Payday 3 Is Dead, Noone Is Playing 2 Months After Launch


So two months after Payday 3 launched, the game is as good as dead. There are about 1,00,000 people playing Payday 3, compared to 28, 000 people playing Payday 2, and it's a damn shame. I am a big fan of Payday 2, and thus, when I heard Payday 3 came out. I was excited, and me and my buddy H pre-ordered the game and immediately started playing on the launch date, but the launch of Payday 3 was horrible.

The browser did not want to work, and the game crashed a lot of the time, but all that was fixed within a few days. It does explain a lot of the bad reviews on Steam, but not all of them. That is not the main problem with Payday 3. The main problem with the game is the fact that it's just a dress-down version of Payday 2 with slightly better graphics, and as most gamers know, you need solid gameplay mechanics in order to be a great game, and PayDay 3 simply lacks this.

Let me sum up a few of the problems, which I think are the cause of Payday 3 not being played by a lot of gamers. When Payday 2 came out, it had a total of 12 maps, but when Payday 3 came out, it only had eight. The lack of variation makes the game really boring. Another major issue is the fact that the game forces you to play a certain way, or else you won't earn any more experience.


For example, in Payday, simply finishing the level would earn you money and experience, but in Payday 3, it forces players to use different weapon loadouts and play styles; otherwise, you won't earn any experience, and that is just going to frustrate a lot of players. It also makes leveling up guns pointless because when you play with just one weapon you like and you level that one up, it makes it better, but at a certain point you won't earn any more experience.

To just level up yourself is pointless and frustrating, and to just level up the guns as well makes it totally pointless. On top of that, the game has a clumsy UI, no melee weapons, no safe house, and no offline mode. The deaths could have added dual-wielding pistols, tasers, and even taras, but none of that is in the game; it almost feels like we are going back instead of forward.


In game development for Payday 3, compared to Payday 2, the game forces you to always be online for no really good reason; there is no single player offline option. It has nothing to do with anti-cheat; people are still cheating on Payday 3. It has nothing to do with keeping track of player high scores, either.

It is all nonsense; they are just trying to farm us data from the AI. It is also broken as hell. You can sneak up on a guard, and they won't even notice you. You can be fully kitted out with a bulletproof vest and everything, and the guards won't even look twice at you, not to mention that you can be a female heer.

When the alarm goes off, you can grab the phone and say everything is fine, and the guards will simply accept it. But there are no female guards at all. But the thing I hate the most, the absolute most, is the fact that the game looks really realistic. But as soon as you start shooting, you have to pump 100 bullets into an enemy.


It is beyond arcades. You can shoot someone in the chest with 20 rounds, and they will still keep coming at you like it doesn't bother them at all. There's also no friendly fire, and all the guns feel the same; there is no real difference between them. There is a total lack of innovation. with payday 3 It is still Payday 2 with slightly better graphics, but everything else is just worse.

In the 10 years that passed between Payday 2 and PayDay 3, gamers have been spoiled with huge open-world games in which we can move freely and do whatever we please, but Payday 3 has us playing on tiny, small maps, and only eight of them have dumb artificial intelligence, like we are still in. 2013, instead of 2023.

And that is the biggest issue I have with Payday 3, and once again. I want to say there is no innovation at all; in fact, we lost a lot of things that were in Payday 2 but are now gone in Payday 3, and here are a few: There is no pre-planning in the highest mode, in the lobby anymore, and no way to kick a player from the game for cheaters and Griefers.


You know you can't get rid of them; enemy variation has been reduced. Medications have been removed. Captain Winters has been removed. The fans have been removed and replaced by an antenna; those who had a shotgun, a minigun, or an LMG have also been removed. The crime net has been removed, so you can no longer see the current heist ongoing.

And choose if you want to create your own or join them. Weapon variation is now very limited; you can no longer go into the van at the end of the game for gun customizations. It gives less information about effectiveness; it used to have numbers, but now it's just a vague bar graphic, and even if the dev team adds all these features that are missing, it still has one big flaw: the game is absolutely boring.

It is boring. The hell out of me, 10 years ago, this would have been amazing. This game would have been fantastic. But now I'm used to big, open worlds in which I can go and do whatever I want. I already said it, but it's true that in the end. Payday 3 is a boring puzzle game because that's all it is: you need to puzzle your way through the map that forces you to always play online and in a certain way with certain weapons, or else you won't get rewarded, and with little to no innovation.


And it is a sad thing to see such a great franchise go under so horribly in just under two months.

Payday 3 seems to be a dead game, 2 months after launch and only 1100 people are still playing it at the weekend.
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