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Greetings Gamers F Here and in this honest AF review, I will be talking about Payday 3. There are no spoilers whatsoever in here, as we always do things here in AF reviews. I'll just try to give the game a fair shake, talking about its pros and cons, taking into consideration its overall functionality, fun factor, and the controversy surrounding its release state.

Payday 3 is the sequel to Payday 2, the fun favorite bank heist game that was released a few years prior. It has a master cult following. I understand there's a certain allure to games like this one where you can just boot them up with friends and try to complete missions or heists in whatever manner you deem appropriate.

There are certain things that have to be discussed first and foremost. The game looks hot. The version tested here was the PS5 version, but when you look at graphics like these in the year 2023. Considering what we got in the previous generation of machines, let's say Red Dead Redemption 2 or the Fantom Pain, this is pretty unacceptable.


The sound design is pretty excellent, though, and everything from the gun sounds to the voice acting seems appropriate and on point. The very nature of the game is one in which you go into a mission, try to complete it either by stealth or guns blazing, and then you go back to base, which is pretty much a menu, and purchase weapon upgrades or cosmetics.

Of course, there are microtransactions in here, but they are not too forceful. You can get certain things with in-game currency and other things with coins that you get from using real-time money; that's up to the player's preference. My issue here is the same issue I had when I tried Buck for Blood, and people kept comparing it to Left for Dead and Left for Dead too.


2023 is the year of our Lord, and games like this are getting pretty stale. Yes it is fun with friends, yes it's kind of make your own fine, game, but there is only so much mileage you can get out of doing what pay3 has you do going to break down the mission structure in Broad terms you start the mission posing as a civilian you're not wearing your mask you're just outside the bank or the place you want to Rob and you're formulating a plan there are a few ways of approaching you can pick a lock or you can go straight through the main door and open another section of the map where you can go stely, avoiding detection because it might be a private or secure area and then when push comes to show when the shed hits the fan you wear your mask and you start taking people down in melee shooting stuff deactivating or hacking, there is a point of no return in each Mission whereas you wear your mask and then all bets are off so it's interesting that the game allows you to do certain things before you're presented as the as salent.

Saying you can be more nuanced or quieter or avoid hurting anyone, to be honest, but the fact remains that the creatures controlled here, the people, the robbers, don't have any qualms about raking havoc not only against their opposition, which is the cops in this case, but also against bystanders and innocent civilians.


Something I found to be very cynical is that someone shooting at you and shooting back is pretty much fine, but if it's someone just passing by, let's say it's not my cup of tea to unload an assault rifle in their face. There are certain mechanics here that allow you to be more discreet. You can take people down in hand-to-hand combat by saying you go from behind them, disarm them, and then you can trick the rest of the security guards by using the radius, broadcasting an okay signal, and stuff like that.

If it happens more than a few times, then there is no defense against raising an alarm, in which case the plan completely shifts, going from a stealthy approach and maybe hacking on forcing someone to give you a cod to a gun blazing. Explode in this vault-like scenario, and then it's total chaos. In these situations, you're also allowed to approach the whole case in a way that's everyone for himself, so you can betray your colleagues.


Quote, unquote, and try to get all the loot for yourself. You can keep trying to get more loot or just extract as soon as possible when you meet your It gives you a lot of different options when it comes to how you can complete these missions. I'd like to mention the controls here. I played using a controller, and you can also use a controller on a PC.

What's being done here is that the mapping is pretty adequate; everything is available with the click of a button or a small combination of buttons, but the aiming feels off. The aiming when playing a shooter on controllers in this day and age comprises a few factors, like very aggressive acceleration, a total lack of aim assist, bullet magnetism, and so on and so forth.

The controls here feel totally stiff, but yes, you can move the reticle around. But there is no millisecond pause when you cross something that's supposed to be a target, so everything feels like the reticle is floating around the environment; it cannot prioritize what a target is and what a target is not, and overall, the experience seems very stiff.


They should have paid some more attention to this since when action takes center stage in this game, it becomes pretty frantic. Not being able to aim where you want to aim and have the results you want to go for can get annoying pretty fast. There is a reason why Halo Combat Evolved became such a loved game while other shooters of the era are now unplayable in this day and age, and you can see why if you play 5 minutes of pay day three, once you're done with the mission, you're back at base.

As I said, it's a bodyless construct where you go through menus, have a bit of dialogue for exposition, and watch some very low-quality, very low-budget quote-unquote. It cuts scenes where you go through slides without any actual animation and purchase guns, upgrade guns and gear, and take on different accessories.

That is pretty much it; it's a repetition of doing this and that without much context and trying to do it in high-difficulty settings, and you're going to say that well. You have been playing a lot of H-Shooters on this channel; why is this inferior? And that's a very good point, but the thing is, when I play a game that's all about repetition like this, there has to be a background to keep me interested; there has to be some sort of lore or some sort of world-building.


It's totally different playing this than playing a game in the whammer universe, for example, because here you're just a culprit—nobody—who wants to rob a bank or pick someone's purse. It doesn't feel like an impactful action; it's just going through the motions in a scenario. That really doesn't allow for any kind of redemption, and if you're so hell-banned from playing, I suppose this is fine, but for me, it doesn't hold much allure.

FiOth . Greetings Gamers. In this video, I will be reviewing the recently-released PAYDAY 3. Enjoy.
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