Payday 3 Hates Its Fans

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So just the other day ago, I made a article about Payday 3. I had actually increased my rating from what I thought the game was going to be in previous articles. Before that article, let me just tell you something: nobody [__] likes this game.

Really, it's actually really funny, with mostly negative reviews on Steam. This [__] doesn't even have mixed reviews, mostly negative. You got to be kidding me; that's detrimental for a new game coming out right out of the gate. You have mostly negative reviews, so that deters a lot of people from buying the game, not to mention the game's already lost 90% of the player base, so that doesn't help.

But instead of reviewing the game. I want to dive into the reasons why the fans and everybody hate the [__] game, like this specific. There are problems with what's going on here because there are some true problems here, and if they are not addressed quickly by Overkill payday 3, it will be a distant memory.


Let's get into the article, so let's start by talking about the main internal problem with Payday 3 that I think is, kind of culminating all this midest all this anger, Payday 3, is Call of Duty. The game has shifted from this tactical, pre-planned, methodical heisting game to an arcade, straight-up shooter getting rid of features like concealment level skills that prioritize, or enhan stealth in most of the heists feeling like they should be done loudly.

The whole idea of the overkill weapon is a loud concept. It's clear that this game has moved away from true heists and is now just more of a shoot-them-up mission type of game. While some people might like that more, I feel like it's taken a lot away from the game. Like you know, they removed pre-planning from any heist in the game; there's no more true preparation, which only reinforces my point: no crime, Net; this was a [__] mistake.

I thought the matchmaking in Payday 2 was so cool and unique. Didn't you like how you went online and there were heists popping up and different lobbies popping up? That was just a [__] slideshow, with a play button at the bottom. You can't even play single-player offline. It's just such a downgrade of Payday 2's [__] matchmaking system.

everything we know

It's insane, and they have to add it back. They have to say that was a staple of Payday, and I know that in the plot of Payday 2, it got removed, but add something similar to it. Things like this matter to fans, especially new players who don't know any better and just see a shitty system. It's just not a good representation of what payday is.

Massive Mistake by the Payday Team Challenge-based XP: In Payday 3, let's say you complete an entire heist, get all the money, and complete all the objectives if you weren't focusing on completing challenges. You won't get any XP for Infamy, so essentially, you won't level up if you do heists. There should always be experience given to you based on completion; it shouldn't just be challenges.


That is dumb. For example, there's no point in getting extra bags from a heist because completing it wouldn't give you more XP, which basically cuts off a big incentive for progression. Because of a choice, not much needs to be said about that needs to be changed. Now the skill system I talked about this in my last article, and it's very true that there are no abilities in Payday 3.

In Payday 3, the entire skill system is based on buffs from grit to rush instead of actual functioning game changes. This is a straight-down grade of the Payday 2 skill system and removes the specialist feeling of choosing a build. All skills are based on how you want your character to play and not how it fits into a team.

I personally feel that out of everything I'll say in this article, this is the biggest issue. Not to mention there are only eight heists, four of which are boring as hell, and you're not going to want to play more than three times, especially with the new XP system. There are no more in-depth weapon stats, basically just making you pick which ones look the coolest, and going with it, they removed the safe house from the game completely.


There are only nine primary weapons in the game: atrocious server performance, endless assault waves, terrible cop AI, and an unrealistic civilian trade system. There are so many problems here, okay? There are so many problems. I could easily make a 2-hour or 30-minute article on the problems that this game has.

I gave it a 7.1 because I thought it had decent combat, decent graphics, and a decent foundation, but holy [__] Everything outside of the game needs a complete rework. They've taken so many steps backwards, because it's going to take some time and trust to rebuild the reviews from Mostly negative and actually making this game full and successful, they have had probably the worst launch in 2023, not being able to get into the game consistently.

4 days later is crazy; they're going to have to pull the biggest no-man Sky out of their ass we've ever seen. It's sad, man. You know, this just happens all the time, over and over and over again.

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