Payday 3 Is Trash - Do Not Buy



Payday 3 is a disappointing mess. When it comes to article games, this has to at least be the worst launch of this year. I mean, holy [__] was this launch one of the most abysmal things I've ever [__] witnessed. I mean, this is arguably on cyberpunk levels, man, because at least with cyberpunk you could play the [__] game.

I mean, this game is being heavily reviewed on Steam. I think it's like 30 positive, and rightfully so because this game was not even playable.

Online only

Online only

And so, this really makes me wonder what star Breeze's position is or deep Silver's position is on the players that maybe live out in the boonies or a rural area or somewhere their internet connection isn't that great or people that want to play the game without internet right because of you. Know if you want to play a stealth mode mission by yourself.

In gaming, if a game isn't ready or if it's not fully cooked, push it back. I would much rather have a game pushed back to where it's actually fully cooked instead of pushing out some undercooked [__] like this, and you know why they do that? The people are already refunding this game because it's so trash.

I mean, the server is down; it's down. I mean, how are you going to have a game online only? But the servers are crashing right now, and this is what [__] was telling these developers for a long time could happen, and you know what? Who is it? Almir Listo, right, the [__] star Breeze, what the um General Production Manager, some [__] the brand marketer?

I think right; this is all he had to say for these servers.

Servers crash

Servers crash

If these servers crashed, this is what he had to say, Mr. Pepper says since the game is only online, what happens if the servers go down? Well, they won't. This is my answer.

My thoughts

Hopefully, unfucking believable, man. I mean, on the day of the launch here. I was looking forward to testing out this game to see if this is the sequel we've all been waiting for because Payday 2 came out in 2013 10 [__] years ago, so this has been a long-awaited installment in the franchise, and the watch is abysmal.

Unbelievable you know, I was looking forward to playing the game on the day that I bought it, only to find out nobody was playing the [__] game because the servers were down. My imagine, yeah. I've seen that guy who took off work so they could play this game. You know that they've got responsibilities; they've got a job; they've got kids; you know their [__] family they have to take care of; they only get a little bit of time to play some games; they take off a day from [__] work, and they can't even play it because the developers couldn't be [__] in offline mode.

Are you kidding me? I mean, we played the game. I mean, we paid for the game, and Star Breeze leaves us here holding our [__] like this while we wait for your [__] service to come on. I'm [__] forgivable. I mean, like I said, at least with cyberpunk, you could play the [__] game. Did these people still have server issues?

I was able to play some games. I was able to play some heists. I was able to play all of them, and they were all pretty much generic Heist that you could just play in [__] Payday 2.



I mean, I just don't get it now. Moving on from the servers, I mean the servers are a big [ __ ] problem. Don't get me wrong, but there's a problem with the game itself. Right, the servers are what most people are going to talk about, and I agree the servers are [ __ They need to add an offline mode immediately and fix this [__] so that we people can play the [__] game offline.

You know what I mean? You can lag in a solo lobby. Character in the [__] bottom left in their health bar. I don't need to see all that [__] Just make it a little simpler, like I don't need all this [__] on my screen. I'm trying to play the [__] game; you know what I'm saying. There's no crime net in this game, like there wasn't paid in two, and in other words, there's no Lobby browser.


When you try to get into a game, you literally just have to queue for the mission, so you can't pick which heist you want to join. I mean, you can pick what heist you want to join, but you can't pick whose lobby you want to join, and, you know, search for, whether or not it's full or whatever the case may be, like in Payday 2.

payday 3

So I and I feel like they did this [ __ ] because they're gonna have this, [ __ ] DLC come out later of course and we're gonna get to that but they're gonna have this DLC come out later and then Payday 2 you, could join someone's Lobby even if you didn't have the DLC but the host had the DLC and you could play it so I feel like they're doing that [ __ ] just to get you to [ __ ] Fork over more money when the DLCs come out so you can actually play the game instead of just joining someone who has it when you don't when you haven't bought the [ __ ] DLC unbelievable they will not let you browse a Lobby you know I'm PR I believe it is because they want you to get the [ __ ] future DLC, and with those lobbies you can't even stay in a lobby after the game it takes you back to the main menu you in Payday 2 you could just Cruise in the lobby you could meet cool people in the lobby and just keep going Heist after Heist after heist with them you can't do that anymore it's, so ridiculous you, can't even use text chat in the [ __ ] Lobby what's.

Why, unbelievable also, there's no pre-planning, so if you want to, you know, take a different approach to one of the game's heists, you can't do that anymore, you can't, you know, place where the drill would get dropped off, you know what escape route you're going to use, where to place ammo bags, or whatever you know, there's just no pre-planning, which would actually add to the replayability value, but no, they didn't even bring that over from Payday 2.

So I'm just like, What the hell? Because that was actually a really good feature, and now you can't even kind of customize the level in that little way anymore. This game is so bad. It's so bad. The only improvements in this game for some positives with this game are really, you know, the animations and the graphics are better, which is to be expected by the way less, like that's not the bare minimum considering you know this game's 10 years, you know it's Payday 2 is 10 years old, and this one just came out right anyway.

I mean, the lockpicking is good, you know. I like that a little more because they have a little Quick Time Event where you don't have to sit there in that circle animation picking a lock for 10 years. The slide feature is neat. I like that, and the soundtrack is in. The game's pretty good. I don't know if it's that much better than Payday 2 or if it's even on the level of Payday 2.

It's a damn shame that the highly anticipated sequel to payday 2 has come out, and it's launch has been a complete disaster. This game is bad right now, do not buy. I think this game can get better later on tbh but I cant support these greedy developers and their sleazy tactics. Do not buy this garbage, PAYDAY 2 is far superior to this game.
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