Payday 3 Is A Mess But I'm Here For It



You see, I need my payday too. Payday is a series that I've kept at arm's length over the years. To me, it always seemed like the type of game you just had to be there for. I also just didn't have three other friends to play with, but regardless, now that Payday 3 is here, I can finally get in on the ground.

Floor Nebula connection error I'm finally in. I don't even see Noble. Did you get in? I don't see your name racial profiling on full display. Noble's right; should we play something? else modern Game Dev has been here How can you tell broken Game launch even though Payday 3 is a little broken.

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Gameplay part 1

Gameplay part 1

Back to the article, hold on, can I SK hit by the street? No, let me scout out the zone. Here, guys, hold on locked. What the [__] are you guys doing over there? I'm just trying to buy some gold chains, and you guys are trying to rob the place all right. I thought this was a nice family outing.

We need a code. I need a code. Wait for the numbers. No, I got it. I got it. Hold on, it's either two numbers or four, the numers. Okay guys, I open I open the door. Stay back so what's this button doing? This is the Weinstein Company. When you press the button, it locks the doors and traps the girl in here with them or something.

We have a whole bunch of bags here. Yeah, this is going to be a good payout. Hopefully, this is going to be a good payday. Three [__] front entrances, copper Battlefield, Hardline What this guy was doing is like the least tactical SWAT team I've ever seen in my life. There you go. Capital Slide Throw Slide 360 holy [__] [__], D We lost the bag.


Come on, let's go! That was really easy. That was a horrible payout. Three yo, hold on, we're robbing crypto. They're turning the clubs prop in the crypto. It's just going to be air. We're scooping air and putting it into a bag. It just doesn't exist. You wouldn't screenshot an NFT, would you?

Ste Stephen wants to try to mingle with and recruit some other criminals. Hey ladies, you come here often. Hey girl, what's going on? I started the hack. I'm staying close to her. Watch Dogs Legion; did we get it? It's what Max remembers—no screenshots, no selfies. This guy looks exactly like a foussy tube.

I felt gay. I felt that no, I couldn't body-block her. Excuse me, ma'am. Excuse me, ma'am. Excuse me, ma'am. Would you like to learn about this new currency called the US dollar? It's actually real and tangible. I'm trying to distract the bouncer here so he doesn't look at you. Yeah, I can't really entice this bouncer with anything to scam me because he's already invested in crypto.

I don't know how to share time. Get the [__] down. Get down stop resisting [__]. You are making this more difficult for yourself. Rick guy with the shield, right Shield guy, get him, kill my revive I have a ray gun. I have Ray Gun Let's go go, just get in, get the [__] in the all right Let's see this payout.

This is going to not be good at all. This is going to be horrible.

Gameplay part 2

Gameplay part 2

me with 50 Grand, okay, not horrible, okay, not aw my, God, accidentally Hey ma'am, if you were to be a hostage, how would you, you know, scream? Would you rather have your feet tied or your hands tied? If you were a hostage, theoretically, you know, on a scale of 1 to 10, am I doing all right?

This is my first hostage situation—my PR robbery. If you could please tap five stars on the iPad here for your hostage negotiation, I'd really appreciate it. No, boy, you're supposed to stand still and let him arrest you or, like, escort you out of the premises. Well, okay, I pressed the wrong button.


Please help me. Help me, please. Splinter Cell The Splinter Cell SPL cell is hitting me; we're putting so much in it. Look how many bags are in the chop; I think it's not going to fly. Away, payout was half a million dollars, not bad, then you got to take accounting ammunition and the health care, and you know well, it's Swedish development; we're Swedish robbers, so free health care No rest for the wicked; look out a Civ.

Watch the article. Check the CV for civilians. There's someone there. Look out for a shy introvert going outside with his head over the fire. Really intimidate him. Get in there. Get in there. We're going to make an example of you. Wait, we push him into the hole. Roadwork ahead i sure hope it does.

Can I throw these guys off the bridge? Imagine holding on hold on where's the where's a ledge. I think there's one over here. Hold on, no, there's a wire there. Hey, what happens if I put the hostage in front of the car? What is happening? I just want to be pure. There's nothing in this lock box.

Le Mind had a sandwich. No, I like how they have that special unit, but who on the police force is signing up to be that you're like some freak like you're not even normal? hit me, he stopped forgetting robbing a bank, let me get some insurance fraud going out, here new alarm clock sound just dropped that would get me up in 2 seconds.


I'll be like [__] God, he's just sitting on the drill; he's trapped inside the drill. I think please disassemble this drill; he's free; he can move again; he can walk around. We're rich, but so slow. We need a better system. We got to get some like Chinese manufacturing on this methodology here.

Carnage Gage, I'm dead. I'm dead gage, we did. You see our health. I killed one civilian, minus $34, 000. Okay, that human life was not worth that much.

This Payday 3 video was the hardest video I've ever made because the game barely worked.
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