Payday 3 Is A Broken Mess


Won't place a three Let's go, baby. Let's talk about payday 3. So this is footage I have recorded from the one time I was able to log on during the down time—not the down time, but like when the servers were down—so that's footage you'll be seeing. I don't have a script for this. Let's just talk about payday 3.

Here's my critique and semi-review because I don't think it is a good enough time to give a proper review until the game is in better condition. Now I'm sick, so on payday 3, let's start with the good. The gun plays better; it's not as much of an R shooter as Payday 2; it's more akin to Payday the Heist, but it's not as difficult as Payday the Heist; the guns are overall a lot better, so yeah, that's nice.

The first, like the voice acting's good, the heists are good. I've got a lot of bad things to say. Let's talk about the number-one UI. So, the UI is a downgrade, the assault. The banner is gone. I'm not a big fan of that, okay? So in 2023, we will have a game without voice chat. Now I don't use voice chat in Payday 2 because you have text the text, in pre- Lobby in game the problem is that chat is broken on Payday 3.


Yeah, also chat, and PayDay 3 is just inferior to PayDay 2. You also cannot add people to the game, and after matchmaking lobbies, you can't host anymore, only online. That's a big thing, which I will talk about later, but crimet is completely gone, which sucks ass because crimet is actually a good thing.

My biggest concern with the game at the moment is that it's also okay. So Payday 2 is a very simple game. You play a map, you play a heist, you get what you do, and if you secure all loot, you get XP for it. You know you get a lot more XP. You're doing a lot more things; you get XP for doing pretty much anything; pay3 is different; you don't get XP; for playing a heist, you only get cash; you don't get XP.


XP is earned from challenges, so it discourages playing the same heist again. Okay, but if they wanted to do the challenge leveling system, why didn't they just copy what Payday the Heist did? did, because Payday the Heist had a thing where if you have the challenges, but you also get cash or XP in that game through just playing the game, now you could eliminate XP on completion and you could do XP by doing OB, which is what Payday 2 does, like Payday 2 you get XP for certain objectives like I believe big.

Bank big bank, you get $1, 000 per secured bag. 10, 000 for initiating a stealth escape and an extra 10, 000 for initiating a stealth and low escape, so basically for C, it's, you know, not supposed to be abused like this, but it's different; the game feels antisocial, like no voice chat. Text chat is just really odd, and I don't know how to explain it.

Text chat and Payday 2 are probably good because you can do it in the lobby, you know, and also because pre-planning was a major downgrade. There's no, there's no, there's not even a ready-like, but when you play Payday 2, you have the lobby, and then you have the pregame. Lobby, like you get in Bane Briefs, you can [__] with your load out and you can do pre-planning.


Choose your soundtrack. All of that is gone. You can't choose your soundtrack, which you know is good. I like a soundtrack, but I want to be able to, you know, mess with them and see which ones I like better. I also want to be able to see other things, things like I want to be able to you know, do pre-plan.

I feel like pre-planning is also really shitty because in pre-planning in Payday 3, you just place an asset and that's it; it feels like a major. Regression So yeah, pre-planning stinks. And you can't also skip the start of the intro loading screens, which is kind of annoying. Matchmaking is also a huge pain in the ass because the thing about Payday 2 matchmaking was that you just logged on and checked, like, you know what's available, you know it's like a buffet, you don't know what you want to eat there, so you go around and look around, like.

Hey, there's chicken, let's get some chicken, like, it's nice, you know, you get to go around, see what you like, and take it. You don't immediately like Payday 3; you basically have to go. What do I want to play? Now, you know, you have to actually come up with the choice, like, you know, on Payday 2, it's like there's a selection available, and you just like I can.


Choose, like. Watch dogs; let's do that like I don't. I think Prime Net was better; it made the game unique, at least, so that's a regression. Now we got to talk about the big issue with payday: offline only, but Cancerous is not offline. Well, actually, it is offline only because the game's always offline, and the servers are really bad right now.

M in the morning when nobody's playing, the server load is going to be less difficult; like, you know, guys, the server works, but only when everybody's sleeping. Payday 3 is a bunch of weird choices like regressions that, like, it's like regression for the sake of regression, like weapon customization is also huge aggression because you can't see the stats on weapons like it, just because they don't want to show you how much damage or how much it's hidden behind sliders.

The numerical value is hidden behind sliders for the smooth brains that we are; like, they changed it in Payday 2 after people were mad, like, did they not think that we can handle numbers? At the moment, would I recommend anybody buy Payday 3, even though I think I think the resounding answer is that it's a mostly negative review on Steam because the game isn't playable?

Of, of its like launch like it will forever be known as hey remember cyber pun the game that was really bad on launch, like first imp plat Impressions last lifetime so I don't think payday 3 is going to survive for this, you just got to hope that the Developers or Star, not even developers, because I think it's stares and flys on the Deep Silver; they need to get their heads out of their asses and then put, and maybe, think about buying more server space and also adding offline only, like just little things that made payday, better.

So yeah, sorry, I have my second payday article recorded. I've beaten the entire game already pretty much, so yeah, but I'm not going to upload it yet because a) I don't want to, and b) this article is probably more important. I don't want to be so negative, but at this point, I think we have to be, because, you know, the game needs to, like, we need, you know, we need, and you know, I don't know how to explain it anyway.

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