Payday 3 "no Rest For The Wicked" All Loot & Stealth Guide (normal/hard)

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Before we do start this, if you're very new to the game, before you go into this, just go to your loadout, go to your secondary weapon, and you'll be able to customize. If you'll have access to this silence, make sure you're putting it on your sidearm. Now I am going to show you how to do a solo today.

I'm on my own, but I do highly recommend taking at least another player with you, a friend, because when you get to the vault at the end, the cache does have traps on it, and if you don't disarm all the traps, some of the cash gets spoiled; they're still worth some value, but you will lose some money when they get spoiled, and when you're solo, you simply do not have enough time to get all of the traps disarmed, as you'll find out later in this article.

So again, we are playing this on hard; this will have a few extra bits to do than if you're doing it on normal, but with this mission, to be fair, if you're doing it stealth, it's very, very similar. I'll try and let you know as we go if there's anything different; that's normal regardless. It could be rooms, cameras, etc.

all loot guide

With that done, you can open it, and we can move inside. What we want to do is help you if we need to, but we just want to interact with this switch. Let's turn the power off, and now we're ready to continue, and we can run around to this door over here now. You've got to lock and pick this door; it'll just open normally again.


You don't want anyone to see you. I think we're good. Anything pops up. Just cancel out while you're doing it. All we're good we've opened it and we're inside now, there's a camera right in front of us we've got to be careful of sometimes, the camera here as well which there is we want to get into that door right in front of us there so just wait for this camera to spin around we're heading to the help desk there we go and now there's a guard down here that should have a blue key card on him if you want to use this law you can do it's just right in front of us there we need to get the key card off of his back pocket, now I think the key cut again two key cards on this mission is a blue and a red one I think they can switch the one guard on this floor will have a key card and one on the floor up above we're gonna need both of them anyway I just seen that this one is the blue one let's get you into the security office it's going to basically make all the cameras.

Not a risk, so now that he's moving that way, we don't need to use the law; we're going to follow him, just minding that camera to the left. He'll stop at the end of this corridor here, and we can just take that key card off of him, and now we've got the idea that we want to move up a level. Do you want to go to the next floor now and get these cameras deactivated?

Be very careful again. This camera's to be careful of the civilians, which isn't that much of an issue right now. There's that guy there; he's got the red key card on him too, so we're going to snap that off of him, and we can't wait for him to make his rotation now. While watching that camera, I actually see him through this window, which makes it easy, and he's moved, so now that he's moved, I'm going to follow him.

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It is going to stop again. There's another camera behind me, which we're just going to try, and Dodge—I'm not too sure which way he faces him. We might just wait a second. Yeah, we've gone to this back wall. There's a camera there. We're going to have to wait for him to move again. Okay, so that camera we also have to wait for.


There we go. Let's keep on following this around. This is going to take us to the security room anyway to deal with that. He's in a nice position for me to nap that red card right now so make sure no civilians are looking at you and you do this otherwise, they'll tell on you now we've got the red card as well we're just gonna wait for him to move past this door in front of us you can just see the blue card there on the door we got the guard and we got the camera ahead of us to deal with so wait for the guard to make one more movement and then we'll get into the security office there you go he's going now I just want the camera to turn the other direction as soon as it does we'll make a move there we go, now there is going to be a guard in this room so once we've used the blue key card to get inside let's, be careful you're going to want to put your mask on yeah and we just want to take out this guard that guard's got to be taken out now he was watching all the camera footage it means the cameras are now not going to spot you because there's no one watching them we do need to deal with that Ray jodo make sure you do that.

Man, you ain't got nothing to worry about. You have free radio calls left that we can deal with, and we already have the red key card. I just got spotted by a civilian. Any civilians that do spot you, you gotta deal with; just hit them to the ground. Get them in a safe spot and tie them. We got lucky there now; if any more got alerted, we probably would have had to take out the guard that's walking around and would have had to deal with all the civilians, so we got lucky now.

how to stealth no rest for the wicked

We have both cards, so we've done the security room. We're going to need to go and find a red key card room now if you try the roof first. There is a seller guard on this floor that we are going to want to take care of, so I'm just going to have a quick look for him now that he's down there, so that's a perfect position.

Actually, we're just going to kill him now on the spot, and we're going to deal with the radio call when it comes. Sorry about that. We need to stop mainlining caffeine, and then we're going to hide the body in this room next to us. There will be a civilian walking around as well, which I kind of want to deal with now.

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Keep an eye out for him, but anyway, now that we've done that, we're just going to open this hatch on the door. I'm remembering that symbol from earlier. We're flicking the switch with the symbol that we had, which was the white circle of a line through it for us. And, you're going to be instructed to go and find the executive and here's the Vault we need the executive now to do the eye scan and you'll just notice there there's still guards and civilians the other side of this room here that can't spot you so be very careful you'll find a civilian that you need in the manager's office so we're going to go and find a manager's office now I think it's always it is the guy that's walking around randomly okay, he is always in this manager's office here I don't think this room changes but what we're going to want to do is just deal with this guy, it's kind of in an awkward position be very careful of the civilians in that room there as well, and we're gonna lock pick the manager's office and get inside.

Payday 3 In this video I guide you through the first heist of the game "No Rest for the Wicked" and show you how to do it stealthily while collecting all of the loot available.
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