Payday 3 - Loud Skill Guide. Infinite Ammo And Overkill Survivable


But I don't think you should lean on that kind of stuff, and you know it's a bit different; people can play with CQC; they can play with technicians, but the main meat. I think one of the loudest perks right now in this game is the ammo specialist, who gives you a little bit of extra ammo, but we're not using it for the ammo bags.

scrounger, this gives me a 10 chance to get my throwables back, which means I can spam throwables the entire heist and plate up. So long as you have grit, ammo chunks will instantly regenerate the current chunk of armor that you have that comes into something that we're doing in the mower. We have to take the first step to get in.

Every time you shoot 35 bullets, you gain an edge. I'm not using that at all, but I need to get into them over the tree, where I get suppressive fire. As long as you have Edge, every shot from your weapon has a chance to inflict a heavy stagger. This isn't required; this is one that I'm probably going to pull.

ammo funnel

I may even pull the plate up when the next transporter tree comes out, which we've heard about over the last couple of days, because I want to be able to carry multiple bags and all that fun stuff. Ammo funnel As long as you have Edge ammo pickups directly added to your weapons magazine, if your magazine's full, it's added to your reserves, so you don't lose any bullets.

It's incredibly effective, like the Mosconi, the two-shot shotgun, because you never have to reload and it can take one shot in the head, just an entire army of people, and you can fire it like a machine gun. It's pretty crazy that the marksman rifles and the sniper rifles are great too because, so long as you're landing your headshots, you never have to reload, and the assault rifles because their ammo pickup numbers can be kind of useful on them too.

To be able to hold down a bullet hose for more than two or three people, I just have it. I think it's great, along with replenishment. As long as you have Edge, you automatically pick up ammo dropped by enemies you've killed, so I don't have to go get the ammo every time I kill a guy. My gun is just reloading itself.

ammo specialist

That's absolutely phenomenal for every weapon. Um, I know in Payday 2 there was a lot of stuff we'd take for like, man, you really got to increase your damage in your build. It's not really true anymore because most guns shoot one to two people if you shoot them in the head. This game is very much about headshots now, and if you can land them, you don't need any additional damage.

If you can't, you're always going to run into ammo problems. You're going to be overwhelmed by people. You really need to you really need to aim in the head. Going on a little further, we've got the capstone for tank, or the beginning of tank. To get us into tank generation, the speed of your armor trunks increased by 20.

Your armor bag has two additional charges. That's just good. Armor is super powerful right now; it's what pretty much everybody in my crew brings every time we go out. Two additional charges here, two additional charges here, go from two to six charges currently. That's absolutely fantastic. I think that's awesome, and each one of these, because of this, gives you an additional chunk and gives you two armor chunks back.

armor pen

I wear heavy armor that has four chunks, so I have to pick up two for this, but I can fully restore my armor three times off of a bag, which is awesome. I like Last Man Standing because if you would normally go down, you can instead consume grit to stay on your feet and be immune to damage for 10 seconds.

This effect has been applied, and you can't gain grit until you heal using a medic bag or a first aid kit, or until you're down. I like grit; losing grit because I was going to die kind of stinks, but having 10 seconds of damage and vulnerability. Last Man Standing allows you to walk around; you just have to touch a single medic like a first aid kit.

Those are usually scattered in bathrooms that my crew has completely forgotten about if I was going to die and to become God and save the situation and possibly just run to a friend who's down because I'm damaging me for 10 seconds so I can resuscitate them under fire and we don't have to lose. That's fantastic That's just great to have, and I have infinite grit from something else I'll show you later.

character build

I also have an infinite edge from something I'll show you later. We're getting there. Disengage i love to have this once per heist. You can put yourself in a cloaker or a zapper, after which you can't be disabled by them for five seconds. And if only once per heist, it's not a whole hell of a lot, but I don't normally get cloaked or tased in a horrible position more than once.

And when it happens, it's great to just be like Cloaker's kicking my ass and my team is 40 meters away in a completely different room. I think I'm just going to free myself for a one-off that you can collect with no prerequisites. Disengage is fantastic for a defensive Here's the bread and butter, though.

close range

Trap shooter basic and aced stand still for 1.5 seconds while aiming on the sights, or scope and gain edge so I can give myself edge over the course of 1.5 seconds whenever I want at any point in time, you duck around the corner for cover. You can give yourself an edge after performing a headshot while refreshing any edge you already have, so I can maintain that edge for forever while also being able to just get it.

Then I like to take a cutting shot; as long as you have an edge, your armor penetration is increased. This allows me to take, for instance, the bolt-action sniper rifle instead of having to two-shot the window of a shield and feel like an absolute ass while you're recocking that thing back and taking another shot.

I can just pen straight on through with my Edge and kill him in one shot. This is a fantastic bird. Swift Sprint speeds increased by 10; that's just nice to have in all contexts. You're moving bags, you're running for cover, you're doing whatever. Extra Munitions: two additional throwables I like this for the same reason I like it in my stealth build; it just gives you more utility.

combat reload

I end up with like five grenades usually, and I can really just go ham plus. With that perk earlier on that we took for scrounger, I have a 10 chance to replenish whenever I have Edge. I can give myself an edge for free. I replenish by killing people because I automatically pick up ammo drops, so I just have throwables, which is great.

So I get to keep both of them. I've got pretty good offensives in the armor pen. I can keep my buffs up, which I think is the whole point of the payday 3 system, and, you know, feeling pretty good. This build has seen me through Overkill loud on all maps. I haven't had any issues so far. I've got all of my guns leveled to the point that I can fully equip stuff on them.

Hey guys! Hope you've been enjoying Payday 3 as much as I have! I got a lot of questions on Stream about my loud setup and why I run things the way I do.
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