Payday 3 Is An Unfortunate Casualty Of Modern Gaming


P 3 was set to be a golden game that would launch this year that would live up to his predecessor and redeem Overkill him star Breeze for raid World War II and Overkill The Walking Dead, but unfortunately, this golden game with the live action trailers that we love and positive feedback from beta testing and events would overlook one crucial detail that would make payday 3 a casualty of modern gaming.

We have to wait for the rest of this article to load two hours later. As you can tell, Payday 3 has a massive issue with servers. I've seen on Twitter how it's taken people up to four hours to load into a heist, and personally, my friends and I had to wait up to an hour to load into the Standard Bank heist.

At that point, we just gave up and played another game. The reason I originally delayed this article was to experiment with new editing techniques, but now I would have had to delay it anyways because I haven't been able to play all the way to the heist, and it's been about 6 or 7 days now. Payday 3 is a fun and chaotic experience that simplifies and complicates many aspects of Payday too, removing almost all the heavy weapons, but all of that doesn't mean anything if you can't load into the game itself.

medic bag

There are two loading screens that many players are stuck on. The first loading screen is just the loading screen to get into the main menu of the game with the error of failing to connect. I've encountered this loading screen several times, and it didn't matter if I restarted the game, restarted the console, or completely uninstalled the game and retried it again.

At least that error dared to tell me that it failed and I needed to try again. The second loading screen you got stuck on was the screen to just get into any of the heists. This screen, as previously said, will just be put on a continuous loop until you give up. This is not a lesser issue that you should overlook, especially at a game's launch when it leaves a lasting impression on players and viewers.


There could be many reasons why this is It may have been an issue similar to cyberpunk, where other management forced impossible deadlines to be met. It could be like Skull and Bones, where it seems like there's no real direction. It could have been like Fallout 76, where it's falling. Fallout 76, as always, is somewhere in the middle with variables that we are not aware of moving on from the gamebreaking issue that's causing many players to not be able to play the game.

How's payday 3? It's a moderately enjoyable experience. Each heist in that game is arguably more replayable than 23 of Payday 2's heists. My favorite Heist is most likely the nightclub equivalent Heist because of its compelling atmosphere, and it brings our favorite contractor back into the fold.

I said you [__] would do this [__]. One day I was a console payday player, so bear with me for a moment. The ability to finally customize our character suits and gloves is a great addition to the masks that our heroes wear. I'm very skeptical about the CST, Continental Coin, and cryptocurrency that you can use to buy gloves at the moment.


You can only buy them with cash, but let's just hope that they stay that way for the future. The mask and weapon selections in the game are underwhelming. I get that there's a transition to a brand new game engine and experimentation is always present, but the weapons and masks in Payday 2 are one of the big staples I've made Payday 2 stand out.

If you wanted to be a president or a knight with a missile launcher or a minigun, go for it. Payday 3 decided to just not do that. Their weapon standpoint is bland: no missile launcher, no minigun, no light machine gun, no Timbo weapons, no bows, and no flamethrowers. The masks are also not much to mention and didn't really stand out like the masks in Payday 2.

One of the main counters to the lack of content and variety in content is that Payday 3 just came out, and Payday 2 heavily operated on DLC. That launched with weapons, masks, characters, and heists that expanded the game console player again, so I started with the Crime Wave Edition, but the fact that even with the DLC.

payday 2

Payday 2 had over 100 weapons as the next installment in the franchise Payday 3 could only muster up a staggering 19 weapons across primary and secondary. And overkill weapons Overkill weapons are the more wacky weapons that you were able to use as your primary and Payday 2 and that you have to play out throughout the heist and then get air dropped in.

They're a little bit useless, either because of the lack of ammo or their functionality. For sustained waves, one thing that I genuinely like about Payday 3 is how they structured the waves and how if you lolly gag for too long, the cops will just keep coming, and that helps to add a greater sense of urgency to your heists.

Snipers are just as annoying, and cloakers are just as terrifying. There are an unlimited number of zip ties for hostages, and you can delay the beginning waves by trading a hostage. Throughout the heist, there will be moments to trade hostages for health armor or ammo. Getting back into the game is a lot quicker, as long as you don't kill all of your hostages.


I need to experiment a little bit more with this concept, but I'm leaning more towards Payday 2's health and armor system, where your armor fully regenerates but your health can only regenerate. With a medkit or a medic bag in Payday 3, health and armor both require their respective kits that you have to drop, and armor only regenerates.

A tad bit more depending on how much damage you've taken, but armor is worth more now, and there isn't as much of a cost to your speed if you equip heavier sets. Stealth and PayDay 3 are better and worse for different reasons. So far, I've partially stolen three of the heists and fully stolen two of the heists out of the eight in the game.

It feels just as satisfying to complete a heist stealthily, and it doesn't feel as bad if you and your friends decide to say, I'll do it. Loud body bags have been removed, and you can now pick up pay juice before, during, or after you've picked up a body side note. H, yeah [__], just managed to pour coffee all over the radio.


I'm all right, though. Uhhuh mhm Yeah, SS is good. One of the stealth gadgets that I actually used was the spy camera that you were able to place down. I was stealing the art gallery, and then I opened a door. I knew there was a rotating security camera behind it, so I quickly opened the door, placed the camera, and shut the door again, checking to make sure the camera wasn't facing my direction.

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