Payday 3 Mods Are Getting Wild. Best Of Week #2

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Petty 3 has been out officially for one week, and the modding community is getting absolutely out of control. As you can see right here on the screen, I am dancing in the background in the menu. This is apparently called menu stripping, a thing that's been in Payday 2, and they already have a mod for this year where the character just dances and dances forever in the menu.

Personally, I find it slightly distracting but at the same time mesmerizing. And this one again is called menu stripping. All right, guys. I have a great list of moderators for you this week. So remember, they added the simple HUD and HP to the armor. Well, now they have added damaged numbers for those who like to see the damaged numbers.

You can now see them, and they're not just playing numbers; they're color-coded, whether you're doing damage, whether you're doing plane damage, armor damage, etc. It's there; it looks nice. I haven't used it personally, but if you like it, use it. Now one of my other mods that I really enjoyed and that I talked about in the past has been updated, and it's called colored buffs.

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Now it has colors for every single perk, and it matches them down on the bottom right corner here. Edge for red, grip for blue, and rush for, like, a yellowish gold awesome feature I love it so much and can't wait to use it more often. Now that they actually added a new, or should I say an old, menu, they fixed the old Heist selection menu.

This one is a little bit tricky. It does look really cool, as you can see here, just like the Payday 2 menu, like the crime net, where you can kind of see and select different missions. I think that's pretty cool. It's kind of bare bones a little bit, and it requires you to have an extra mod on top of it, as well as some other things that need to get installed, like this one right here called the debug menu mods.

This one requires a little bit of dependency and some instructions to follow, but if you want to get that old crime net setup, then this mod is for you. All right, so now we're starting to get into some crazy character models, and I wanted to show you what some of these look like. All right, so we have a model right here called Kazar.

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It's like a furry or something. I'm not really into furries, but I just thought this mod looked pretty cool, and this one is Kazar, a character mod for a hoxton replacer by Nara Duragan, and you can find that mod online as well. It just looks really cool with a mask and all the hands in the game.

This dancing just gets crazy. Now I have another one here, which is the human replacement for chains. It looks actually pretty cool, so there's quite a lot of character places out there, like I found this one on here where you can be as Simon goes Riley from Modern Warfare 2, and you can actually opt to have the night vision goggles up or down.

As you can see here, they are up in this one, but you can also choose to have them down. I think this mod actually looks really freaking cool, but unfortunately. I wasn't paying attention at the time, and this mod replaces chains, as you can see here, chains replacer, and so is this mod right here, as you can see chains, and so I had multiple chains replacers, but I just didn't think about it at the time.

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But you can always go into the mod workshop and just type in replacer or replace. You can see all the different types of character mods out there. Okay, so this next mod is called the legalized nuclear bombs for radio lure, and this one, when you go to use the radio to lure cops or guards or whatever, does this legalize nuclear bombs?

I don't know this one, which is hilarious and also really awesome. It makes me want to use regulars way more often. We also have this sussy infrasonic, and mine's just so cute in little places. It makes three different sounds, whether or not they are randomized. I'm not exactly sure, but look how cute it is and listen to those sounds.

Also, we have one that's like. I didn't bother putting inks; I didn't want to have too many mods installed at once in case it was hurting, a performance, but there was also this basic but kind of funny slightly. Cooler First Response cops, and basically all they do is add glasses or sunglasses to the cops to make them somewhat cooler-looking.


I thought it was so basic but kind of nice at the same time, so I just want to put that in there; it's like a little special spotlight. Now they've also come and done a ton, and I mean a ton, of mods for Vance Sayaka. Mickey van Nicoparo van Mario Plumbing Escapes from the Mystery Machine DHL. Epic jackets Escape Van, you got the Mika van the Epics free V bucks.

You can see what they look like. In game here as well as holding a gun right now. I am currently using the Harambe gloves for kicks and giggles. R i p., harambe, now I did have another mod here that looked pretty good. This one brings the front sight back, which is pretty common, pretty standard, something you would use in case, for example, your Red Dot battery or whatever stops working, you can still functionally use the weapon through the site thanks to the front, and so this is just kind of more like a realism mod in a way, so I thought that was really cool and a nice feature and a nice mod to have all.

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Right guys, that about wraps up my mods for week two. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I'm working on week three already as we speak because there's just so many that keep adding every day, and if I don't stop and make a article.

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