Payday 3 Is Completely Dead And I'm Mad

Okay, now I don't really enjoy when a game fails just because I think the more awesome games there are, the better that it is, but I think today we can pretty much say that Payday 3 is about as dead as it can be. Now these are the steam charts for Payday 2; now you'll be like,. 27, 9, and 71 people still play this game; that's this vintage.

Yeah, they do. It's a fun game. I enjoyed it throughout all the controversies Payday 2 has had. It has without a doubt so much content that even if you put thousands of hours into the game, you still won't experience everything. It is the one game that I love playing with my buddy Amaru a lot. Kyle You know why, because I love heist games.

You know most people are like, I love hell divers too. I love zombie games. I love games where I can rob banks and liquor stores. Everything under the sun If you haven't nailed it down, I'll put it in the duffel bag. I'll run away, all right. I'm a stealer. I'll be a gangster. And that's probably one of the reasons why I play games like Grand Theft Auto online to this day.

I just love the idea of being a criminal in a world where I don't suffer any consequences. Okay, in the real world, I ain't crypto-scamming you. Okay, the most you can accuse me of doing is promoting. An amazing brand that I made with my friends is called OneUp. It is absolutely one of the best brands.

You like skin care. I love skin care all right. That's why I made a brand. You're done dealing with hardcore Scantron tests me on 50 products. No, you just buy one pump a day. You're good, but ladies and gentlemen Aside from being one pump and dump scheme, one thing to understand is that I don't sell you any crypto.

I don't sell you any crazy wild pump and dump schemes, right? I leave all my criminality to article games, and that's where it should be, so Payday is one of those rare games where you can be a criminal, a heiser, or a cooperative heist. There aren't many games like this on the market. You know, if I really think about it at the top of my head, the only other game that comes to mind is a stupid, shitty crime.

What is it, Rocket Crime Boss Rocky City, that pile of dung? That's the only other thing now. Obviously, Payday 2 has a sequel called Payday 3, and if you remember me making a article on it a while back, it's literally me trying to connect to its shitty launch day. Okay, the game launched, and it launched to a fanfare of 69, 000 people at its all-time peak.

Okay, that's a perfect number, just a few hundred shy, and, of course, right now, the most. The sequel has 310 players as of an hour ago; that is actually the average number of players you can expect. I mean, you're looking at peaks of 4115 people, but generally, there are times when this game goes down.

Absolutely, there are zero players on Steam. Now to understand this game is also played on Playstation, Xbox Game Pass, whatever, so maybe the numbers are a little higher, but that's generally what you're looking at. PC is the most popular platform for this game, and if that's the case, wow, it's dead all over the board now.

Why is this game dead, ladies and gentlemen? It chased the live-service heroine dragon that is basically plaguing a whole chunk of the games industry now. At the beginning of this. I mentioned Hell Divers 2, and while that game is a life service, the actual development team has been so transparent that it's actually fun for the community to see the game evolve, progress, and develop as it's been released.

It was also released with a good amount of [__] content. You know what? Payday 3 didn't release with a good amount of content. Now, obviously, comparing this to the release of Payday 2, a game that has had a decade of support upgrades, quality of life fixes, and actual expansions, it's unfair. But when you're making a sequel to a game that already has so much, you better be sure not to alienate the current player base, which is exactly what they did now.

I feel like the only person at this point who's having any form of fun is the Payday 3 development team, the payday 3, sorry, the payday 3, social media manager. I mean, that's the kind of comedy we're looking at, boys. Wow, the Easter Island face statue is awesome. And of course all they can really do is basically make time go by and make a little profile resume for themselves so they can work for another company somewhere down the road because it ain't looking good for a company like Star Bree.

I mean, when you've got boards like this 17 hours ago and somebody posted at this point, it's just depressing. The game series has meant so much to all of us that we're willing to still fight for it, but let's be realistic; it's over. They will most likely never recover from this, not even the game; it'll probably be forgotten as much as I'd like to think otherwise.

Starb should have just sold the IP to another company or even 10 Chambers themselves, but they also packed up as a company; they don't work; they never will be part of this rant. It was also meant for me to say it's depressing how everything is right now and that at least I'm going to be leaving the community, so yeah, we're already putting in the departure right here, and honestly, it's Star Breze if anything to blame in the situation now.

Don't worry; like many companies, they've obviously apologized. But it's a situation of Let Me Explain how bad payday 3 is, so payday 3 is a game that has far less quality of life features. Okay, that's the bad state. We'll get to it in a second. It's a game where you have a selection of maps, and since its release date, you're looking at one DLC map and two legacy maps.

Okay, you can understand the leg from the old game, and of course, the actual game's character building and the actual number of builds that you can make are far inferior to anything you can get in Payday 2. Understandably, the weapon unlocking is about as great as 5% of the original game; if anything, all you're really meant to do is basically grind this game to get C-C quarters.

that Chris Chan would sell in Quick Ville, all right, a mass, and a few legendary weapons, and that's pretty much the general gist of the game. The progression is all centered around completing challenges instead of actually playing the game. In fact, one of the biggest problems with the actual progression was going through meaningless checklists in order to actually meaningfully advance your character, which is not something you want to be doing in a article game.

I want to play your game, okay, the way I want to play it. I don't want to play the game in the weird tunnels that you want to keep pushing me into just for engagement, just for live service numbers. That's not how it works, so obviously the game also had some pretty severe issues in regards to servers.

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