Payday 3: Join The Top 3. 7% Crowd Control Achievement



In this article, I'll be showing you how to utilize an underrated feature of the game to easily unlock the rarest achievement on Day 3. The achievement of crowd control has been unlocked by the least number of players, with only 3.7% having unlocked it at the time of recording. To unlock this achievement, you have to complete the heist road rage without letting a single civilian flee, die, or be traded on hard difficulty or higher.

Unlimited hostages

Well, not many people know that there is no limit to the number of hostages you can order to follow you at any one time. This means you can have a huge number of hostages following you around the map, and when used on road rage, it's super easy to make sure none of the hostages escape or are freed by the hostage rescue.

How to unlock the achievement


units, jump into the heist on hard difficulty, and tie up all the hostages that are along the road down you. [__] Make sure you place the MP down so that you don't fail. The heist by failing to stop the general truck At this stage, I'd ignore the objective of hacking into the truck and focus on moving all the hostages before the police assault starts.

Walk up to each hostage and order them to follow you. After you have more than three hostages following you, one will decide to get back on the ground, as you can see in this clip. Here, simply order them to follow you again, and they'll get back up. For every new hostage you order to follow you, another will drop back down, but just tell them to follow you again until you have all the hostages on their feet.

Following exactly as planned, at this stage I like to bring them all up this scaffolding. The only police that will attempt to come up these stairs are the hostage rescue units, which spawn once per assault wave. Simply pick off the three rescue units when Shade announces their spawning. Keep an eye out.

Once hostage rescue is on the scene, you can focus on moving the truck. You will have to do this for each assault wave, but once the rescue units are dealt with, you can quickly complete the highest objectives without worrying about your hostages being Once you have secured all the required loot heads for the escape and unlock the achievement , it would be nice if there was some kind of cosmetic reward for this achievement, with it being quite a rare one at the moment, but we can hope they introduce something like this in the future.

Full length tutorial

Payday 3 content At the end, here I'll leave an unedited clip of me starting the heist and rounding up the hostages for anybody who wants to see how it's done in full. Grab the EMP and set it up where we're aiming for the transport to stop. We're on the clock for approximately 90 seconds until the transport arrives.

Make sure the EMP is set up and that there is no CES escape; otherwise, we're [__] checking the C. Do as I [__] say.*

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