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It was good, y'all, King Z, and I'm back here on payday 3 with a tutorial on how to install my eyes. Now, y'all knew this was coming, and y'all know why, man. So yeah, man, it's a little different from payday 2. It's a lot. I feel like it's easier to play Payday 2, to be honest, so yeah, you don't need any third-party stuff; the only thing you need to download is your actual mods.


You feel me so Yeah, first things first, there's a couple things you're going to want to do, and the first thing you can do is this on Epic too. Can my shit go like this? Okay, so the first thing you want to do is find your pet A3 folder on Steam. That's how you do it. I did the wrong thing you wanted to do to my properties.

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Let me close this bit real quick. I guess that works too. Yeah, you can do the men's local files thing, or you can go to properties, where it's at installed files, and then hit browse right here. Click Payday 3 content and then packs, and then once you're in here, you're going to want to boom and make a new folder name just like I have it right there.

You want to put the little squiggly line shit on hold on the fucked-up rename. You want the squiggly bitch. I keep clicking the wrong, wiggly line. Where's the squiggly line on the keyboard? As a matter of fact, I always forget, but I don't use the fucking this shit, right there, right there, little squiggly line mods.

Just like that, you see it right there. Boom, I already have the folder, so I'm just going to delete this one, but yeah, that's where you're going to be putting pretty much all your mods. You know what I'm saying, so Payday 3 content packs Make that mods folder, and then boom, you have that. Another thing you're going to want to do before you start installing things is, on Steam, do the same thing: go to properties, and in general, here you're going to have launch options.

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You want to do a dash, and then type in file, open log, exactly how I have it right there, so yeah. Dash file: open log I did see something to where you're supposed to have the squiggly line on here too, but I did it with a normal Dash and my stuff's been working fine, so yeah, that's two things you're going to want to do before you start installing the mods.

So, let's just get into this here. I installed three just for fun there's nothing really on here I really want so yeah I downloaded this mess for character portraits mod, where's the recipe three mods it was there was more the fuck did they go. Anyways. I downloaded the phone, a phone mod, and a motherfucking bag mod, so yeah, I'll just do it again real quick, even though I already downloaded this.

This is it. You just click your mod boom. Download Bang i already have this downloaded, but I'll just show y'all anyway. So boom, there's the download shit, so you just want to take that. Hold on, let me get to the get to the get to the folder and pack mods. You're just going to take that hoe, drag that bit into there, and throw it in there. I've got to replace it because it's already there, but yeah, do that boom once it's in there.



You're good to go. You can launch the game, and as you can see, if I go to my loadout appearance. I have character Mass instead of the characters for that, and then I will load up into a heist real quick and show you the loop bag, and I downloaded the phone mod too.

I haven't touched the phone mod yet, but I've tested the loot bag and it works, so yeah. I'm going to load into a game real quick and show you all that, and then yeah, real easy stuff, man, all right. I'm in the game, and I have no idea what my sound and frames are. They are absolutely bugging the fuck out.

I don't know if it has to do with one of the moderators, but yeah, my shit is absolutely fucked right now, but anyway, I'm trying to see if there's a way I can do this shit. I could run with the phone for like a second, but I don't know how to keep it up. But yeah, as you can see on my phone, I got the subway surfers there, and my game is absolutely fucked right now.


I don't know; like I said, I don't know if that's one of the mods, but you can see it's working with the phone. You got the subway surfers there, and then if I go in here real quick, I lag my way into here. Yeah, my game's absolutely fucked right now. I don't know what's going on. I have to reset anyway.

If my frames want to go, well, there you go. You can see the loot bag right there. I don't know how much is going to change once they start doing things like Huds and maps and stuff like that, but, um, if there's any big changes. I'm really hoping we get some good moderators soon. I really want to see some Huds dropping.

Yeah, that's really all I want. Huds are always fun to have, so yeah, a little tutorial for y'all; hopefully I explained it well enough for most people to understand. I'm pretty sure I did. I mean, it's pretty fucking simple, but yeah, that's it for this article. Leave a like if you enjoyed it. Subscribe if you are new.


Make sure you turn the motherfucking notifications on so you don't miss them. Hopefully we get some module one out soon because mod showcases are going to be busting. I'll see how motherfuckers behave later.

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