overkill, so you will have to go to the second floor, and then over here you will see an executive.


Sometimes he will go inside the office, but he always comes out for some reason, like a phone call or something like this, and then, of course, you can grab him. Over here, you can see the head of security. He was waiting in the hallway, so this is what I meant: When you're using these stairs, always be careful.

A good trick that I really recommend is putting a microcam on the head of security. The earlier you can do this, the better. By the way, sometimes I see him at the beginning of the mission, and I can do it immediately. But this time I saw him pretty late, I have to say, but I still did it because it's very, very good, especially when you're taking out the loot.

I left the executive, Untied, over here, who was not so smart, but thankfully no one saw him. By the way, for the microcam on the console, you have to hold right on Dad and left on Dad's bad, and then it throws it on the guard or on the person that you want to follow, but you have to be close enough to them so if it's a red circle, it will not throw.

overkill solo stealth

So the executive pushes him in front of the face recognition screen, and then after the axis is accepted, take him away from here because you don't want the guard in the lobby to see him, and just put him in a corner and also tie him up. After this point, we will have to go back upstairs to check on the executive's PC for the key codes, and right now I'm using the camera that I placed on the head of security to see where he is because, for example, right now he was on his second floor; that's where I'm headed, so I just waited a bit until he was gone, so this is very handy.

So we went to the roof; now we see it, and then we can go to the second floor to access the PC. Also, it may be useful to place another microcam on the guards on the second floor. He can also be annoyed, especially when you're taking the executive to the first floor, or, for example, right now when you have to go to the office, you have two microcams anyway, so if you want, you can also place one on him, but over here I didn't do it, so the PC's in this large office over here.

solo overkill

It's quite tricky; be careful for the civilians, but normally if you walk fast enough, crouched, of course, you can just make it and they won't be alerted. So then you get the four possible codes, and just like always, we will know which code is correct. By looking at the keypad, which numbers have been pressed a lot?

hey guys, here is a guide for no rest for the wicked in payday 3 on overkill mode , solo and stealth.
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