Payday 3: How To Use Noclip


This is going to be a little bit complicated for those who don't know what they're doing, but it's going to be very simple if you follow these instructions. You're going to go to this website right here, and you're just going to press Process Hacker 2.39 {10}, and you're going to get that installed.

When that's installed, you're going to open it up, and it's going to give you this task manager-like view, and all you're going to do from here is go into {10}, and then the payday 3 client EXE, and then from here we're going to head over to a website called Nexus Mods and we're going to install a mod called Noclip.

We're going to manually download that, and we're going to save it somewhere that we remember; for me, I've got it saved on my desktop. So from here, what we're going to do is we're going to open Process Hacker, and we're going to right-click on Payday 3. We're going to go to miscellaneous, we're going to go to inject dll, and then we're going to add that no clip file.

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For me, it's called {10}. We're going to inject that no clip file, and then from there, no clip is injected into our game. We are free to go around and fly around the map and do things that we wouldn't usually be able to do. I'm going to show you a very fast way to make a million dollars on Payday using this method in less than two minutes.

So we're going to do that right now. We're loading it to touch the sky and overkill difficulty. We're going to run straight to the doorway in front of us on the right, and we're going to hide behind the wall. Yeah, Dory on the wall, and then we hold Ctrl to activate our note clip, and we go all the way over to the safe that is keeping the SSD.

Now it might take you a couple of attempts to get inside; usually it takes me a couple of attempts to get inside, and then when I repeat this, it's going to be a simpler process and safer. You can take maybe one or two stacks more than that; you are going to crash the server, and you're going to be kicked out.

I'm going to grab this cocaine right here as well, and then there's some in the seat some cash in the seat. On top of this, because we've done this in stealth, I'm going to get a bonus payout as well, so this is currently loading 50 percent. I'll come through the speed part right here because, wait for this, it's going to be ridiculous.

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This will show you a full tutorial on how to install and activate "NoClip" and as an added bonus, the best money farm to use while in the "NoClip" phase.
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