Payday 3 Is Not What I Expected


Everyone is here, Roger, and today we're going to be checking out payday 3. I've been diving into the Early Access period, and so today I want to give you all an overview of what the game is as well as my first impressions about it, and so before we get any further in. I have to give a huge shout out and thanks to Payday for sponsoring this article.

I think firstly, because this is a third entry in a franchise, it's important to go over my background with the payday games, and, that's to say, this is my first one. I believe I've played a little bit of Payday 2 years ago, but it was nothing intense; it was nothing in depth, so this is truly my first experience with the payday franchise that said if anything I cover is stuff that was in previous games and it overly, you know, excited me or whatever.

That's why I didn't experience this in previous games, so I'm coming at this with a fresh perspective, so hopefully that is interesting for you all to watch now. Let's start off with a pretty simple question: What is Payday 3? Payday 3 is a four-person cooperative first-person shooter where you play, as you guessed, bank robbers.


The game launches with eight different heists for you to inflict chaos on. There's a ton of progression to go through different weapons and ways to mod those weapons. There's huge amounts of skill trees; I think there are over 100 perks. In total, there's also deep customization. With your own robber, you can heavily customize their look and all of that, so there's a lot to it, and before we get any deeper, what I wanted to talk about first is what, after my experience of the game here, my favorite part of it has been, and that is the freedom of approach.

Now, when you hear that there's a game being made about heists and bank robbers, you probably think it's just going to be all-out action and all-out intensity, and it absolutely can be that, and you'll see in some of this gameplay that things get very hectic if you go on higher difficulties. If you push further into these heists, it does get insanely intense, but what really surprised me again is someone who hadn't played the previous games, and what I really enjoyed over the course of my time here is that if you want, all but one of the eight heists can be done entirely, stealthily.

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And without killing a single person. I found that to be really cool and really enjoyable; it kind of makes it so that every map that you enter into for the first time is a puzzle, and that's exactly what my friends and I experienced, right? You get in there and start seeing which doors are locked, which ones are not, and which ones you can lock.

Pick where the cameras are, where the guards are, and what their patrols are, and all of this is stuff you can discover and kind of interact with to create that entirely stealth-based experience. You could grab her, come back around, and then if you enter in the back way and you know lock, pick your way in there thrower.

Against one of the security sensors. And all of a sudden, you have access to this room that otherwise would have taken you drills, thermite, and stuff to break into, so what's really cool in that regard? I really like how, if you want, as soon as you load in, you can go and shoot the first person you see.

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You can try and take that stealth approach and kind of figure out the whole puzzle of the map really like that another, thing that did surprise me at least based off of the premise of the game is the perk tree and the kind of progression you can do there you hear bank robbers and you think there's just tons and tons of shooting which there is but you can also highly customize about your specific play style is going to be you want to focus on movement and be able to Traverse, the map fast you can do that do you want to focus on your guns doing even more armor penetration you can do that you want to spec into having this little Sentry turret that can guard certain locations, you can do that I think there's well over a dozen of these different trees that all focus on different elements of the gameplay and so it's really cool that you can kind of choose how you want to play as well as coordinate with your team about who wants to focus into specific things and, that can strengthen the overall composition.

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In your group, it's not just perks; you also have a bunch of different weapons that you can unlock. As a moderator, you know you can fully customize what the weapons look like as well as what attachments they have. It has specific stats you're wanting to get. There's also more of a black market type of currency you can earn to buy specific items, pre-made weapons that have these cool skins on them in certain elements and stats, so that's a bit more of an end-game focus, and as somebody who is a big fan of customization, in any game I play.

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I am really pleased with how much you can do for your character specifically. With the masks I know that's a huge part of the payday like brand right and icon, and in this not only do they have really cool preset masks like when I was using where it literally transforms, your face from one of the Statue of Liberty to like this cool Skull design but, you can also choose a base model of a mask that's just you know plain straight out of the factory right and then you can choose the paint Scheme as well as the different markings on it if there's any scars or gashes or things like that to make it truly your own and I can absolutely see somebody like myself really getting into that and trying to create the mask that I think looks the coolest or you know if it's a certain theme whatever the case is So yeah, overall.

I've just been having a lot of fun because, of all of those enhanced progression and customization elements, it makes the combat really fun because of you. I got to interact with each of the different heist maps and all the enemy types in really unique ways. Like I mentioned before, the center turret was something that I was specking into, and it meant that I could figure out where a lot of the cops would spawn.

PAYDAY 3 is the much-anticipated sequel to one of the most popular co-op shooters ever. Since its release, PAYDAY-players have been reveling in the thrill of a perfectly planned and executed heist. Thats what makes PAYDAY a high-octane, co-op FPS experience without equal.
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