Payday 3 - How To Solo Dirty Ice 4 Minutes Or Less (normal Difficulty)


When it comes to perks, honestly, I don't think any of the perks The only thing you'll really need is a ready player and one silence weapon, which you don't even need. Really, sometimes the camera spawns there, and the phone spawns there. Since it's not there, it's going to be here. Those are the three places where the phone spawns.

Let's go ahead and grab it, and you want to get the password or see where the password is from this computer, so it says it's on the employee of the month brain, all right? It's almost always there. Sometimes the code can spawn on this whiteboard. Where's the civilian? Hold on let's get the civilians.

He's somewhere around here. There he is. All right leave me alone. I almost forgot to get the SI. Also, a guard's going to be walking down this hallway here in a second, but we need it. I'll show why we need this civilian a little bit later, but let's go and get the code. Make sure you shoot, because sometimes the code will spawn here.


Sometimes there's a camera up here, but our code is right here, and honestly, I can't see that [__] 3526. So before we can go, we do need to answer this, Radio. I just thought of a joke. Now that we know the code, all we have to do is go to the basement. It was negative 3526. I see yeah, that sounds reasonable, and down here we need to shoot two cameras as well as this guy's second camera.

Secure this basement; otherwise, we need to answer this hello control, and we're almost done, like weeding any packages for me. Have you let's go grab this so we can grab the loot upstairs? We also need this key card so we can get the special loot. I don't know if we'll be able to do this in under four minutes, but all right, so from here we can go ahead and open.

These, and I'm also going to show yall why we need that civilian here in a Second. I think this is the coolest part of this whole mission, so you need two people to open up this safe right here, and the way to open it up is by pressing this red button. Have one person press that button, and have the other person put the red key card in here.


That actually worked, and that's how you open up the safe. I thought that was pretty cool. Open up the vault, so we already have our loot. All we need to do now is just put it in the van. There's going to be a guard right there and a civilian right here. Just make him get on the ground. We can go ahead and ignore that guard for now.

He's walking the other way, but sometimes you may have to kill him, depending on where he's at, and answer that. Radio, But another thing I noticed is that you don't need all the bags, right? All the extra bags don't really give you a whole lot of money, so I kind of feel like there's no point in getting them; hopefully they'll make them a little bit more worth it in the future, but for now, all we need are those three bags, and that's how you complete dirty ice in under 4 minutes.

I don't think we were able to get it under 4 minutes, but I don't know; we'll see. Let's see, 4 minutes and 4 seconds, but I think since I was trying to explain it and we also had a far spawn, it took us a little bit longer this time, but it can definitely be completed under 4 minutes. That'll do it for this one.

I haven't been able to play due to network, nebula errors. Sorry guys.
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