Payday 3 Is Absolutely Hilarious


Welcome to Payday 3, the highly anticipated and award-winning game that offers you the experience to rob banks, perform heists, and even fight Ninjas. Oh, I just got drop-knifed without breaking any actual laws. My friends and I had a blast playing this game, even if we weren't the best criminals, and I also just want to give a huge thanks to Payday 3 for sponsoring this article.

If you're interested in trying the game out for yourself, it's available on all major platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam. Wait, why do we drift out? Hold on i don't think we have any extra equipment, so I think we're just rocking with what we got here at the right time to get our money.

Be cool be normal i'm chill I'm relaxed; I forgot 185, all right. What's the plan? You're in charge here. All right guys, we're going to rub this [__] bank. We had to scope it out and turn off the power to the gate. Through the security system, we want to get past this security gate here. All right, normal.

Can we just walk inside it, which means we have to turn off the power to the gate? It's got to be outside, right? It's probably outside somewhere. Let's just repeat what I'm saying. Really, it's just that they keep walking around as a totally non-suspicious group of people in suits, very angry about something, and there's also a guy here.

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The cameras are suspicious. What do we do with them? Can we kill them? No, that'll be way too suspenseful. I sneak up behind them and say, Hey, watch, it will all be right. Basically, right now we're in civilian mode, but as soon as you hold G, you've done it. That's really awkward, guys. I pulled out a grenade by accident, you might say.

I'm unlocking this door back here, all right. F got on my hands now. J, Thean, did nothing but trade one hostage to delay assault where the hostages were at. How do we get up? You don't know how to crack the safe, man. I'm bored i'm leaving my, you're just going to hop out the window. Yeah, you got to open it first, dum man.

I've currently picked up $600 cash, so that's probably enough. Let's just get the $600. That's not enough. Are you serious? I feel like it's worth it. How do we get upstairs? The stairs were right here on the amount of people that I've killed on the staircase and didn't notice it [__] popping up on the roof like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Yeah, this is a nice ass thing. There's a SN. Don't go out there. There's a red dot. There's a lot I killed. I told you, they started hopping down like ninjas. Can I fall through this? I broke my legs. Please come revive me. Please come revive me. Are you, Ser, down? Yeah, looking at myself, don't jump through the sunroof.

Christ i just want to be cool. I just want to be cool. First, some on-the-job placement. Then, all right, I picked it up. I have a thermometer, and now we have to place it inside. I'm assuming, right? Yeah, I don't know where what we do with this thermite is to place it. We go over there, over here, and inside.

Yeah, wait how do I how do I drop it? I didn't know that the button could be pressed before you ignited, so I'm going to ignite. Okay, I just added on to it; it's supposed to be a stealth game, you idiots. Really, this is a bad idea. Guys, we need to regroup now. He wants the [__] out. We're already two deep.

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Cameron, there's no backing out. Now that I've murdered so many people, it feels like nothing anymore. I just want to feel it again. Okay, we're burned through, guys. I'm in the You're in the vault. Help! I got massive. I got concussed. Please, I'm in. We're about to be in Got it. Get the cash.

Get the money, guys. I open the vault. I found the wedding ring. I don't give a [__]. That's not the time; I kind of escaped, and now I have a new objective: are you [__] serious L the BS okay Jeff I put down the ballads, so now I think we can escape. We just ran down the street. Is that the place in here that's our biggest?

I think we have to wait until our getaway arrives. We're in the I threw a grenade in the getaway car; it's time to go to SC. Just get SN. Get out of here. This is our fearless leader right here. Everyone, take good luck, Straight up grenad straight in the getaway vehicle, the window The windshield is shattered.


Back fck, do we get inside? Press Q press Q and throw your bags in the back. I don't know what to do, okay? We know you want to leave us, right? You wouldn't leave us, right? Ninja Warrior is in the alleyway; do not stand by the van. Yeah, yeah stand in the stand in the van, stand in the van, I'm here, I'm here, we did it.

Yeah, big get away i think we've learned a couple things: One, don't put your masks on right in front of you; by accident, you would think G is for grenade. G is normally for grenade. You think somebody's ever gotten away with a heist just by lying, just by walking, and being like nobody moves? I have a bomb, and you're just holding it like a McDonald's toy people have, with their fingers in their pockets.

Just pointing it at, yeah, if I were a banker, I wouldn't roll those dice, right? Yeah, I would just give it. Yeah, I would just give it. If I would if I was a banker, I wouldn't roll those dice. Anyone rubbing a bank? It's way easier to rub houses. What I mean is, all right, relax, everybody, relax, play cool, relax, chill.

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I am not pressing a single button. These low-self-esteem NPCs turn off the power to the gate. All right, let's just have everyone split up and look for Clues, f is just sprinting; whatever happened to be wrong about going for a jog, I'm going to wait for him to turn around. Are you breaking in? I'm looking for a place to break the camera.

All right, he saw that. By the way, he might just open this door. Wait Fitz How do you hold someone hostage? I don't know; I forgot. Why are we there? Some hostages: Wait, let's go back outside. Let's go back outside. Wait, what are those handcuffs hanging on the CH? I've got this guy. Why are you asking for his key card?

I got his key card. That's fine, Works, [__] He knows, all right, Get on the ground on the ground, I asked one, Let's restart. Let's restart we just thought we were smooth with it, guys. I'm going out back. Hey, there's a guy here. There's a camera here too. I think we should go up here. guy below guy below gu guy right below us he doesn't see us one at a time one secure area hol[__] He sees us okay; go go, wait [__].

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We forgot to turn off the power. Where is it? Yeah true you can't just turn them off one by one without shooing them all, right? Let's go in here. Let's go in [__]. it [__] it [__] I'm pretty sure that as soon as one person sees us, we're guys; there's no way it's not outside; why are we all the way in here?

PAYDAY 3 is the much-anticipated sequel to one of the most popular co-op shooters ever. Since its release, PAYDAY-players have been reveling in the thrill of a perfectly planned and executed heist. Thats what makes PAYDAY a high-octane, co-op FPS experience without equal.
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