Payday 3 - Infinite Xp Exploit (max Out Any Weapon 15 Minutes) Swellhell Method



So yesterday someone that goes by the name Swell Hell found an exploit in Payday 3, which pretty much gives you as much XP as you choose, and in this article, in case you haven't seen his article yet. I will go ahead and show you how to do just that, and I'll also go over the most effective way to go on about doing this.

So first of all, before we show how to do this. I do want to give all credit to Swell Hell; he was the one who found this exploit and this glitch, and even though this is probably going to get patched out pretty soon, this is still something that some people can use if they're falling behind in weapon XP and want to top off their weapons.

I have only done this once so far. So here we are. This is the place where we will be doing the exploit. Triggers as a victory, so each time we do this, we pretty much get the equivalent XP to one victory, so this is, you know, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, etc., so it's almost as if I'm finishing that many heists.


I'm guessing that's what's happening behind the scenes, and it's causing this exploit to work. But yeah, this is pretty much all that it really is: playing on 99 boxes. I forgot to mention 99 boxes, and then you do this, you leave, you enter, and you leave the Escape box many times. I would recommend you, though, to be careful with this guy.

Because he is the only person that can really spot you, at least in normal difficulty, he's pretty much the only person that can see you, so you should keep an eye out on them. So yeah, if you're just here for the exploit just to figure out how to do it really quick, this is pretty much the end of all.

You need to know what I am going to do. However, for the rest of the article, I am going to show you a little quick guide on how to beat 99 boxes as fast and efficiently as you can. It's the method I've been using that enables me to finish 99 boxes pretty fast, so yeah, it's pretty much like a short map guide.

You can also, of course, just get rid of this guy. Tie him up, and you won't have to worry about too much. So, let's go ahead and check out how much XP we're going to get here. Alright, so we've done this about 50 times. I've been doing this for, I don't know, maybe two to three minutes, which is not long at all, but let's see how much that gets us.

All right So after doing that for about two to three minutes, we got here. Quite a few levels; we got up to level 12, about 20. 000 XP points, and yeah, of course, if you do this for a lot longer, you will be getting a lot more than this. Um, I only wanted to test it a few times for about two minutes just to see if that would be enough to max out a weapon.

But yeah, you'll want to be doing that for a little bit longer, and as you can see here, it didn't take that long. You know, just to get to that point, it took us like 12 minutes. I even went AFK there in the middle of the heist, and there you go, and you also get 450 000, so that's something all right.

Fast 99 boxes guide

Fast 99 boxes guide

So this is usually how I do 99 boxes as fast as I can. I usually go either to the east side or the west side of the port to hack the security guard's phone; it's come up behind them.

hack is radio over here or not radio on his phone, and now we just kind of have to wait this out. Sadly, in this map there's a whole lot of waiting, but, um yeah, we'll do what we have to do to make this as fast as we can. After finishing off his foam, we're just going to run inside of the port, and we're going to be looking for the West Guard now, and we came across the zipline bag, which is usually on the edges of the port, in one of these containers.

I actually wasn't even actively paying attention to it to look for it, but conveniently enough, there it was. Let me just get rid of this camera so it doesn't see me as I'm hacking it, and I'm going to hack his phone as well. Now we once again have to wait this out, and we packed his phone, and inside the warehouse we go.

99 boxes

Or, you know, what I'll just go ahead and do is just get rid of this guy so we can get rid of all the cameras. Let's just make sure it's not up here. And answer that radio so we don't get into trouble. So that's not ideal that we got caught by that guy, but that's only going to waste us a couple of seconds.

No big deal. Come here, buddy. Tie your hands together right now. We only have to worry about the one security guard, and we have to find the liquid coolant. Usually it's in that box over there for me, like, most of the time it's in this box for some reason, and it is again all right, so we get the liquid coolant.

To be honest, I honestly kind of lost track of where the security guard is. Hopefully, that's not going to glitch out the zipline. Okay, place the liquid nitrogen, pick up the zip line again, and now we have to find a computer. So there are two different computers in this warehouse; they can either be up here in this room or they can be in that other room across the bridge.

best weapons

Luckily, it's in this one, so we're going to go ahead and interact with it. Keep an eye on that guard so he doesn't spot us. Finish off the computer, and we gotta go to that side of the yard, so you know what you know, what I'm going to do is just I'm just going to get rid of this guy. Set up the zip line here, and let me just answer his radio.

Okay, so now I know I don't have to worry about the security guard in the warehouse, and now I can kind of run in without much fear, and here we go. Now we have to find the white containers. There's one that has the phone lock, but that's not one of them. Sprint across these places, but I found that you can actually kind of run across a lot of them; security guards kind of don't really see you; they just hear you; they don't do too much else; see, that one is coming over here.

dirty ice

But I'm going to start doing the minigame even though he's coming over here, and I shouldn't have dropped. Actually, the messed-up thing is that when they hear you, the game pretty much gives you a wall hack and tells you where they are, so it's pretty easy to avoid them. That's like karma right there.

Let's just straight up Karma for saying that's easy to avoid them, but yeah, generally speaking, it's pretty easy to avoid them. So let's go ahead and bring this Of course, the value of this doesn't really matter, so just get back to it at your own pace. Whether you want to do it fast or slowly, it really does not matter.

We're not going for money value here; we're just going for XP points, so I know that I got rid of the civilian in here as well as the security guard, so I can just kind of run across with a lot of confidence, and we'll just run all the way back, and now we just play the little mini game once again, and we're almost done, so we get the second device and bring it back to the warehouse once again.

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