Payday 3 Is Great But It Isn't Payday. Payday 3 Analysis


Payday, super EO, the show first. I'm going to talk about and review the game, so if you're only here for that discussion, skip to this timestamp, but if you're staying with us, let's start off by talking about some stuff that really messes with If you were even familiar with Payday 2, you may know about the infamous crime net, which is basically a map of technical goodness with so many heists, and it really makes it easy to find a heist you're liking, and it's just kind of all around feels like you're actually right there with Dallas and Hawkon preparing your next heist, but Payday 3's version of the crime net is just a more bland and dumb down version of Hitman's Mission Select, which might not seem like the most crazy thing, but along with the other things that I'm about to talk about, add up to really just grind my gears.

Boy, I don't know where that came from, but that wasn't even on script. Anyway, talking about the other things, let's talk about the UI. It's really, really clunky, like if you were to go to the loadout tab, nothing crazy yet, but let's go to the primary section and buy a gun. Okay, we got it, so let's press escape, and we have to take our mouse all the way up to the tabs area and go back to loadouts if you want to do anything.

I know it doesn't seem like anything, but after just 8 hours, I am already sick of it. Is it too much to ask for such a simple thing? I know I know this is really nothing Burger Super Petty and all that, but it's just really something that's big to me because Joy is one of my favorite heisers from Payday 2, along with Dallas, who comes with me, and the jacket is the one pink that most likes to doggy style sideways, frontwards, and backwards upside down.


360° a big reason for even trying her out was her awesome mask, which, along with showing her own mask design, also showed a LED display of the four original heisers. I'm getting off topic, but anyway, this is the first problem I noticed when I opened the game. Okay, so I think it's finally time to talk about the more important stuff: the actual game.

Okay, let's talk about the whole game now since, since this is my first long review, I don't actually know where to start, so let's just compare different maps from the two games. These two maps I'm going to talk about are going to be PayDay 2's Harvest and Trusty Bank and PayDay 3's No R for the Wicked Heist because it's obvious that they were going for a similar feel that feels more beginner-friendly.

closed beta

Let's start off with the layout, so let's just test the basics of each bank. Each bank has one floor and a very simple layout that makes going in easy. Obviously, along with stealthing into the place, this is a really good map to start off with because, unlike others, it makes you need to not go that far for each other, the location you need to go, and the RNG of the maps makes things different, but not to the point where you accidentally go to the other spawn area of the vault; you don't have to go all the way to the other side of the map.

Now let's look at Payday 3's heist. It has two floors and a roof with a still pretty simple layout where you can easily sneak in while also not making going in loud too difficult or annoying. Which makes sense because unlike the h&t high, you're directly pushed to do this first, but there are also some major problems with it, and all these issues all show up later in the heist, specifically when you're escaping with your loot, because the main way to go is this really thin alley, which isn't that bad of an issue by itself, but you're going through it several times, and there's several spawn points for police on each side, so they just spawn crazily often, so there's a lot of sit situations where you're CAU between a bulldozer and an army of cloakers.


Then again, it is the end of the heist, so it's supposed to be hard, which once again I would be fine with, but also they make it so you have to put down these barriers to get the van in, and there's this weird glitch or something I don't know, where only the first person that goes through the alley and activates the next step of the heist can see the damn locations of the power boxes.

I only know two of the three locations. I have no idea where the third is, truthfully, though even though it's annoying as hell, as long as you have a semi-competent team, you'll rarely, if ever notice it. Even if you do, and for some reason, mess, it messes with you too much to handle. There are seven other maps to do, so let's just quickly get over those, starting with the next heist in order and, truthfully, the most unique road rage takes place on.

everything we know

Did I mention that the bridge, where you have to sneak over a hiding spot to hack an armored truck and lead it all the way to the other side of the bridge while also placing things down for the truck to drive on, did I mention that the bridge is being built? Yeah, I don't know why they would, first of all, have anything to be driving on an unfinished bridge, let alone a truck with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But that's not my problem to deal with; it's the government. What was I talking about? Right, the actual heist. Once you drive to the final spot, you break into the truck through the bottom and get away with your valuables. All around, it's a pretty good heist, and oddly enough, it's the only heist that forces you to sneak.

Well, at least in the beginning. Now let's talk about dirty ice. It's like no rest in the vein of a classic heist, but this time it takes place in a jewelry store, and once again, it's pretty simple: you grab all the jewelry and then you put it in this jewelry inspector to make sure you're getting the good stuff.


The only real problem I have with it, though, is that scanning the jewelry takes forever, and the helicopter is all the way in. Surface surface, and whatever has you stealing art from an art expo, it's really simple where you're basically going around stealing art from different sections, and the only unique thing is that there's a painting and a fake of the same painting that you have to get a thumb drive to make sure you're taking the real one because if you don't, the other one gets.

Destroyed it's so forgettable that I had to look it up since I forg forgot about it, and there's only eight heists, so let's just move on to something better, hopefully. Golden Shark is the first full-scale heist worth the point's time. It's really good to say simply that stealth is probably the easiest out of all the maps, and going in loud doesn't make it drag on forever.

has issues

With a good team, it took me like 7 minutes to get through, and that was still with plenty of mess-ups. Truthfully, it's the best heist, and I absolutely love it. If I were doing a tier list, this would be S tier. I honestly don't know what to say; it's a perfectly rounded map, and I don't have any problems with it, Last, but definitely not least.

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