Payday 3 Hates People With No Friends. Payday 3 Review


Meat, then a hop in a skip later, it's everyone in mcken is dead people on the Reddit are making [__] collages out of. This, boy, I wonder how one could avoid all these issues and get back at least 30% in ratings. This sounds like a new opportunity. Hang on, I've just had a vision. We make a mode in the game and wait for what happens next that does not require an internet connection or a connection to the servers.

We'll call it, and let's just workshop this because this is straight off the dome. We'll call it offline mode, but before we go deep, I'm going to pre-check your [__] TSA style. Try to come at me with your well-pay to have a bad launch as well, and I'll slap you. You sound like a battlefield apologist right now, for Christ's sake.

Listen, the only person that we let stink all over us is [__], and you will never be him, but yeah, your bag is clear. Enjoy your flight, and that leads me directly into the goddamn point: payday 3 doesn't care about people with no friends, please. Call, whether it's by choice, by accident, or by court order; if you aren't dragging a soul to hell with you, this game is fully prepared to give you 10 Ways to Sunday.


The first way this game makes you laugh is through matchmaking. It's an incredibly innovative new way of matchmaking where it takes the longest amount of time possible to almost always leave your ass sad and alone, so if you're looking for single heisers in your area. I still think you'd have better odds on Tinder.

Point number two, Payday 3, has innovated on single-player gaming by introducing Lag with one Mighty Swing that nailed 150 pings into a solo experience. The Swedish have blessed all loners with an excuse for why we play like [__]. This symbol's on my screen so godamn much I think it burned in, but at least now when I feel alone, I remember we're getting [__] by the thousands.

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Here's what the delay looks like: But hey, at least I should just be grateful that there are no disconnections, right? Right, true innovation overcooks; why'd you have to go and sign a deal with the devil? You know, if there's one thing we can't trust, it's Austrian artists. Now something I've heard from the ministry of truth the other day from some dick riders, whose standards must have been heisted long ago, saying that I would just spend this entire article dog piling on something that would be fixed in a week, ignoring all the positives, and to that I say I didn't know this shitty AI was getting fixed next week.

Lordy, my mistake. I was just about to swap out my teammates masks for helmets. I thought AI on AI violence could only benefit me when both parties were short on chromy homies. Next week, you said [__]. Let me circle this on the calendar. Then I did not get the memo that we were adding in squad controls that have been around since 2003.

How foolish was I not to know that they were patching in a soundtrack that isn't straight out of a copyright-free bargain bin? But until we get the big update next week, here's a quick patch to get your feeling right, on, their, the, , Goddamn. How far astray from the truth have I marched to not realize that they were bringing back regening armor and discarding this anti-un armor?


Supply i thought that voice shed had just been made like an F35 and [__] off into thin air, but I'm glad that you could assure me that next week that baby's laying safely into payday 3's romantic arms. This game is so particular with its challenge because I've aired out a whole [__] building and gotten zero XP from it, and the game wouldn't just reward you for completion.

What type of leveling system would that be, you silly [__]? This until next week, boy, just a week away. I didn't know that they were un how far they'd spread out their weapon unlocks rather than adding in 20 more guns. I didn't know they were bringing back all the fun weapons and melee weapons.

I didn't know if they were publicly denouncing and retracting their plans to add real-life currency for in-game item shop purchases. I didn't know Kimbo was coming back; I didn't know perks with substantial bonuses were coming back; and I didn't know that they were making Pearl even more funny. What a riot she is! Say something funny, Winie.


We can't wait. Hello, yeah, I think my pet fret has escaped; he goes by the name [ __ ]. If you see him, just call that out. That wasn't really all that funny. That's weird i didn't know Bane was coming back because she will never be him, and you will never be him. Anyway, that's all I had. GE willikers How could I not have known that next week the endgame will have something more than $20 million skins that not even a CSO box-addicted Goblin would touch, and I did not even contemplate the thought that next week, the big week, they'll renovate their menu screens to have an ounce of personality, considering this is where 90% of players are hanging out right now?

Listen, I could keep going, but I mean, I wouldn't want to focus on the elephants in the room because they're all getting fixed next week. Let's talk about the positives. There is one build that is just tremendous fun that they couldn't manage to get their grubby little realism focused on, and that is the infinite ammo bottomless mag double shotgun.


Destroyer, this build will kill the game so hard that you'll be loading thoughts and prayers into your gun by the end of it. Words would not do this justice, so here's a screenshot. And here's the demonstration. Listen, I stand by what I said about the gunplay in the last article. All right, this [__] is tight, but if I'm going up against The Scrub Daddy Army All I'm going to ask you for is a little drum mag out here.

Come on, bam, drop a 100-round drum mag in my lap right now, and, I'll be honest with you, I'll delete this article right now. Now, I mean, it's all just complaining about stuff that's actually probably fixed by the time this article comes out. So, hey, you know what to say to the guy who called me out?

You have me now. You got me now. You got me now. You figured me out, you [__] and come [__] Poop, you figure me out. You got me, red-handed. You got me red-handed, Two out of five, really? Do you build a brand new house and already need a renovation? So set your timers to a year and get ready, pimps.

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I'm getting Dayja. Vu. Massive thanks to the flock of pimps, and another even more massive thanks to all the pimps for funding the ongoing war on budget cuts. The report from the front lines of the massacre known as the Mortal Kombat One budget cut Massacre, sure, that makes sense, is now live once again, so go check it out all right.


I can't believe Payday 3 is adding friends for everyone that doesn't have them next week.
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