Payday 3: Never Reload Build With Infinite Ammo

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I have a build article for you today. It's an early game-build article, which means you don't need a ton of skill points in order to create this. I think I used 10 in total, but you can get away with just eight skill points, so you can do it. You can create it rather early in the game, and what I'm calling it is the never-reload build.

You never need to reload with this, which means you're never going to consume ammo, which means ammo is not a problem. It's very good for the early game, and the easier difficulty is so normal and hard, I'd say, and I've really been enjoying this before we get into it. I want to show you how it works.

We are taking advantage of the perks. Called Edge i'll explain now how we do that, so I'm going to put my mask on. We're just going to kill off that guy there. Now we need to get an edge. Edge is very important, and if we just sprint for 3 seconds and then slide, it's going to give us some edge now.

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Every time I sprint and slide, I'm going to refresh that edge, and Edge is going to stay on the build at all times. Another way I can refresh it is with headshot kills as well, so as long as I get headshot kills, it'll keep on refreshing my edge. So the way to use this build now really is just to keep on getting head shot kills on your enemies and what's going to happen with that is you're always going to have that edge perk, and you're always going to replenish the ammo you're never going to use that bullet that you fire it'll keep on going back to your magazine which means you never need to reload obviously, there are some instances where enemies are tankier they're going to take some more bullets on one bullet but we've got some extra damage on the build as well to counter that and hopefully, even with the bulldozers you know you're going to be able to get the helmet gone quite quickly before the mag is finished, so that you replenish your ammo and don't need to reload.

For the easier enemies, you don't even need to get head shots; you can do body shots if you want. Obviously, watch your mag size; you will be using more bullets. So here it is. You can see I've got 10 scale points in UC. I reckon about an eight minimum is needed, and you can get that very early in the game.

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I'm currently level 33 and have those 10 enabled. I think in the 20s you can have around eight that you can equip, so very early game build. The other thing you're going to want to do is just make sure you know how to unlock all your skill trees, because we are using skills quite far down as well.

If you don't need to Ace that out, don't worry about that, but along this tree, we don't even use that perk; you just have to unlock it because we want to use these two skills. Here we've got the ammo funnel, so as long as you have Edge ammo, the ammo you pick up is directly added to your Equi Weapons magazine.

And if your magazine is full, it's added to your reserves instead, so that's why you never need to reload because, with Edge on, you're basically going to be picking up that ammo and constantly replenishing it. You've also got replenish here, where as long as you have Edge again, you automatically pick up ammo dropped by enemies you have killed, which is brilliant.

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So basically, just kill your enemies, and you're automatically going to be picking up that ammo all of the time. You don't even need to run over the bodies, which is brilliant. Scrolling down, we've got Sharpshooter, and we do assist as well, so for the basics, if you stand still for 1.5 seconds while aiming down your sight scopes, you gain an edge.

We don't use that on this build because of the run and slide, but in the AED version, by performing a head shot while aiming down the sight, it's going to refresh your Edge, which is very good. You need Edge active as often as you can, so with a headshot kill or just performing a headshot while aiming down the sight, you're going to refresh that edge and keep it active.

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Also, on the Sharpshooter tree, here we're putting on a cutting shot. As long as you have Edge, your armor penetration is increased, which is good; it's extra damage, right? On the Escapist Track here, we do Ace this out the basic is whenever you sprint for at least 3 seconds you gain rush and in the AC version is if you have Rush available and slide, it's consumed and you gain a refresh of edge so that's why I just shown you in the clip there we were sprinting for 3 seconds and then when I sliding I was refreshing Edge that's great for when there's not many enemies to kill or it's running out you haven't killed in a little bit and you just want to keep that edge going you can just Sprint and slide to get it so it's two scale points are going into, that one there and as we scroll further down we also go into these two and these are two are probably what I'd leave off if you've only got the eight skill points, but these are going to give you extra damage.

The first one here for having the basic, you can mark an extra one addition Target, and they last for 20% longer, but this here combat marking, as long as you have Edge, which we're working around, you deal an extra 10% damage against any marked Target when you have Edge as well. Edge also gives you 10% extra damage, so you're going to have 20% extra damage here, provided an enemy is marked.

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This isn't so important to the build, though, but you do have more skill points to spend. This is where you want to spend them, and if you have more, we will spend them wherever you want. This is how I've built it to make this build work and refresh your ammo all the time, meaning you never have to reload or even pick up ammo.

Weapon choice is kind of important here. I guess you'll see that I was using the one-shot Marksman rifle. I was using the SAA1.144 because it's very good because one shot kills basically the heads of most enemies. It does a lot of damage. This build probably won't work as well if you're using an SMG, an assault rifle, or something like that.

Deployable. I'd say you don't need an ammo bag with this so go for Med bag armor bag or whatever you want there throwable whatever you want armor whatever you want Overkill weapon: whatever you want when it comes to the tool that you take just to take advantage of that last skill that we mentioned there with the marking, so s of strategist.

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If you run the motion sensor and unlock this. I'm not sure what level it is. It's a little bit later on, probably towards the end of the 20s, but anyway, if you run the motion sensor, you can throw this out and just mark up to 15 enemies within 3 m. That's just going to give you extra damage against them, as already mentioned with the skill.

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