Payday 3 Is A Hot Mess


Payday 3 is a four-player cooperative, still-horde-based FPS with four goons in trench coats and latex gloves sprinting to a bank and rapidly pointing at the guards before crouching around the room, which no one really worries about until things go wrong or you just need a more violent touch. When you're doing your signature clown mask, your goal is to rob banks of jewelry, art, or anything else to get some coins.

Most people start with a generic bank that has wads of cash and small lock boxes right for the picking. You'll need to swindle key cards, deal with the cameras, deal with the power grid affecting the vault's defenses, and find the right key code while dodging or dealing with the guards and not alerting the public.

Now, my friends and I played a lot of Payday, the highest for the first game, and Payday 2 for the second game, so this level's a breeze, but we're excited to see the rest of the game, then start to grind up the higher difficulties. You can imagine our disappointment when this happens. Was the only level we could play that day, as the payday servers quickly stopped working, panicking.

For hours, we waited for our chance to hear me out on this crazy idea: play the article game we had paid for. I love it when you go to the cinema and pay for a movie ticket and don't get to watch the movie while waiting for this rare and bold opportunity to play the game we all own. I loaded up balloons.


Tower Defense 6, btd6, is the top-down Dow defense game where you need to place funny monkeys to stop balloons from entering one side of the level and, exiting on the other, each balloon that leaves takes one life away, and you need to hold them back as you climb through more and more dangerous rounds.

Age requires more and more strategy as you mix and match your monkeys to deal with even more complex balloon threats you can use. Simple dart monkeys Engineers Wizards, or my favorite, the military monkeys, like a plane or a helicopter, Plane or a helicopter? Yeah, well, 911 was recently, so we've got to go helicopter, yeah.

And best of all, when you click the play button and hear me out on this one, you play the article game that you paid for, returning to Payday 3. The next day, we attempted to continue our adventure, and this led us to the bridge level. Sorry, not that one; that's the bridge level from Payday 1. the bridge level—sorry, not that one; that's the bridge level from Payday 2.


At the bridge level, we got a taste for combat, and boy, it was good. Snappy shots were impactful; reloading animations is on point; enemies reacted meaningfully to Hits and The Movement. It was smooth, especially compared to the floaty feel of previous payday games, but still gave you the freedom to really push your character, and I can make these comments with confidence because right after this level, the servers went down, so we could not play the article game we had paid for.

I love it when you buy a book, take it home to read it, and it doesn't have any of the writing in the book that you paid for. Get that up. Yeah, I really want to play the article game. I know the crazy concept we downloaded. Payday the Heist, the first game in the Payday series Payday the Heist is a four-player cooperative stealth horde-based FPS.

is a hot mess

You can play in four different styles: assault sharpener, support, and technical. As you level up each one, you unlock more tools to work with, like weapons, gadgets, or the sentry gun that I don't remember going this hard with. It's crazy in there. You'll need all these tools at your disposal to deal with the very creative and wacky levels.

Payday has a lot to offer, like stealing a vault via helicopter from a cracked end, medical information from No Mercy Hospital in the early hours of the Left for Dead outbreak, or the classic pool repair. Mission that always felt like it was right out of the Hitman Series Going back to Payday was a fun trip down memory lane but a bit depressing, as we all wanted to hear me out on this one to play the new one.

We'd return to the floaty combat and movement and, of course, play the old levels that we had already done multiple times. Speaking of levels we had done, the servers were back up, and we loaded up the next level. The jewelry store—sorry, not that one; that's the jewelry store from Payday 2, The jewelry store No, sorry, not that one.


That's the other jewelry store from Payday 2. And at what level did we just play the Brit at the bridge level? That's right, and what was that before the generic? Bank geez Rick Payday's levels are starting to look pretty good right now. The jewelry store is a good showcase of the improved stealth mechanic guards, who can hear you if you make too much noise, and there are new robbing mechanics like picking locks, cutting glass, and cracking safes.

We ended up attracting too much attention, but that was all right. His combat was fun; in fact, I still think virtually the same thing I'd done dozens of times in Payday 2 was already pretty boring, yet combat failed really well, even on normal. We just want to play through and see all the levels, but from here, I was excited again to see the combat.

payday 2

Evolved with perks, weapons, and the different difficulties the game has to offer, maybe the levels would start to get more interesting and thus make stealth more exciting, then we loaded up the club level, sorry, not that one, that's the club level from Payday 2. If this joke is getting old, keep in mind that all this took place over multiple days, and the club level sucked.

We, of course, won and just told it to see how it all unfolded and learn the map. The main goal of the club is to get access to the VIP section that's guarded by two guys. To do this, you need a VIP card, then you have to do a series of sneak-in devious activities, To get this, there are other ways to get down there, but this is the main way.

You had it; we looked this up, and other people had the same problem too. We also had to work correctly one time and then got caught, so we knew what working looked like compared. To what was happening, then, in my infinite boredom, I soft-locked the characters. I found a way to bug him out. He was then stuck leaning up against nothing and wouldn't do anything from this point on, so this vital NPC could soft-lock the level in two different ways—a level that on average didn't really need three people.

payday launch

Still, this level sucked, and the amount of brain damage we had started to experience was reaching critical mass, so I went outside. He's right here. After spending so long on this map, I know it's one of my biggest gripes in the series, but it's still not been addressed. The NBCS doesn't exist.

Playing the launch of Payday 3 was a hot mess! I attempted to enjoy the gameplay and 'new' experiences but that became a more and more difficult challenge! Hope you enjoy.
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