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Dark Souls, but you're Pinocchio. Dark souls, but you're Pinocchio. Okay, wait, game play is all right. After watching 5 seconds of game play. I'm probably going to end up getting that game nose ain't the only thing groaning. You don't have anything, literally have nothing, wa I didn't realize that mask did that, did you see that your mask is like yeah my mask like Fades away and like Fades that it's so weird I just picked the mask with the big schnaz, do you like the suit?

Yeah, all right, so remember, we don't have any silenced weapons, so we're going to have to melee. No, where's my spoon? I'm just sprinting past everybody. Yeah, so did I throw Oh, wrong item. Well, I threw a grenade. What have you done? You've killed them. Now we have to wait it out. I wonder where that could be.

They're breaking in. I'm down dick, it's just a cloaker. Wait, now we're drilling the bottom. That's such a small scream. What does that say? Look, it's my lunch. It's back i knew this company had stolen my sandwich. We do all this just for the bread and cheese. We did all this for the bread and cheese.

Land my sandwich. The cloaker is eating my sandwich. When the cloaker steals the Dozer sandwich, that's a fight. I want to throw it on this hopper. How do, okay, those BS do not, yeah, they did not make it? The helicopter, I'm down; no, we're stuck at a bulldozzer. He's still this takes so much to man's beefy man's beefy; he's literally Arby's; he's got the me.

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Okay, he's dead, my no no, I'm dead, no no. Chains Get him chains; he's going to get sniped chains I'm with you. I'm with you. I'm with you. I respa the second he picked you up. I respawned was that on normal, yes, that was unnormal shorty got the fatty. I can't get a silencer on my shotgun, sadly all right, we might as well do no rest for the W Deja Vu.

My G guard, guard Guard, he said there's a guard here. Guard, wait, the power box isn't in here, which means it's somewhere else, which means my dick fell off. Turn off the power to the console. This guy has the blue tag. This guy has the blue tag I detected. That's right, he's going to walk me out.

I just have to stay in the circle. Wait, what's the reason that guy is calling? I don't know. Wait, why are you being arrested? I don't know. I don't think I got caught at all. I got some smart. There might be more of them, oh. I don't know who this guy is. Is he probably important? Not i'm getting into the security room and getting him right now.


Bop, wait, he didn't die in one hit, and we both have masks on. Get down, get down, get down. I'm taking the people in the kitchen hostage because it was an accident. But that's okay, and you know what? Get off your laptop too. Get off your laptop. Stop using Facebook. What's going on down there?

Kill somebody yeah, yeah i'm just voting to restart. I just started killing people. I was like, all right. I'm just going to take his card too; he saw me while he was walking you out. You can just take his card too. Actually, did you want it because he'll walk? He'll walk that way, right? That is true.

He's going to walk right past me, so I'll just take yours, buddy. We're smart as hell; yo, big will be big. yeah, I just threw a grenade. I'm going to, so I have Unbound my grenade key, so it is my mouse button four, and now G and Q are both my throw bag and shove person. I threw a grenade. We had been playing so much that it was muscle memory to hit G.

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I'm sorry people find it weird that I use the middle mouse to interact with things. I actually got a comment on one of my YouTube articles; they were like, For middle mouse click, you're, weird, like you got to have a backup. I just thought of a joke I wanted to hear, so the security guard's IQ test came out negative.

The hell, my chick's crazy. I love it that you have said some [__]. Okay, we have all the bags here now. Let's see, there are people out. I got her. I got her. Don't worry don't worry what do you mean? Have you got her? What do you mean by that? I got her. I got that she could mean two different things.


I grabbed her by the puss. These people are literally walking into this carport; you almost killed them. No, I was trying to. I want the money, so I ain't killing anybody; that's your prerogative. What's pornographic that's your porn, Ate. They are literally running in here. I'm not even joking; they're running in here; he just jogged in here all casually, and it only took us one try; it would have taken us one try if I hadn't.

You know, that's okay. My pistol accuracy is 100%. My pistol accuracy was 75%; I knew you tried to shoot him. I tried to shoot a few people. I like my man. I'm still rocking the [__] rifle when I'm here rocking a [__] shotty with the LI mask. Hey, you look real dapper; they actually stomp. Excuse me, is it Tuesday?

Do you put the beans on because there's a window here? There's a phone on the table. Yeah, but you got to put a mask on to get through it, and there's so many people all right. That's it, my wait, wait. Wait, don't worry; I knew she was there. Why do I have an idea? Let's leave for one second.

Hey, you restricted me. Hello, I'll actually get escorted this time because I can't be bothered. It's a guard. Watch the guard. He said there's a guard. Wait, what are you doing? Listen, let me give it back. I didn't mean it, but now I'm being detained by my God; he's arresting me. Listen, you can have it back.

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I was just looking. I was just looking—what is that? Pick a rare stone. We got an egg; all right, let's go clean it. It doesn't fit. It's too big. People are rocking in. Okay, they're running in. It's okay they're just jogging in. What if I shoot the glass? I'm tempted it probably just breaks it, but it might make noise unless it's bulletproof.

Is it bulletproof? I don't know. Try it okay, fine, that's easier. Yeah, just break the glass. Do not accidentally shoot the blinds, because it will crack the windows and people will get suspicious. Well, you didn't zip-tie these people. No, I got lazy, buddy. If we don't zip-tie them, they'll call the police.

I got lazy; I accidentally hit the window. The blinds were exposed. Please tell me you closed the blinds. I broke the window. William, someone just ran in and literally looked at the floor where we had people zip-tied and noticed what's on the floor. Someone just walked in, but there's nothing out here, so there are so many people in.

funny moments

Yeah, I mean, I'll double check the machine, but I'm pretty sure that was it. It just said we cleaned the place out, so I only killed like three civilians this time. Let's go L less than last time. It says I'm level N9, but it says unlocks at level seven. Mine says I'm level eight. I love being crunchy

Whether you're a fan of the game or not, this video is sure to put a smile on your face. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the best moments from payday 3.
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