Payday 3 - Level 150. Renown Rewards Is It Worth It


a couple days ago I finally reached the max level in Payday Free being level 150, and it's also thanks to the well the XP work from the Legacy Heist update, which now instead of just completing challenges being the only way to earn XP now you get for completing a heist doing it steth and securing all the bags, and it does differ on the difficulty you're playing so if you're playing on Overkill you're going to get a little bit more but the developer still courage you to do challenges still as it gives you a lot, more which I'll give you guys of course my opinion on it after of the rewards you get or at least what you accomplish for Reacher.


150 So one thing is certain: once you finally reach level 150, the XP requirement for your next level has been reduced from 4, 000 XP to. 2, 000, so it should always be 2, 000; it won't increase any further. That's what I guess the post says, and let me show you what it says. Get so I managed to able to at least level up a quick one what happens when you pass 150 which if you stayed at 150 or you go at 151 the short answer is you still stayed at 150 you actually get a nice little Club Icon next to your number which indicates how many times you lad it up to get these Renown rewards and to my knowledge it should be 2, 000 XP each time so you don't have to worry about going for 3, 000 or 4, 000 XP on your way there be on it and at the bottom screen will shows you the reward you get which I got myself a mask pattern and I checked in the vendors there's nothing like you get this in the store so this is definitely exclusive from the Renown rewards and it's not the only thing you can get I ejected a list or at least a photo on Reddit, and these are the free things of the following that you can get by reaching well every 2, 000 XP, which are mass patterns, weapon stickers, and 25 C stacks.

How do I feel about it? It's a real disappointment how these Renown rewards turn out to be like these are literally the exact same items that you can literally just get in the vendor's shop, like mass patterns and weapon stickers. It really shouldn't be a renowned thing when I think of an F award; it should be something that's unique and only for those that actually went above and beyond the Call of Duty to reach that certain level, which is, of course, 150.

They should be able to get, like, some sort of, you know, discount when you purchase something from vendors. Why not get a discount for purchasing the sea stacks? That way, you actually spend less money but still get more SE. At least that way, it actually makes it worth it to actually level up.

Perhaps another good thing is that maybe you can, I don't know, convert your CX back to money, which I don't think you should probably ever want to do. You could get money so easily in this game, but it will be nice if you could get a discount from every shop in the vendors where it be for weapons, where it may change up now.

You can only now purchase the other weapon attachments with money, not SE Stacks. It's just a little something to at least change up a little bit for those people who finally reach the higher ends, or maybe have a cool amalgamated weapon, skin gloves, outfit, or mask. You know, just like the actual infinite rewards you get in Payday 2, you know a much better predecessor compared to this game, and perhaps you also get more XP when doing it, so as well, that's another thing that Payday really nailed, which is even better than the one founder of the prestig system being Call of Duty never did an actual increase in XP when you prestige that was Payday 2 that introduced the first.

Time so i'm really quite disappointed with these Renown, if you could probably tell by my voice besides having a little bit of a. Cold it really leaves me no desire to even well to play a bit of pay free now since I finally reached the max level or supposed to be the max level you can still level up but now the only thing is kind of left for me is just well it's just three more trophies to get my platinum and all three of those trophies has to require with Rel lease with players, well actually two of them The one for dirty ice to complete it in 120 seconds is quite challenging to do as a solo player, and I am definitely no Speed Demon, and I just really can't work my way around it.

It's just that I didn't have enough time. I just found her a bit too slow, and it's just definitely better off if you have an our person to do with you, at least an our person, and it would make things easier. Now, of course, as for the other two trophies, the undersurface is from stealing that special painting, which you need free people to do, and you need four players to touch the sky for the human shield to escape at the.

End, which unfortunately dop because a lot of my friends have either just moov on from the game, and you know we're busy with other stuff, so I can't really get many people there at the moment. Moment, but yeah, other than that, I don't have any desire to play with pay-free anymore. The only time I'll play pay-free is not only to try to go for, you know, trophies, but if I have a friend inviting me to play pay-free.

I'm willing to do it, at least that way, at least have a fun time playing with pay-free with someone else besides just myself now, because all that effort I put in for the level system I get, especially maybe about 400, and I don't know 450 or 490 hours I invest in this. Game, and I feel nothing left for me to do.

I accomplished everything I did. I don't give a [__] about the challenges or complete all of them because here's the thing: these aren't even challenges at all; these are chores rather than challenges because what a challenge should be is something that you do either not, intentionally or intentionally, and it should give you a bonus.

XP like something else as a reward for completing it, just like the challenges in Pay to Heist is a nice bonus, but when you do get it, and funny enough. I think you get more XP when you complete the challenges of Pay to Heist compared to Payday Free, when the challenges are the main core of the main way to level up faster, except it's a lot slower, actually, especially the higher you.

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