Payday 3 Is Nearly Dead


In this article, we're going to go over the life of Payday 3 in a nutshell. So basically, the current player base as of 22 minutes ago on Steam could be the same or slightly different on the consoles, so you can multiply this by three or whatever you want to do, but 7, 947 as of 23 minutes ago's 24-hour peak was 8, 097.

This is a 48-hour Zoom that you can see is fluctuating, and of course 69, 000 was the all-time peak when all the servers started crashing, so multiply that by three and you'll get about your average players between all three consoles, give or take. I don't know how much I'm not going to pull up the other console stats.


I don't know if there's anyone out there, but we'll switch over to Payday 2. These were 23 minutes ago. The current player base is 2,233, and the 24-hour peak was 27,56862. The leadership as of right now in Star Breeze like you're delaying things over and over and over you're keeping things a secret for what reason you don't need to keep things a secret we can't confirm this we can't confirm that yes you can you just have a shitty leadership and that's the bottom line that's why you're flopping on your new gab release is just terrible the minus percentage here is definitely off cuz it hasn't been a month yet so this is kind of just like not too accurate because we still have to wait a week or so for that but it just goes to show you that more people would rather play Payday 2 than old game then rather play this new dog of a release because you have terrible leadership who wants to get money greed and do all this and blah it's annoying I'm not blaming the devs I'm blaming the leadership that's controlling the devs so don't get that Twisted but it just goes to show you that how terrible of release pay3 is the player base is literally dying off by the minute cuz earlier this was 8097 when I was looking at it but now it's.


7947, but it just goes to show you that you need to stick with the old ways of how you ran your game and basically implement them into the new one. You don't necessarily need offline mode; you just need to stop keeping your lips tied and sucking on that CEO. Dick you need to somebody needs to put their foot down with this stupid ass CEO and how he's running this business because it's terrible you need to do quick the servers were step in the right direction but the servers don't matter cuz you don't have 69000 people playing right now you probably have just this 8, 000 people are here multiply by three and then give or take I don't know by how many but it's not a lot because when the servers were taking a I'm guarantee you is 69, 000 time 3 and plus some because of the console side so I have no idea so we'll give a rough estimate of 300, 000 people now it's just, but something need to be done just wanted to show you guys the player base and it's dying pretty quick catch you guys in the next one, , .

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