Payday 3 - Is It Garbage. First Impressions Review



Today we're looking at the Infamous Game: Payday 3. This was a highly anticipated game that we waited a decade for. Let's find out. You see. I'm not normally into buying new AAA games, and I don't get hyped for new games anymore, but I make a couple of exceptions every now and then, and I've had my eye on Killing Floor 3 and PayDay.


3, so we definitely need to talk about the horrific launch we had with Payday 3. I expect AAA games, or at least, in this case, double A games, to have buggy or bad launches, but Payday 3 takes The Stereotype to the next level. It didn't even work for the first two days; it was just a menu simulator.

It was playable by the third day, but it was still having some problems and didn't load as fast as you'd like; it just wasn't a smooth launch. There's a good reason why this game started with mostly negative reviews, and after seeing the praise and love for Battle Bit remastered, which is still a great game.

I'm sure some developers are rubbing their hands together thinking of ideas to make a better payday game. I mean, there might already be competition. I've never played this, but just like Battle Bit, this game looks pretty appetizing. All I'm saying is that Deep Silver or Star Breeze better step it up, whichever one is making the bad decisions.



So we had a typical AAA launch. It's not the end of the world, right? The game is pretty playable now. I'm able to load into games, which isn't good enough that I have to even mention that, but luckily this is just a first impressions review. My mom didn't say this before; we're actually in a [__] game.

I hope you recorded. I hope you're recorded. I recorded the miracle, but now that we're able to play the game, how are we feeling? Is it good? Is it trash? Well, let's start with some of the basics. One of the first things I noticed was that the shooting felt pretty good. The gunplay feels really nice and smooth, even though some of the enemies can soak up your bullets.


Headshots do a lot of damage, though the enemies seem mostly the same, but with some new mechanics and slightly different things about them. The cloer is definitely a piece of [__]. [__] Though, yeah, you're right. I forgot you, [ __ ]. People say the graphics are a noticeable improvement compared to Payday 2, but I haven't played that game in a long time, so I'll take the community's word for it.

Personally, the graphics don't blow me away, but graphics aren't a big deal to me; something more important is the presentation, and I guess Payday 3 does all right. I do like some of the settings, like the different cities and, of course, the banks and museums. There can be a decent amount of attention to detail, but if you try to test some specific things, like water coolers or smaller objects, then you might get disappointed.

Yo, can this car run me over to do it? But at least you can shoot the fire extinguishers; they can come in handy, but don't let them take you out by surprise, and if you're quick enough, I like that you're now able to slide. I wish it was a little faster, but the gameplay and movement feel pretty fast and smooth already; it feels familiar but fresh.


I don't normally play stealth games, but I do like some stealth sections in other games; it reminds me of liking driving sections but not playing many driving games, and PayDay 3 is a good game to get back into the sneaky side of things. A lot of the levels and objectives are pretty simple, but they vary from mission to mission, and whether you want to do it stealthy or not, it can be really satisfying to finish a level, especially on your own without having to look anything up.

But on the flip side, I had to look up some of the less straightforward parts of certain missions. I know it's me just being bad, but it is what it is. I like most of the levels that I played, and they can be more fun once you learn them. Luckily, Payday has some form of crossplay, so I was able to play these missions with a friend who got the game on Game Pass, which seems smart for those of you who are on the fence with this game.

game review

I didn't even see this guy; he was just vibing. No, I hate clowns. I hate clowns. This is definitely one of those games that can be more fun with friends; it can even be more useful having multiple people carry the loot. I just wish my friend didn't stink. So it might be useful to play with randoms, at least if they know what they're doing.

I don't trust people, so I only played the loud mission road rage, and since this game is on Game Pass. I only played with console players specifically. Xbox players. Robin the Hood 96 and Buston 20 [__] Xbox ass names, and man, get your console peasant ass away from me. Nah, I'm just playing, but speaking of the PC Master Race, this game ran pretty well on my PC, and here are my specs: not anything too crazy, but still looking pretty good.

I'm able to run this game on high and record with no problems; it runs pretty well, and I didn't think it was too expensive. Either $40 for a big new game isn't bad considering $70 is the price for new AAA games now, I guess, and my gut tells me not to pre-order games anymore or get the Gold Edition of a game.

Either payday 3 has a season pass, and I'm not really tempted to get it. I don't plan on sucking this game dry of its content. I'll just play it casually and wait to see how things turn out; at least there are no microtransactions. At least at launch, it's a good sign that there are no microtransactions right now, but who knows how long until they add some? We all know how many Payday 2 has, but I don't mind cool little DLCs or even big DLCs if they're worth it.



At launch, we only have eight missions, and I've played almost all of them in about 10 hours of gameplay, so hopefully the season pass brings something to the table, but that begs the question: is Payday 3 worth the money?

There's a window right here. Well, there's a guy right there. Dylan He's literally right; he's grabbing his dick at what the [__] is going on here. Well, that depends on the next part I'm going to get into, and that's the progression, challenges, skills, leveling up your load, and everything that keeps you motivated to keep playing at launch.

We have over a thousand challenges, and I didn't read much of them, but it looks like a lot to get into. I've heard some pros and cons about how the challenges work compared to Payday 2, but it still looks like a lot to get into. Yeah, look at all these challenges and [__]. Hell yeah, and like a lot of modern shooters, here we have the Crea class loadout.

Welcome to my Review for PAYDAY 3! Hope you enjoy the video. Support by rating or leaving a comment . This is a game people have been waiting a decade for.
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