Payday 3 Is Dead On Arrival


Al righty Guys, Payday 2 actually has more players on Steam right now than Payday 3. All right, this is a hugely bad problem for Star Breeze and Overkill. All right, this game, Payday 3, really needed to go well for them. It came out with amazing reviews, and people were obsessed with it. They said, Hey, this is great.

They really made the stealth robust. Loud feels great too. You know, the gun play feels pretty good. Personally, I think the game got a little more praise than it really deserved. But I think a lot of people that were stuck on Payday 2 for too long kind of went into Payday 3, and they were like.

This is crazy, like they've modernized this game, and I think Payday 3 had to do a little bit more than that to really get people on their side, like they really had to come out with more than what they did to get people. More excited about the game and like more stuff going on than just basically the same exact game with a new layer over it, like.

Hey, there's these awesome graphics. The heists are basically the same, except they run smoother because they're in Unreal Engine. It feels more like payday 2.5. I don't know if it's just me saying that or if that's maybe just me being negative. I don't really know, but I'm not really in a negative mood lately.

game pass

I've been feeling a little bit better. If you guys watch my articles, you know that maybe a month ago I was feeling really just kind of eh, and I will say I'm feeling a bit better and I do not feel like playing Payday 3. So, look, all I'm saying is that maybe there's something going on here, but we're going to talk about it in this article and get to the bottom of this situation.

I'm going to try to keep it pretty short and sweet, but as you guys know, I liked Payday 3. But I pre-ordered it on PS5 and was not able to play on release. I was able to play, and a day later I was able to finally play the game. I was really irritated about that and jumped in and had a blast with it.

Then I kind of started realizing the problems with the game. The progression and system are not the greatest, and I do not like how you have to play a certain way to get XP. I think it makes a lot more sense to allow people to play the game their own way and kind of progress at their own pace now that I had a friend tell me, Hey Nick.


But think about it this way: okay, they're forcing you to play a certain way because that's making you better at the game and it's growing your knowledge base for the game, and you're just getting to know better at it, and that is helping you advance your level, so it makes sense. I agree with that to some degree, but games that do that and make it so you have to play the game a certain way are almost always negatively received, like Destiny 1.

For example, you basically had to do the raids in Destiny 1, and I know I always go back to the Destiny references. But I'm just saying that in Destiny 1, if you wanted, like, the best power level, the best light level, the best gear, and the best guns, you basically had to do the raid. Okay, there was no way you were going to get that good gear, that high level, or anything if you didn't go and do the raids.

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Destiny 2 rolls around, and it was kind of the same way at the start, but then as the game goes on, it gets less and less like that. Now you can do, you know, things a lot quicker if you do the raid; you can get a higher power level faster; if you're doing the raid, you can get, almost like, an easier path to better gear if you do the raid; but you're not really required to do the raid or even do dungeons.

You can just kind of do what you want in Destiny 2 and, ultimately, most live-service games. I feel like Destiny 2 is a good example to follow. They end up all going back to that sort of concept, like. Hey, let the player do what they want, reward their experience, allow them to kind of play the way they want to play and shape their own experience, and just become a sandbox, and Destiny 2 has done that really well for the most part.

I mean, they've had some serious hiccups. Bungie definitely isn't perfect.

is broken

I don't go into a heist; going, I got to do a head shot. I guess that makes me feel really great, like, no, it just makes the game feel boring and like you're just not really doing anything. Or you can go into Payday 2, where there's way more building to do, and you can kind of just do whatever you want in Payday 2 and get paid XP for it.

I don't know, man, I'm not really feeling payday 3 right now. Do I think that Star Bre can afford to just drop this like a hot potato? No, I don't think so at all, so I think they probably will end up making it into a better game, but right now, as it stands, it's a great game. Okay, do not get me wrong.

If Payday 2 didn't exist, it would be the best heisting game. However, okay, the game Payday 3 is slightly better than Payday 2 because it runs on a newer engine and because it's so much more polished because it runs on Unreal, but right now there's just not enough there to justify people playing Payday 3 instead of Payday 2.

is dead

You know what I mean? I mean, if you want a more content-rich experience, I think it makes more sense to play Payday 2 right now if you want to play a super polished game with eight missions total. Hey, you got payday three, okay? It's going to keep you busy for, maybe, a week, maybe not even that long, and then you're going to be kind of done with it.

You're going to be like, all right. I guess I'm just going to wait for the new DLC drop, or maybe they'll do a Halloween event. I don't know so; I just don't know, guys. I don't really have much more to say about the game, but I do. I just want to see the game succeed. But I don't think that Star Breeze was very serious about making Payday 3.

Payday 3, okay, like we were told this is going to be the craziest payday experience; it's almost like an open-world payday game, and like all the missions are connected in a way, and I just think they kind of overhyped it a little bit. I think maybe. Some of the stuff we heard is sort of true in a way, like they kind of put a story to it; it does kind of make sense a little bit, but it doesn't really come together as great as you would have thought, and the execution isn't really all there.

is dead on arrival

That's not really the biggest problem, though the problem now is that the game didn't do what it could have done well enough, and so now it's becoming like Payday 2.5. Except it doesn't have a whole lot of content, so what we really need is more heists and better heists, and I hate to say it, but some of the payday 3 heists, like.

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