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That's it i finally got all of the achievements for payday 3, and I'm going to show you in today's article how to get the last one I needed to complete all 22, and that is the insurance policy, which requires you to complete Touch the Sky with four active human shields on hard difficulty or above. Now, the hardest thing about this is that you need four players; you can't do it with bots because they can't take human shields.

But what you can do is find random Join the payday Discord or just get a group of friends, which is what I did and what I recommend having, is a stealth build, but the build actually doesn't matter too much because you're able to kill guards, unlike the spec OP's achievement, which requires you to complete this mission on Overkill without killing a single one of them.

That one was much harder, but what I do recommend is doing this in two stages: first, do the heist and note where all the civilians are, and second, note the guard's path. Also, while you're doing this, you can guess the password for the vault, which is what I recommended for the other achievement on this mission as well, but if you just want to play for it the first time, get the vault combination down because that'll save you some time, and then you can just go ahead and vote to restart Heist.

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Now on hard difficulty, you get technically four radios, and then they'll start searching. Don't go down to the right side; just go all the way to the end of the vents. You'll come to a dead end and a vent to drop down from, and then go towards the windows. There's always going to be a civilian here, so grab them and then just walk them around to the bathroom just on the other side of this room.

While you're doing that, your friends can activate the tablet on the wall in the master bedroom and start doing the mini game where you've got to get the Wi-Fi signal strong enough. Obviously, if any guards spot you, take them out and answer their radio. Not a problem; you've got a few radios. That's not a problem.

Take out any cameras as well; they're not indestructible, so you can shoot them, or you can hack them if you've got that in your build. While you're doing the minigame, just keep an eye out for the lead guard. He's dressed in black. He will only have one pager, but you're going to need to hack his phone at some point, so either kill him and take note of where his phone drops, or just wait and keep an eye on his path up to you.


Once you're done with the Wi-Fi mini game, go into the master bedroom, press the books to open the back panel behind the bed, open the vault, crack the safe inside the vault, and then pick up that SSD. Then all you're going to need to do is get the lead guard's phone, hack it, go into the filing room, and get the red key card.

Do as much of this stealthy as possible, taking out any guards in your path. Basically, what you're going to want to do now is have that drive decrypted before you go and do anything else. While one person is decrypting the drive, I recommend two people going down the stairs closest to the master bedroom and heading outside.

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If you go outside or stand by the doors to the outside balcony, there should be two civilians. Just grab both of those and put them in a nearby closet. These are going to be the three civilians in total: one upstairs and two down here. The three you're going to need plus the guard at the front door are going to make your fourth human shield, so just put them in a nearby room until any guards are looking away.

Now regroup with all of your team and decide what you're going to want to do. You're going to have three people grab the hostages, and one person has the bag with the decrypted SSD. And then you're going to want to make your way to the bathroom closest to the front door of this penthouse. Nice and simple.

There is a bathroom right by this door. No guards are seeing you; if you've taken out a few guards, then there should be less patrolling. So if you've got one radio remaining, great; if you've got zero remaining before the search begins, then that's fine as well, because the last radio you're going to need is the guard at the front door when you take them hostage, when you're moving all the human shields downstairs.


Just make sure the guy with the bag is looking out for any remaining guards, keeping it clear. As they move through to the bathroom closest to the front door now, because you can't have a human shield and a backpack at the same time, the person with the SSD on their back is going to need to dump it and activate the LW to get out.

Once the guy at the front door is looking at this LW, take him as a human shield, and then move outside into the corridor to answer the radio, if you've got one radio left. Great, then there will be no search. If there are no radios left, then the search will begin, and while you're doing that, the other three with the civilians are going to move their hostages outside into this corridor, and one of the hostages with the civilians is going to be dumped on the floor.

The bag's going to be picked up, and then the hostages can be picked up and taken as active human shields. I just walked all the way to the elevator, and as long as people have four human shields while the escape timer ticks down that is it your achievement will pop. It may take some time for it to pop.


Just wait in the menu, and it will pop. That's all you need to do. Nice and simple. Just take your time and use two runs like normal to get through

In this Payday 3 video will show you how to complete the Insurance Policy achievement trophy which requires you to Complete Touch The Sky with 4 active human shields on Hard or above.
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