Payday 3 How To Level Fast


What's good YouTube, it's your boy, next generation. Venom and I'm here to show y'all how to level up fast on payday, three men. Let's get straight to these skills. Okay, I'm running a knife build right now, but it works the same way for frags. You want to have an infiltrator because we will be playing on the road rage map.

Make sure you have these. A frugal thrower gotta have that, okay, for your knives. Okay, if you're not running a knife, you don't need that. okay, tank I just threw that one on, and this is just a quick setup, boys. I got an escape; this way I can move a little bit faster and have a rush. Enforcer god had that great gotta have that edge, baby, you know what I'm saying, and that's it for now.

I only have 13 skill points. Okay, so the first thing you want to do is throw on the infrared mind. If you have a microcam, you can throw it in the same location. I'm going to show y'all exactly where to throw all of these at the beginning of the match, okay, and then throw a knife. Okay, that's the easiest one because you could get your throwing knife back after killing somebody.

You can't get your grenade back after killing somebody, so I would go with the throwing knife first and then the ammo bag. This is all up to your preference. If you go with the Sentry turret, you can throw it on top of the armored truck. I'm going to show you how to do that, but I'm going to go with the ammo bag and weapons you want to make sure your weapons have silencers on them.

I haven't unlocked it with this one, but I have it on my AK. Make sure all your weapons have silencers on them. Okay, that's part of the challenge, and then have a sniper. Go with the sniper; it's way easier to do the sniper than it is the grenade one, and you'll get Hella damage off and kill a lot of enemies.

Whatever the heaviest armor is, go ahead and put that on now. Let's get to these challenges, okay? So let me see here. If I do complete there, we go all right. ECM, jammers, and Sonic Mines are important. Okay, there's a series to do with them. Infrasonic minds are the easiest ones to do. Okay, I'm going to show you exactly how to do that, but if you want to get that done, make sure you finish the tutorial, by the way.

Let's go here, Eight. Okay, infrasonic lines are all right. This one's important, so mod slots You want to make sure that all your mod slots are filled on your weapons. Okay, that way, let me show you, as you can see right here. All in all, my mod slots are filled, even though I don't want the quick-pull mag.

I'm going to put it on anyways because I just want to get the challenge done for it, okay? So yes, your weapon will be trash, but just make sure that all your mod slots are filled on each weapon. And then this last one right here—let me see—yeah, you want to do a lot of sliding, okay, random sliding.

I noticed this. Stacks up faster when there's an assault going on. You want to slide around. You don't want to just slide. You want to actually slide into combat. Okay, and then let's see here. This one's very important. You see, right here, it says to use human shields for a total of 3600 seconds.

Okay, you want to walk around with the human shields, and you'll get XP just from that. Be versatile with your ammo bags. Deployment of medic bags Okay, defeat 100 enemies. I'm going to show you how to do these as quickly as possible, gameplay-wise. Let's go ahead and pop some road rage, and let's get straight to it.

So apparently the servers are up and down right now. I hope that phase changes really soon in this game. I'm really hoping for the best; otherwise, I might have to get to know how old this is. I have the ammo bag right now. Let me switch to that one, and there we go. Yeah, hopefully we can all get our refund and then buy the 40 version because they didn't give us our pre-order rewards on this game, which really sucked, but I'm going to try to get my refund and save like a quick thirty-four dollars because I bought the Gold Edition for no reason.

I should have passed on that. Okay, I'm going to play this song. If I don't talk, it's because I'm focused. We're going to start off with whoever grabs the box grabs the box, okay? There is no money up here. You want to throw this bag right here on this wheel. Grab the remote steering device and place it on the truck.

We'll use it to override the vehicle's controls. All right, I'm connected. This AK looks so sick. Just like that, okay, these are your infrasonic minds. You could throw down the ECMS. You could place a camera here, maybe under a door like the conexes. Yeah, the Glock really stinks for this, so I'll just use the first weapon you get in the game if you don't have it already maxed out.

The first is strike seven. Yeah, that weapon is terrible for me. Okay, with the sailing so far, keep the cops away from the truck so they don't piss in our Cheerios. I have ammo right now. I could have sworn I picked armor, but I'll stick with this now. You don't want to spam-grab the ammo right here.

You don't want to spam that you want to get your throwing knives out of the way and then grab them again. You turn it, and you can throw it right on top of this truck right here, okay? You can jump on it by jumping on these little, little things right there, those boxes, and you jump on top of the truck and you throw a Sentry turndown, but you don't want to do that until you finish your ammo box.

Medic bag [__]. You know you have a bunch of stuff to do before you do that. How do they know the bag is coming here? I don't know. Okay, yeah, an overkill weapon. Make sure you call your overkill weapon, and it should be dropping down for you or your teammates. It doesn't matter who picks it up, but you want to pick it up if you get the opportunity.

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