Payday 3: In-depth Stealth Build


Now I do have a stealth skills article up where I go over all the skills I've been keeping an eye on and potential picks in the future, but I didn't want to make a build article just because I didn't have that many skill points. Now I have 18 out of 21, which means I only have three points to go, but I do know when I want to put my points in, so we're going to be running that.

I think it's an appropriate time for a build article now that I know what I'm going to be putting my points into, so let's go over it real quick. I know a lot of people have been asking me about my stealth builds. The primary weapon is going to be saa144. This is to help you if things end up going really well.

really, really strong weapon. I highly recommend this just in case things ever do go loud. It'll get you out of a tough situation. It's obviously not ideal if you're going to be doing a heist from the beginning because you don't have the skills to complement it, but if you're going to be running quiet, this is just really nice in case things end up screwing up near the end of The Heist; it'll get you there.


Last 10–20, you need to complete the highest and get you out of there pistol. It can be anything you want as long as it has a suppressor armor bag for survivability, a flashbang for survivability standard, and a lining for movement speed. Overkill weapons can be whatever you want. The tool can be a motion sensor or microcam, depending on what you prefer.

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Let's go over skills. Now I like Infiltrator Ace and Quick Fingers. Now a lot of people are confused as to what East means whenever I say that, so let's go over those real quick. Perks in the far left column are, the progenitor perks for each skill tree so infiltrator is basically the father skill for the entire infiltrator tree only, these skills the father skills can be aced which means you can put two points into it instead of one and if you look over here on the right side of the screen it has different functionality when aced, now I really like the ace infiltrator because it gives you rush whenever a guard begins to detect you and that pairs very well with quick fingers so if you start getting detected while lock picking a door it'll, let you just immediately open the door enter the room shut the door and then you're safe from the garden you don't have to give up on the door just because a guard sees you can actually double down and just go ahead and get the door open get to where you need to be super, strong I know hacker is the strongest tree in this entire article in this entire skill tree, but I actually take infiltrator Ace and quick fingers before anything else.

In my opinion, now Escapist, a lot of people say you should run escapists. I am not that big of a fan of Escapist; it is nice; it makes you feel faster; it makes you 10 times faster. I genuinely don't care about it. I don't think that it's worth replacing another skill. The only reason I have a point in it is because I actually do want these Swift skills, so I gotta level up the Escape history now.

If you didn't know, you actually don't need a perk in the father skill. You don't need a point in the father skill to get the final one, so I can get speed aim right now without a sharpshooter. The same thing applies here; I would take Swift instead of Escapist. The only reason I'm running Escapists right now is because I haven't leveled up yet.

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Let's go over Grifter if you are going unmasked. Take this whole thing phenomenal, Tree, if you're going unmasked. Now this is a general stealth build, so I pretty much always have these skills on, but if we get harder heists in the future. I might have to do some more specialization, so I'm going to take points out of Grifter if we're going to be messed up most of the time.

We'll go over that here in a little bit, so Grifter lets you get rushed off if you want to run near a civilian. While unmasked, and this is going to kind of lead to some goofy things, so walk the walk lets you run around in private areas without getting detected by cameras as long as you have a rush, so you know, just walk by an employee or something, and then cameras won't be able to detect you in private areas.

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Social engineering, so this is the one a lot of people ask me about all the time, so if you've seen my dirty Ice, solo stealth, and Overkill, I don't mask up for it. I can clear out the entire front lobby, just in front of everybody's eyes, and it's because of social engineering. As long as you're looting or doing any kind of illegal action in front of civilians while you have a rush, they will not call the police on you.

If a guard sees you or a camera sees you, they will get alerted, which is like a bad thing, but social engineering lets you just kind of clean out the entire front lobby of dirty ice without anybody really thinking it's suspicious. It's an incredibly goofy skill, and I highly recommend it if you're doing no masks.

Open mic is strong, even if you mask up. Being able to answer those radios faster is just a really invaluable skill because it lets you get an inconvenient guard kill out of the sight line of other guards pretty quickly, so being able to answer radios is a plus. I'd take this regardless. Slippery isn't really that important, but it's nice if you don't want to spend it.

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Let's pretend you hack a guard already with lift protocol, which we'll talk about later. It's on cooldown, and then you get detected again. This is nice. If you don't want to burn up one of your pagers, it just means that you're going to have to mask up afterwards, so depending on the highest, that might be the route you want to take.

It's happened to me a few times where I don't think a guard who spotted me is really worth the pager. Maybe it's just like a guard; I'm not going to be running into a lot for the rest of the highest. I'm not going to kill them and then waste the pager on him. I'm just going to let him arrest me and then uncuff myself.

The hacker tree is the strongest tree in the game. Without a doubt, you'll want to get Hacker aced for two run times. Now run times will let you use secure loop two times, so secure loop lets you look at a camera, hack into the camera, and then you make it friendly so it can't detect you anymore.

Being able to do this to two cameras because of hacker aist is incredibly strong and lets you lock down large areas of the map without having to use a pager for the camera guard. I rarely kill camera guards now simply because Secure Loop is so strong, and having that extra pager to use on patrolling guards that are way more of a thread to you makes a big difference in these heists, so having Hacker Ace with Secure Loop is great; don't get me Routed ping is also great, but I just think Secure Loop is stronger, so I'm going to use both my runtimes on this, making routed ping kind of pointless in my opinion.

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