Payday 3 - Losing Our Sanity Trying To Steal Billions. Funny Moments

bank heist

He's a ninja. A piece of [__] ratted me out. I'm not doing anything. ba [__] Okay, he's just investigating; that's fine. Let's find this one: I'm not Mr. I'm out here in the public area. public area [__] That was not what I wanted. [__] Hold it right there. Sorry, come on, man, don't do it. Don't do what the man says.

[__] y[__] Yo Ja[__] piece of God damn wrong button. I'm pressing the wrong buttons. Please help me. I'm bleeding here, this is so annoying. So we gotta get up to the office somehow, or we can either make them leave their go go, no no, that was not good. That was not a goo[__] camera, okay, camera, hold on, where's that [__] all right camera?

We're good that's my fault. all right I'm trying to pickpocket this [__]. There are cameras here. Well, mind me, just I'm standing in the lady's [__] bathroom with you all right. Be careful not to get caught by any cameras. Oh [ __ ]. Those are the blankets, all right. I'm going to go get the director's [__] now, and you get the speakers.

I'll do that. Hold it right there. Just stay close. What the What did I do? My God, okay, so you can't hack the phone in front of them. That's stupid did I smell you hacking a phone? You son of a [__] What the [__] is that [__] but do not hack phones in front of other people or in front of security guards.


At least, ah, there we go. He is spotted by 100 people. Go this way. No, wait, somebody's going to come check on him. You better hurry; he's coming up. Okay, follow me. Follow me run over here and into this room. Hold on, let me knock. Pick it come into this room quickly. Watch out for anyone in that room.

All right, watch out. Carefully i don't know; we don't know who's down here. Camera, go in there. Yeah, so we can't be in here, but okay, so now I'm the one who's going to open. I can control these panels. What did they do [ __ ] question. Look at this. Look at this right here. What's seeing you, God?

God, that's not good. what [ __ ] detected me [ __ ] Shut up, no God damn, all right. We made it so far last time, you [__]. You're just moving your fingers at the door when you're real lockpicking; you're just waving like magic, like how our phones just stuck to our asses; it's not even like in a pocket or anything; it's just magnetically stuck there.

dirty ice

I kind of Rich no [ __ ] I need that red key card; he's going to arrest me. Hey, you, yeah. You literally [__] Look at the car wrong, and they will spot it. You know what the [__] is. I don't like nice, good job, bud[__] piece of [__] [__]. I don't have anything. Are you sure? I'm sure okay, you're good.

Come in here. You're going to unlock the door. Though first run, run. Why stop what we're good at? Okay, come on, all right, we're good. This is so. what [__] You can hear that all the way over there. Let's go yeah, I'm a goddamn hacking genius. Let him walk past right there. no, are we screwed?

Ah, I'm going to play really carefully, excuse you, and then I gotta go and make this invitation a good one. blah blah, and that went well. They're distracted you can slip into the room pretty easily. I didn't even know how to put on my mask this time. no, you're going to happen. You're [__], and that's bad.

dirty ice overkill

What did you do? Yeah, mistakes happen. Sorry well, there's tons of [__]. Cash down here, holy [__]. You scared the [__] out of me. You can imagine God helping y'all. I still don't move what the [__] [ __ ]. This music is what the hell happened to the [__] camera; is it that movie where like he's just stuck in a week, yeah, over and over again every [__] time he's coming?

just won't know how much does it cost [ __ ] more [ __ ] okay, I've only been through this map [__] a thousand times. If you move, I'll open. Hey, you don't open fire. I'm fine i'm going to lose my mind. I'm so over it. It's almost seven o'clock. Yeah, we've been doing this for [__] hours. No, I don't have any dick feels.

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