Payday 3 Needs These Changes


Payday 3 is a great foundation for what could be a fantastic article game but it just isn't quite there yet this article is a list of suggestions that I have for the game that I think can vastly improve it first of all let's go through the obvious changes that need to happen first an offline mode du persistent lobbies duh better UI du so original, these are very boring and Broad answers so I want to be a bit more descriptive, with offline mode and persistent lobbies just copy how it works into it worked perfectly fine online only really only hurts the game doesn't help it at all people have still found ways to cheat so it isn't really preventing cheating and although it could theoretically prevent piracy with DLC because that was a big problem in two there isn't even any DLC to Pirate out yet online only can work if it only really checks your stats in inventory to prevent cheating like that but if lobbying was still peerto peer I think it would be better.

I'm no expert or anything; this is just what I think would be good for UI. Vertical UI is just better than horizontal UI, as it allows you to show more information. One specific menu that I think can be vastly improved is the skill menu. First of all, Edge Grit and Rush should be color-coded. I have a mod that does this, and it should be base-game.

It would be really nice if we could choose the colors ourselves, and the buff icon in the game would also be the same color that you choose. Just a nice quality of life update would be great. Second, add a tagging system for the skills, where skills will be tagged and you can search by tag. You could search for things like gain grit, consume edge, or armor to have skills that would be relevant to those.


This would be very nice in the future when there's a bunch of them. Skills obviously new content is a given and just saying add more Heist than guns laau isn't really helpful so I want to give a list of some specific things I want and the reasons why one specific thing with new weapons is to use the overkill, weapons system, as it is a great way to minimize similarity, as many of the weapons in Payday 2 were basically just res skins with the weapon that came out more recently being just objectively better most of the time a way to help prevent this power creep is with the overkill weapon system say we add both a SAA and an a12 to the game both are very similar mag fed Auto shotguns so how do we differentiate the two in Payday 2 the SAA was pretty much just better than the aa2 in every situation, so my proposed solution is to make weapons that are very similar.


Have some of them be normal weapons and some of them be overkill weapons, and to make the overkill ones more interesting, say we add the aa2 as a normal primary auto shotgun, then add the aa2 as an overkill weapon, and it would have some gimmicks, say, a special ammo that could fire H rounds, and maybe with fire select, which is also a feature I think should return, it changes ammo types so you could have it be H rounds, and then you fire select and change it to slugs, another example to help differentiation.

Would be a desert eagle and a 500 magnum which are both weapons I would like to see in the game so to make them stand out more the Desert Eagle would be a normal secondary and the 500 magnum will be an Overkill uping that is piercing ammo similar to the red fox, but here we get to another issue these would basically do the same thing so how do we differentiate the two piercing weapons well the 500 magnum wouldn't have a thermal scope so that would have to be red Fox's advantage over the 500 magnum so what could we give to the 500 magnum it could be something as simple as just more ammo a faster charge time or no movement speed penalty, specifically faster charge times are a thing that I think different Overkill weapons should have because it's a very easy way to balance them an example right now is the red fox is just better than the pig.


Mamba, and I think an easy way to buff the Mamba is to make it charge faster than the red fox so it's more available. Other than that, here's just a list of weapons that I want to see in Payday 3, starting with secondaries. I want to see a desert eagle, a beta, some sort of auto pistol, either an automatic Glock or a CZ, and a shotgun.

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Second, the return of the locomotive and judges would be great. SMG secondaries as well and the ziv Commando honestly could be a secondary, as it is right now another thing for secondaries and more specifically pistols, is an attachment or an upgrade or something that let you quick draw similar to how it works in Modern Warfare 2022, where while keeping one hand on your main gun you take out your pistol with one hand and shoulder your main weapon while still being able to shoot your pistol it's just a really cool feature and it's nice to be able to swap weapons really fast to deal with an enemy R you run out of ammo or maybe you're swapping to a bigger pistol to deal with a special enemy, but it's just a cool feature another attachment that I think should be added is a laser attachment but not only that have the ability to caned aim where you tilt your gun to the side and use your laser to aim instead of the main scope this is a mod in Payday 2 that I really like and I would really love it if it was also in Payday 3 for primaries I want to see more battle rifles like a foul or G3 one weapon I specifically want is a battle rifle conversion, of an AR-15.

Slm4r, from model Infare 2022, so faster-firing assault rifles like the fost would be cool. I want to see SMGs like the MP5 ump and Vector; I want sem semi-auto shotguns like the Bellium 4 and semi-auto; sniper rifles like the watk or dragonov; and for lmgs. I want to see lighter lmgs like the rpk.

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I think overkill weapons should be special and not just guns; that's really good. So here are some ideas that I've had. Like I said earlier, an AA2 with special ammo types, a 500 magnum that acts like a third weapon, you keep it whole instead of dropping it; a chainsaw could be a really cool and unique Overkill weapon; a riot shield would also fit perfectly.

While you have it up, you're locked to your secondary and have a set amount of health before it breaks, but it can block a lot of damage. A minigun is perfect for Overkill weapons; it's quite literally Overkill heavier, like the M60, which could be in the Overkill slot instead of primaries. A flamethrower is another funny Overkill weapon.

A way to differentiate the grenade launchers could be to have different ammo types, say keeping the bomba as H rounds and the GL40 as incendiary ramps. This last weapon isn't an Overkill weapon but a new grenade, or maybe it would fit better as a tool, but I want remote-detonated explosives. For melee weapons, which we all know are going to be added eventually, I have a few suggestions.

Payday 3 launched in a really rough state, and without patches this game will be another overkill flop. I have hopes for this game, as the framework for a fantastic game is here, the game is just being screwed over by everyone OTHER than Overkill. Deep Silver, Sony, and Microsoft are doing everything they can to make sure this game flops. I have many ideas that I think can vastly improve the game, especially near the end of the video.
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