Payday 3 Made A Mistake And We Need To Talk About It


Now I don't know how many of you have seen Spider-Man across Spider, but there's one scene that comes to mind when I think of Payday 3, and it's actually from that movie, and it's when Miles Morales decided to endorse baby powder, and yeah, you know the scene though: I made a mistake, that's payday 3, they made a mistake, and so we're going to start at the mistakes.

Let's talk about the neutral, where there's some good and some bad talk about the positives, so let's get into it. For the first time, I made a mistake, and they made a mistake. Man, they made a mistake. It's the servers come on, online 24/7, terrible idea. Servers are overstressed. I know they fixed it.

We should still have offline mode, and I'm pretty sure they think about they're thinking about it. That's the first time I made a mistake. It's just the service over there. They can work on it. Just give us offline mode, make the AI useful, and then more Gucci.

I don't know why they just don't want to fix it for some reason. Problem: Let's see the AI. Let's talk about the crew AI. The crew AI is dumber than Bagar Rocks. Actually, I think their last two brain cells are fighting for third place. Actually, that's how dumb they are; they're useless and actually kind of a hind at times, depending on what you're trying to do.


Not very good; kind of sucky. That's the next, I'm right, mistake, and then the next big one as we rotate a little more into that neutral territory, because you could argue this is a neutral one if you're right. Why do you keep calling me all the time? I'm not interested. It's stupid it shouldn't exist, and it shouldn't.

Do we not have a challenge system? It is stupid. It is it just doesn't make any sense. I understand the positives that come with it. If there were really unique challenges, there'd be some that were really fun and difficult, like doing dirty ice.

It's very difficult, but it's fun, and it's unique. I come back to it; it's not very enjoyable; it ever has been and it ever will be; it's just a grind we don't want to grind; it feels like we don't need to really grab any bags once we get paid for the dirt boom. You don't have to grab all the bags anymore; just get over it and get out.


That's how it is, and Overkill is difficult; it's a little busted because the cre AI are useless, so really, it's one versus your crew AI and the cops, but we already went over how useful the crew AI are, and then we get to neutral territory. Now, I'm going to start with a big one where it's like, ah, people actually argue whether this is neutral, positive, or negative, so that's why I like to stay.

This is a neutral, and it's the guns over there, more specifically the gun play. I enjoy it. I don't like how little guns there are; there's two shotguns, two sniper rifles, four pistols, three SMGs, and a bunch of assault rifles. I like the distribution of weapons, but I also expect them to add new weapons, so I'm not going to hate on them because the MP7, the SA44, and the Rheinfelds Yes, plur the sniper, the shotgun, and the shotgun and the shotgun.

lets play

The double barrel is absolutely a blast to use. Buton guns are super powerful; they make you feel good while you're blasting the G away, Five, but that kind of also comes with the problem of customization level-based, which is a little funky. I enjoy it, but it's a little funky; it doesn't fit, and there aren't that many weapons like I went over.

That's probably the biggest negative that there is with this: there aren't many weapons, so it becomes a problem after a while, and then when you get down to it, that lack of Weaponry, it hurts it hurts the game, and that lack of weaponry is a fantastic segue into the next neutral, the lack of heists.

We only have eight of them; how is that a NE? Shouldn't that be a negative? I'm saying it's neutral because I enjoy every heist in this game. In Payday 2, I played about eight heists, so this is no this is nothing new to me. Sure, there are heists that I enjoy more than others, but I enjoy them all except for road range.


Road Range The road range is kind of just bad, so seven is good. Heists, it's still an okay Heist; it's just not my favorite. My favorite's either birth of Sky, not birth of Sky, not the final heist, or the golden shark, but as you go in, it's the eighth heist, but they're so dirty ice with its secrets under the surface with its big secret, no breast for the wicked, and how detailed it is, the golden shark.

How massive it is that if you are good at it, you can easily do that heist! All of the heist game has so much detail; it's impressive; I love it; it's fun because of all that detail that they put into these heists, so that's my next neutral, which is how much, or how there's eight heists, but that brings us to the first positive.

Point: It's more painting, right? These are more in-depth, more thought-out, and more detailed. They look better than anything in Payday 2. Now, okay, that's a lie. Big Bank is a lot more thought out all right. It's probably worth it. It gets rid of my stress and makes my streams better. Less stress means better streams and better article.


Boom, I'm a genius, all right? that, DET, yes, thank you very much. B, the detail in the game's phenomenal. I actually adore the details in the game; it feels extremely detailed, and I just like how there's little, small things like in the Shadow Money Wizard game. We love casting, and I find that the QR codes on the QR Reader send you to Rick Roll.

From what I've seen, I actually haven't decided to scam myself yet. That could be a lie, but I'm assuming it's true, and just the details in the heist are so. I like how the perk tree was done; that's my X positive, but it's really neutral, but to me, I actually like how the perks are done. As you level up your infamy, you get more perks for your skill points, and you research your skills, and I like that.

I don't know why I like that, but I do, and if you don't agree, I don't. To be frank, I don't. I have no reason to care, so with that being said, it's just really fun to just play. The gun playay feels good to just shoot the [__] out of the cops. The heists are detailed, and they're just fun to play now.


And that's just fun details. You know, I like the details of the game. They are graphs; the cloakers are scary as they have grappling hooks; the tasers are pretty useless, but they have weak points. The Nators are stupid, and I hate them, but they also have a weak point: the Bulldozers are getting revenge for all the times that they got [__] up in Payday 2, and I enjoy how they brought back most of the heisers; we got Wolf Dallas.

So starbreeze goofed up good with Payday 3. The servers are iffy, xp system is broken and not too mention the amount of heist. Moral of the stoyr Payday 3 Made a Mistake.
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