Payday 3 Is Heartbreaking

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I know I'll just say it out loud. Payday 3 is a massive disappointment, and it's heartbreaking. I was so looking forward to this game, and it just ended up leaving a bad taste in my mouth. The game has so many issues, and I'm not even talking about the server, Fiasco, which has now thankfully been resolved.

What happens if the servers go down? Well, they won't. I made a first impressions article that was fairly positive. That article was recorded on the 18th of September, which was when the Silver and Gold Edition owners got Early Access, and those positive emotions were genuine. I really liked my time with the game and saw that it had huge potential.

I have now sunk almost 90 hours into the game, and now that the excitement has worn off the negative aspects, we are starting the show. I am at level 78 now, but I haven't actually been playing any heists like you normally would. I have just been loading up Touch the Sky on Overkill difficulty on a solo Lobby the Farm Kills because that is the only way to effectively level up the challenge.

is disappointing

The space progression system is such a massive problem that it completely sucks out all the fun of the game when you can complete the heist on Overkill with all loot and get 0 XP in return. I mean, what's the point of playing on higher difficulties if you don't even get anything from it? I mean, yeah, you get money, I guess, but money has already reached that point that it's just completely useless unless you want to farm C-Stacks to unlock these extremely overpriced gloves.

The progression system has single-handedly killed my enjoyment of the game, and I can only hope that they completely rework it. But that's not all; the game is missing so many features, and I'm not even talking about features that Payday 2 had, like pre-planning, for example. I'm talking about the basic features that every single article game should have.

Why can't I press Unready in the lobby? Why can't I use the chat in the lobby? Even though, for some reason, the chat was there in the beta, they removed it for the launch. I mean, what I just don't understand is that this is so bizarre, and sure, the developers have already told us that these things will be added in a future patch.


I mean, that's great, but my question is why. I shouldn't have to wait for a patch for a basic feature like pressing unready on a lobster. The game also lacks charm and, should I say, soul. I hate to say this, but the game just feels soulless compared to Payday 2. Take the skill system, for example.

Payday 2 had a great Skill 3 system. There was so much variety that you could have so many different play styles, and you could customize them to fit you perfectly. The skills themselves were really fun and unique, and there were crazy things like Inspire that gave the game its own identity. What we have in Payday 3 is a really generic skill system with not much variety; to be honest, there are no different play styles whatsoever.


Another thing that I found really lacking were the contractors. You see, I was really happy when I saw that Vlad came back since he was one of my favorites in Payday 2, and he also had a new nightclub, Heist, you know, just like in Payday 2. Only to find out that Vlad doesn't actually interact with you at all during the heist; in fact, none of the contractors don't ever interact with you, not at the start of the heist not to ring the heist not at the result screen, never; they give you the briefing, and that's it.

The only contractor you hear about during a heist is Shade. Taking one look at the steam charge of Payday 3 and comparing it to Payday 2 is such a sad sight to see, and yes, I know steam charts don't tell the whole story. Payday 3 is obviously on Game Pass and consoles as well, but just seeing such a massive difference is heartbreaking.

The game had almost 70 000 players at launch, and now it averages around 15 000 a day, while Payday 2 still has a very strong 40K players daily. I was really looking forward to fully reviewing this game and maybe even starting to produce frequent content on it, but as things are right now, I really have no interest in doing that anymore.

Like many people have said, Payday 3 feels like a game that takes one step forward but takes three steps back. I really love payday, so I really want to see this game succeed. The potential is there, but as of right now, things are not looking great. I might go for that level 100 to get all the skill points if I really feel like it, but after that, I might drop the game and wait for future updates, and that's my recommendation for you as well.

Piece of [__] drill, piece of drill,

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