Payday 3 Loud Overkill Road Rage Coop Speedrun (wr: 6:27)



We're back on payday 3, and I just want to say thank you so much to everybody that is supporting me. I appreciate it a lot. I've seen so much support over the past few days for my payday content. The payday community is absolutely insane. I'll be going camping on the 29th, so I just wanted to let my audience know, so in case I don't put out a article that quick once I get back, I'll be uploading just as quick.

I'm going to try to get articles out super fast after that, but up until that point, I will be posting build guides for gameplay in Overkill and Loud Speed Runs.

Beginning of the coop speed run!

In the article, are we just starting straight up or not straight up? That's pretty good. I think I'm recording it. I'm putting on game battles.


This is going to be as fast as [__]. Look at the lightweight scar too, which is crazy in all the cities. Don't shoot them; actually, you don't even have to deal with the saves because they aren't. Don't let them escape; I'll get the box. Yeah, grab the box. I'm looking for ramps set in the EMP.

I'm going straight there. I'm going straight there. Wait, you have to. You can't let Sim run away. Why not the AFL's mission? All right, they just can't escape. That's all that's all you can hit them and put them down. I think that's enough. I don't think you have the time. Boom okay, picking up a wheel from the frog, I'm raping this guy.

Did you get the second box here, up here, up here, right here? If you want to get it, you get it. You eat it. I'll get it. I'll get it. I got it. You, we have the ramps down, no, okay. You're looking for ramps. I'm doing it now. Okay, I got two back here. I'll take it. I know where to place it.

I'll do the back one first. You're stuck don't be hopping; no freaking out his life. we get all the did we get all the [__]. Yeah, they're all done; they're all down. Look at this baby move. Look at this baby move. My thing shoots so clean. Watch out there's so many; my sniper up, sniper up, I got it.


I got the sniper going to pick up Ammo, gonna grab armor, and a minute, 10 seconds, I'm waiting. Yep, you got it. Yep, okay, smooth sailing so far. Keep the cops away from the truck that is killing boys. I got the front door. I got to the front door. They're shooting from the front. No, why can't I pick this up?

Let's open it. I'm putting down a turn and putting another turn left. I mean, you cleared it, all clear, all clear, so this side, that's op. I'm going to throw them in the corner. Yep, I'm going to die here. I'm going to keep throwing eight out, which might go down, but I'm doing it, and I'm down.

He's about to get here. You Ready Get Ready Get ready to throw them all. Get a bag on your back. Get a bag on your back. Everyone is on me. I got one on me called Overkill Weapon. It's not going to help us at all, but do it to do it. Here he comes. Here he comes. This is OP time because we're going to get to go right after getting ready now.

Go, go that's it that's it one more one more one run I'm already running. That's a cloaker. That's a cloaker. That's a cloaker all right, dead sniper I'm pinned right now. Taser, I'm good. We're good we're good, Cutting it, cutting, go go, keep going—I nearly died. I got you, buddy.

What is the wr?!

What is the wr?!

Holy [__] zoom in What is the one record we have? That's who is waiting, and waiting. What's it called? What's this ice called again? Road Ridge Road Rage You can't be that you know we could have done it faster too. We could have. We can we can right now we can we can do another. No one's how can I find out if I'm submitting?

I'm submitting i'm submitting We're the first ones. I have the right to the recording. They can't say we didn't do it. It's got to be someone's faster, no way. Look it up on YouTube. Just look it up on YouTube; that's where they would have posted it.


I have to edit through so much [__].

Already, post up in the payday chat. We got the fastest time someone did a solo in 20 seconds, but you have to post it to the leaderboard right now on {34}. Wait, the leaderboard is locked until the 5th of October. Keep it that's all right. We can make it even faster. Nobody's done road rage times; there's someone who has to him.


Wait, no, there really aren't that many. There's one guy from 12 hours ago. How long did it take him to take the articles? 751 we're quicker i'm posting it right now. Overkill road rage world record 627 I heard it here first. I think we have to hold it while we can. You know, some people might hate us, but, like, we gotta do what we gotta do.

You know, you can't just hate on a man trying to hustle. Look at that 627. I heard it here first. You have to you have to drop that. It just goes up, though, because that is its own category. We're gods.

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