Payday 3. How I Farm Infamy Dirty Ice Loud

dirty ice

Well, hello, beautiful people. It's noodle crime today. I want to share with you how I form infamy challenges for guns. Well, as you can see, I have farmed a lot of stuff, and a lot of it is locked in. Yeah, I've done a lot of this, and I have some pretty easy places to grind the achievement, and let's say I want to go for the pig PC9.

Carry like the PC9, and then maybe what's the gun you want to use? Let's say this: then you also want to carry an armor bag with a heavy ballistic lining, and then the overkill weapon of your choice, whether it's the Spk com mamba or the red FX. And then we want also infrared, mine, and then maybe you want to choose flashbang smoke grenade whatever you want, also throwing a knife if you haven't.

Whatever the achievement you haven't got now for the scale, I think it will be reasonably achievable. I will need this, and then this, and then this, with six skill points you can already Farm, all of this will be better if you have this sharpshooter. As long as you have AGS, you will have extra penetration because we're going to shoot through the enemy, so what's the map crime?


Well, the map is actually on dirty ice, and we're going to play it very high, so we last quite a while, but the enemy also has a VAR. You know that's because we want to be able to kill some called International Diamond Enterprise, they stones from, shall we say, and while at the same time we want to be able to finish this dirty ice so that we're running in quite an efficient way, you can still get money and then you get achievement, although even if you die The achievement will still be there, so don't worry if you happen to die in the heist.

Maybe let's do it simple without any favor but rooftop. Chopper definitely helps. Eyes, what we want to do is actually grab the manager. This is the manager, the lady in the blue shirt. Okay, acoss the street case, the place, or mask up right away. Youro messed up right away. Let's rock this.

Okay, we want to get him, grab this lady, and then open it. Okay, let's get Let's ignore that guy, yay. We need her to help us cover a lot of things. Thank you i'll zip by the hands from the street, and he'll come pick you up. Now we can see what's on top of the storage cabinet, and we need this QR code if you tie down civilians.


I can use them for hostage negotiations. Okay, let's open this one. Thank you then open this one. There will be one civilian and a zip TI hand lock, and then we will have this code 3-443 and go immediately. 3 443 Bravo, there will be a guard usually giving up when we arrive here, or if you want to, you can zip-tie the hand and then delay the Sal a bit more, then also lockpick this.

One now, the display case is open, lovely, and the VIP Cas lock has LIF. Since we have the red key card, we can open this file over here. Be careful not to trade her alone; take her, and then you throw it. Here, okay, she will hold the button, and then we can open this perfect, then open this, and we got R Stone.

Then we're going to put it there. Now grab the lady again. Yeah, she will be here. It's all right. Noy Girl, try to run away from Noodle, and here we go. Okay, the butt's going to deal with that pesky pesky. Now we want to take all of this, and I really advise doing it all in the beginning since the bots will be strong enough.


Mach through the goods first; it won't be too hard for them, but yeah, you can still help them if you want to, but your objective is here for now. Strolling in it will be fairly easy. Place, sometimes it gets stolen. Yeah, we don't mind. It's all right. We have enough armor to tank any shots they are throwing.

By the way, throwing there some T-KN for you, let go. I am okay. Another one we got two, okay, this will give 30%, and this will give 20% HS if I'm not, Mistaken Oh, there's someone. Okay, maybe you want to aim down depending on your achievement. Sometimes you need to aim down and shoot this thing, and sometimes you want to aim down and head-shot them.

It came out pretty easily. Just give up, yay, don't. Shoot, how many do we have? Okay, we have four bags. This is already enough for us to run away. Dallas Okay, yeah, if you want to carry it with you, go ahead. Now is the time to grind well. If you need to carry civilians, you can also do it from here.

payday 3

Good job Don't think they'll give up that easily. Stayy, you're starting to piss me off. Wow, lovely now for the grinding part, you actually want to stay here, and for some reason there will be a very rare enemy coming from this side. This side or this side will be very rare if you're standing around here.

Usually, I stand around here, but be careful of that fire extinguisher. Okay, now usually I would like to put some armor back over here, and then we can have some. Yeah, then if we aim down, we will have some Edge lovely, and depending on your build, you might want to take that, and then you can regenerate your grenades.

F bang, throwing knife, or anything they're coming in 30 seconds, and if you want to run away, you can just like the flare. This is already enough, I believe, but just in case my calculations are not right, I'll take that; let's have some more; and also, it's profitable. Anyway, well, csb. Let's not say no to extra money.

okay, time to grind. Let's say I want to hold hostages and also shoot some stuff. We can just stay here, and they will be there, but they're going to die or be down once in a while. While already giving up, he has a chance. Okay, you can also move up a bit if the bot seems to be blocking the way.

Yeah, payday developer AR is not well known for the reliability of their AI; it's more than what I bought on the internet. America and I use the horizontal recoil type. You can see the movement of The Recoil of the recoil of the rectangle, I mean the red dot. It goes to the left and right without too much deviation in the hope that I can also head-shot the enemies next to us, and they will be fairly Better say you need to hit fire, and that also works for police assault, and then when the FBI assault arrives, you don't want to destroy the fan unless you want to run away, so I'll explain it a bit.

Guy Okay, let's restart our Edge. It's okay; we got the edge again. Now take all the ammo, and you should regenerate some of your grenades. Don't forget that you need to carry. I mean, you have what you need. Edge is active when you're taking the grenades; don't get too comfortable; they'll be back.

Okay, I believe this FBI assault will arrive. Now let's go. For now, our health is fairly good; we do get some shots to the knees. Easy, money-woo loot Okay, we have 20% now; it's fairly easy to run away. Now we also have this: let's drun. Yeah. I haven't grinded this weapon for 30 seconds until they hit you, focus people, and one thing about this weapon, specifically this one, is that if you hit the enemy directly with the grenade, it will explode immediately.

And after you're comfortable, doing this in Overkill also not too hard.
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