Payday 3 Mod Spotlight - Simple Armor. Health Hud

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It's an improved verion version of the simple Health HUD which was very basic, but it allows you to see the armor and health of any of the special cops or any of the SWAT units, this of course requires the Moola mod loader a lot of mods on in Payday 3 require the Moola mod loader so you got to make sure you download that and extract it to your folder, where you put your mods of course it's going to tell you it has a whole installation thing right here so if you need to , download know how to install mods, it shows you here for steam but I also have a article on my channel if you have the game pass version of payday 3, and that allows you to, check out that you check that out and you can up use mods on the payday a Game Pass version of payday 3 let's stop me rambling right here on the web page let's take a look at some game play of this mod in.

Action is all right. Health is a very easy, very nice quality of life thing that we probably could use in the base game of the game, hopefully with a patch soon down the line for Overkill and Star Breze. Well, I keep saying Overkill and Star Breze will add this down the line and on the ground, and we can probably get this in game properly.

It'd be nice. Hug the floor; it'd be really nice to have something like this that allows us to just see our enemies. Health Some people may call this a little bit cheating, but I think it works perfectly, especially when you have to know how much health a person has, like a bulldozer or something or a pesky sniper up on the roof that's trying to kill you.

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It's always good to have something like that. Here, there's a lot of stuff we got, of course. Yeah, of course you have to defend this getaway over here. I'm rambling as we were waiting for more and more cops to show up. Look, there's the taser right here. You can see his armor. You could have seen his armor go flying.

Then you had the hostage rescue units. You can see their armor here on this guy as well, but each special member has a sword and stuff. I love

Checking out a nice Quality of Life Mod for Payday 3 adding Health Armor bars to Cops and hostages.
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