Payday 3: How To Ruin A Good Game


Payday 3 was one of the most anticipated games this year for me. At least I pre-ordered the silver edition, even though Star Brees had told us that we're only getting eight heists on launch. That didn't really startle me because I knew that Star Breeze was going to make a ton of post content right up until the full release of the game.

Some people had FPS issues, crashing issues, crew AI issues, and many more, but we all thought that it was just the beta, and we all loved the actual gameplay and mechanics of the game. Most of the problems will be fixed right up until the full release of the game, and now at least I realize that they did not fix any of them.

It got worse, if anything, when the server issued the problem that they were trying to avoid with the open technical beta. Nobody knows exactly why they did this, but they did, and it was very annoying to all the players that we couldn't just play our game that we bought. Every single day was a new post on Twitter saying we were aware and investigating issues.


What I didn't know was that this was only the beginning of the butchering of payday 3. The progression was awful. If you wanted to level up past level 40, you would have to start using guns you may not even like or want to use, or you might have to play the same heist you hate over and over again on both stealth and loud hundreds of times.

I'm not joking. Look at this. I did this until level 100, and it was painful. I hated every bit of it. PlayStation players didn't even get any of the items we all got from pre-ordering the Silver and Gold Edition, and they still haven't gotten anything for those additions to this day of recording almost a month into the game, and they don't have what they were supposed to get on day one.

Xbox players are apparently having issues even inviting their friends to lobbies. According to Red Archer Live, most of you probably know who that is. It's basically what this article is saying, but more in depth. Star Brees had been very talkative to the community during this and assured us that a patch was coming at the beginning of October.


This patch would address most of these problems, so the game didn't get a day one patch, by the way, and they still haven't added it offline. Issues, they won't tell us what kind of issues, they won't say if it's still a console crashing issue or when they think the patch might come out or be ready, like tell us something, tell us if the patch is coming along okay, tell us if the patch is having other problems than crashing, if it's if it's you know whatever, just tell us something, just give us something.

I'm so burned out of this whole game, and I don't know when they will even put out a single patch for the most needed fixes in the whole entire game. This game is being ruined. By the way, do you guys remember when there was a secret Halloween event planned? I guess we aren't getting that. I hope you guys like the article.

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